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JYSK Bulgaria Received the Investor of the Year Award For 2018

JYSK Bulgaria received the Investor of the Year Award 2018. The company invested over 100 million euros in a new distribution center located in Bozhurishte near Sofia. The facility has two fully automated 42.5 meter warehouses and will operate at full capacity by June 2019.

Women March for Rights Across the Balkans

Women in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Romania held protest rallies on International Women's Day on March 8, to draw attention to the plight of women in their countries, where traditional patriarchal values remain prevalent.

Five Balkan Women Inspiring Generations

Marking this important day, we bring you five inspirational women from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bulgaria who - in the battle to achieve gender equality in the region - are using technology, education and activism to empower their work.

A Lake’s Fish Stocks Fall, and Montenegro Blames Albania

Dzelal Hodzic fondly remembers the biggest catch of his life.

"You could feel it by the noise," said the veteran Montenegrin fisherman. "It was night, and they just said 'lift!' It took us from morning until the following night to get it out. We didn't know what to do with that much fish."

FM: How small should Serbia be, not to be great?

"The problem is that an anti-Serb atmosphere is being created and that incidents do not happen only in election campaigns. This is the manner in which this set in Croatia rules," said Dacic told Prva TV.

"I will do what Jews do," says Serb leader in Croatia

"That society never gets round to asking itself: 'And what did I do so that it won't be the way it is for me, and am I at all to blame for what I went through, for what happened?' That kind of facing up to it, unfortunately, did not happen," said Pupovac, who is a representative of Serbs in Croatia, an MP, and the leader of the SDSS.

Bulgaria is Among the Most Intolerant Countries in the European Union

Bulgaria is one of the most intolerant countries in the EU, and the poorer one is, the more its citizens do not stand close to themselves people of different ethnicity or religion. This shows a study by the University of Nevada, which collected survey data covering a total of 450,000 people in 100 countries.

Romanian Navy Commander Mirsu opens Poseidon 19 NATO multinational exercise

Romania's Chief of Staff of Navy Staff (SMFN) Alexandru Mirsu said in Constanta Port on Friday that besides enhancing interoperability, Poseidon 19 demonstrates that Black Sea navigation is free, safe and open to commercial routes in accordance with international regulations.

JYSK Opens 300 New Jobs and at Least 3 Stores in Bulgaria

Danish furniture chain JYSK achieved 68.6% growth in Bulgaria's turnover for the financial year 2017/2018, reaching sales of BGN 43.3 million, reported moneybg.

Profit before tax for the 12 months to end of September increases by impressive 354% to 1.27 million. Globally, the turnover reached € 3.58 billion and the pre-tax profit was € 474 million.

Croatia Journalists Take to Streets Over Court Pressures

Reporters and media outlets in Croatia will protest in Zagreb on Saturday about the number of lawsuits filed against them - including by the national broadcaster - which they say is undermining their freedom.

Fascist Legacy Causes Persistent Headache for Croatian President

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic's sudden changes of heart about a World War II salute used by the Ustasa movement reflect her desperate wish to please the international community, which has been criticising Croatia over historical revisionism, and a right-wing constituency that has supported her through four years of her presidency, experts say.

Eurostat: Half of Bulgarians did not Visit their General Practitioner in 2017

More than 52% of Bulgarians did not visit their GP for the 12 months of 2017, according to a Eurostat study on the frequency of family doctor visits to citizens of the European Union (EU). The EU average is 24%, ie, one in 5 Europeans has never visited his GP for the specified period.

Foreign companies account for over half of Serbia's exports

This accounts for over 50 percent of the country's exports and nearly half of the total retail revenues, according to figures released by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PKS).

Bulgaria is in the Top Ten of the EU on the Use of Green Energy in Transport

Bulgaria is in the top ten of the EU on the share of energy from renewable sources used in transport, according to data from Eurostat's analysis of environmental protection in the transport sector. In Bulgaria it is about 6 per cent with an EU average of 7.6 per cent.