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Serbian Leader Defuses Row Over TV N1

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's likely next Prime Minister, on Tuesday told David Petraeus, chairman of the Global Institute of the KKR investment firm, that its first direct Balkan investment - a new cross-border TV station, N1, - was welcome in Serbia.

Croatia Vows to Aid Wartime Sex Abuse Victims

The Croatian authorities have launched new draft legislation aimed at providing financial and psychological help for people who were raped or sexually abused during the 1991-95 war.

Queen Maria Karadjordjevic rehabilitated

BELGRADE - Queen Maria Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia was rehabilitated on Monday by a decision of the High Court in Belgrade, which also declared null and void a decree from 1947 that stripped her of citizenship and property.

Queen Marija Karađorđević "rehabilitated"

Queen Marija Karađorđević "rehabilitated"

BELGRADE -- The High Court in Belgrade on Monday announced that it reached a decision to "rehabilitate" Queen Marija Karađorđević of Yugoslavia.

The court also declared null and void a decree from 1947 that stripped her of citizenship and property.

Serbia, Croatia sign plan of military agreement in 2014

BELGRADE - The plan of bilateral military cooperation between the Serbian Ministry of Defence and the Croatian Defence Ministry for the year of 2014 was signed in Belgrade on Friday.

Calls to boycott Serb businesses criticized

Calls to boycott Serb businesses criticized

ZAGREB -- The invitation to boycott stores in Vukovar owned by local Serbs is "a revitalization of fascism," several Croatian organizations have said.

Schroeder Optimistic About Serbia's EU Goals

On a visit to Belgrade on Thursday, Gerhard Schroeder said he believed that Serbia could join the EU by 2020, as its government was ready to undertake reforms “despite all difficulties on the pathway [to membership]."

Criticism against calls for boycott of Serb businesses

ZAGREB - The invitation to boycott shops in Vukovar owned by the local Serbs is a revitalization of fascism,several Croatian organizations have said and called on the government to condemn that action by the Headquarters for the Protection of the Croatian Vukovar,an organization that is famous for opposing the use of the Serbian Cyrillic scrip in Croatia.

Croatian Anti-Cyrillic Activists Say Govt Ignoring Them

Croatian war veterans, who want a referendum to limit minority rights and end official use of Serbian Cyrillic script in parts of Croatia, accuse the government of ignoring their initiative.

NGO Wants Zagreb Streets Named After War Victims

An initiative backed by various intellectuals has been launched in Croatia to name some streets after victims of Croatian forces in the 1990s conflict.

Serb refugees condemn call for boycott of Serb goods, shops

BELGRADE - The Coalition of Refugee Associations in Serbia condemned Wednesday in the harshest terms a call for boycott of the Serb goods and shops in Vukovar, and urged the authorized state bodies in Croatia to institute proceedings against the initiators of the boycott.

Bulgaria, Croatia to Cooperate in Education

Bulgaria's government has approved a draft cooperation program with the Ministry of Education of Croatia for the period 2014-2017, Wednesday.

The draft document specifies the cooperation steps in science and education and the initiatives both Ministries will promote, namely the exchange of information, experts, the provision of scholarships, BGNES news agency reports.

Call for boycott of Serb shops in Vukovar

ZAGREB - A call has appeared on certain social networks to boycott Serb shops and goods in Vukovar as long as Cyrillic script is being used in the city, website reads.

Milorad Pupovac, president of the Serb National Council (SNV) and member of the Croatian parliament, condemned the call in the harshest terms on Wednesday, and urged the authorized institution to react.

Croatian Roma Join 'Happy' Dance Wave

Following examples set by locals in Vienna, Moscow, Belfast, Bristol, Dublin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Split and a few other Balkan cities, Roma from Parag, in Medjimurje, Croatia, have released a video of people dancing enthusiastically to Williams’ global R&B hit.