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Scale of disaster ten times greater than in region - PM

Scale of disaster ten times greater than in region - PM

BELGRADE -- The scale of the disaster caused by the floods is ten times larger in Serbia than in other countries of the region, Tanjug quoted Aleksandar Vučić as saying.

Speaking on Tuesday, he also "expressed hope that this will not be reflected by the number of casualties."

Floods in Eastern Croatia Force Thousands to Flee

While Serbia and Bosnia are at the epicentre of the worst floods in the Balkans in over a century, neighbouring Croatia has not been left unscathed, especially in the east, near the Serbian border.

The worst affected areas are Slavonski Šamac and Županja in Croatia’s eastern Vukovar-Syrmia County.

Government declares three-day mourning

BELGRADE - The Serbian government on Tuesday declared a three-day period of mourning for May 21-23 for the many victims of the catastrophic floods in Serbia.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that the state of emergency declared across the country could end on Friday.

Svilanovic: Help from EU to arrive in several stages

BRUSSELS - Serbia can count on European Union’s assistance in several stages and based on several grounds, Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Goran Svilanovic said Monday.

Toughest situation on Sava River,in Sabac,Sremska Mitrovica

BELGRADE - The most difficult situation is on the Sava River, primarily in Sremska Mitrovica and Sabac, where water levels are far above the previous record of 5.9 m, and where the situation will remain critical for at least seven days, Director of the Srbijavode public company Goran Puzovic said on Monday.

8,500 people being evacuated from villages near Sava River

BELGRADE - General Ljubisa Dikovic, commander of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff and head of the emergency headquarters in Sabac, ordered an evacuation of around 8,500 people from several villages near the Sava River, upstream and downstream from Sabac, for preventative reasons, Chief of the Emergency Situations Sector Predrag Maric said on Monday.

Building of flood barriers stepped up along River Sava

SID - Efforts to build flood barriers have been stepped up in the villages of the municipality of Sid - where the River Sava enters Serbia - with the river now overflowing after barriers in Croatia caved in.

25,000 Evacuated in Serbian Floods

Serbia's Ministry of Interior says it has evacuated 25,070 people in the areas most threatened by flooding.

In the town of Obrenovac, near the capital Belgrade, 7,800 people have been evacuated, Tanjug agency reported. The town has been almost completely flooded after heavy rains poured over the past days.

Serbian Flood Relief Campaign Goes Viral

At over 20 locations in Belgrade and at others all over Serbia, the Red Cross has been collecting food, clothes and other necessities for around 25,000 people evacuated from their homes after the severe flooding of recent days.

At the same time humanitarian aid is arriving from Russia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and other countries.

Croatian Veterans Slam Government at Mass Gathering

At their first showpiece convention, more than 1,500 war veterans and high-profile nationalist supporters accused the centre-left government of demeaning Croatia’s wartime defenders.

Serbia, Bosnia Floods' Death Toll Up

Official sources say at least 44 people have died in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in what has become the worst floods in the region in more than a century.

PM: Fewer flood victims than first thought

PM: Fewer flood victims than first thought

BELGRADE -- Serbia has been affected by "millennial waters" PM Aleksandar Vučić said on Sunday as he chaired an emergency HQ set up to deal with the catastrophic floods.

The sad fact that there has been "a spillover" of rivers upstream in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina has given Serbia more time, according to him.



Serbia is going through the worst floods ever recorded. The situation is much harder than can be imagined! Thousands of people are being evacuated, many of them are still waiting to be rescued.