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Youth Sport Games in Serbia from July 13 to 27

BELGRADE - Youth Sport Games, which bring together pupils and high-school students, will be held in Serbia from July 13 to 27 for the first time, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said on Friday.

At the promotion of the project, Vucic added that the initiative for their holding had been launched by Miodrag Rakic, the late chief of staff of the former Serbian president Boris Tadic.

FM: Funds from donations won't be enough

FM: Funds from donations won't be enough

JAGODINA -- Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić says it is "not realistic to expect that Serbia will be able to make up for all the damage from the floods with foreign donations."

Greece optimistic about World Cup chances

Greece optimistic about World Cup chances

Pundits and predictions say the team could advance past the group stage for the first time.

Editor's note: This is one in a series of stories previewing the 2014 World Cup and teams from Greece, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Serbia elected to chair Danube Commission

BELGRADE - Serbia will chair the Danube Commission for the next three years, Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released on Thursday.

This is yet another confirmation of Serbia's changed international position and its reputation in the international community, the release states.

Flowers in Ustasha U shape planted in Jasenovac

ZAGREB – Flowers in the colors of the Croatian “Chessboard” flag and shaped in the form of the U symbol of the Ustasha, Croatian pro-Nazi regime responsible for massive killings of Serbs, Jews and Roma in concentration camps during World War II, have been planted at the Jasenovac Memorial Site in central Croatia.

Armed forces of Balkan states continue to cooperate closely

SARAJEVO - The armed forces of the Balkan states will continue to cooperate closely within the B-9 forum with a view to strengthening regional security, but also assisting each other in the crisis situations caused by natural disasters, their chiefs of the general staff concluded in a meeting in Sarajevo.

Romania, Bulgaria Not Ready to Adopt Euro

A European Commission report on euro-area convergence released on Wednesday says that of eight EU member states, only Lithuania meets all the criteria for joining the euro.

Romania and Bulgaria are among the countries that are not ready yet to switch to the single currency, according to the report.

Vucic: Serbia needs solidarity, assistance from EU

VIENNA - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said in Vienna on Wednesday that Serbia, and other countries in the region that were affected by the recent severe flooding, needs solidarity and assistance from the EU.

"Serbia with EU on Ukraine - except for sanctions"

"Serbia with EU on Ukraine - except for sanctions"

VIENNA -- Aleksandar Vučić has said that Belgrade supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and is doing everything so it can be with its EU partners.

Montenegro to Build Homes for Kosovo Refugees

After spending more than a decade in substandard collective centres, thousands of refugees in Montenegro are to get improved accommodation over the next three years.

The Montenegrin government, with foreign donor support, has launched a programme for re-housing displaced persons, which envisages the construction of at least 900 housing units.

'Serbian Literature and Great War' exhibition opens

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has declared open an exhibition titled "The Serbian Literature and the Great War" at the Belgrade City Library, underscoring that historical data alone cannot make the suffering of the Serbian people in World War I resonate more deeply with today's generations.

Croatia, Slovenia Begin Border Line Hearings

Hearings at the Hague-based court for the resolution of international disputes began on Monday with Croatia presenting its case, as Zagreb and Ljubljana attempted to settle a dispute that has continued since they both became independent from the former Yugoslavia.