Latest News from Croatia

Online Education in Bulgaria: Still Unpopular

Eurostat provided the latest data on educational methods in the member states of the European Union on January 24th*, with a particular focus on those related to online education.

Mandatory Military Service Reconsidered in Croatia Amid Regional Changes

Croatia is actively exploring the possibility of reintroducing mandatory military service, signaling a potential shift in the country's security strategy. Veterans Minister Tomo Medved disclosed that the proposal is in its early stages, with a concrete plan for training young individuals yet to be presented.

Greece leads in recreational boats for hire

Greece has the largest fleet of recreational boats available for hire in the region, according to a survey by Riginos, one of the country's leading yachting companies.

The number of vessels available for leasing in this country reached 2,580 in 2023, of which 740 are catamaran-type boats, whose popularity is showing significant growth.

Countdown Begins: Bulgaria Faces Five-Month Challenge to Meet Eurozone Entry Criteria

Bulgaria is on a tight five-month deadline to fulfill the prerequisites necessary to join the eurozone by January 2025, revealed Deputy Minister of Finance Ivaylo Yajdjiev on January 19. The primary criteria involve lowering the inflation rate and adopting the BNB law to align Bulgaria's central bank with European standards.

Bulgaria Tops EU Charts with a 31.5% Surge in New Car Registrations in 2023

Bulgaria has emerged as the leader in new car registrations across the European Union in 2023, witnessing an impressive year-on-year growth of 31.5%, totaling 37,724 units, reports the latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA). The country's remarkable performance outpaced the EU average, positioning it at the forefront of automotive market expansion.

New purchase agreed: A total of 42 new Dassault Rafale jets

The purchase comes as French lawmakers express concern over a Franco-German project to develop a successor to the Rafale. The Future Combat Air system, as it is known, is not expected to enter service before 2045 or 2050, according to the French Senate's defense committee, writes Defense News.

Hand-sewn boat saved from oblivion in Croatia

The oldest entirely hand-sewn boat in the Mediterranean is preparing for its next journey, after having sat undisturbed on Croatia's Adriatic seafloor for millennia. But this time the vessel, whose planks were actually sewn together, will travel by land to France for conservation.

Bulgaria Aims for Eurozone Entry on January 1, 2025, Says Prime Minister

During a parliamentary question time, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov declared that Bulgaria's target for joining the euro area is set for January 1, 2025. Denkov emphasized the adherence to the Maastricht criteria, integral to EU treaties, as a crucial aspect of the process.

European Health Commissioner Urges Vigilance as COVID-19 Resurges

As COVID-19 cases surge across EU countries, European Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides emphasizes the urgency of vaccination amidst the coexistence of multiple viruses. Kyriakides underscores the continued presence of COVID-19 variants in communities and the co-circulation of respiratory diseases, urging vigilance.

Navigating Eurozone and Schengen: Croatia's Progress After One Year

Croatia has achieved an unprecedented milestone, becoming the first country to simultaneously join both the eurozone and the Schengen area on January 1, 2023. However, this historic move has sparked mixed sentiments within the nation.