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Josip Broz Tito - 40 years since the death of the lifetime President of the SFRY

Josip Broz Tito, as President of Yugoslavia, first of all, built his reputation with the people of Yugoslavia. For years, a cult of leader was developed, so the marshal's photographs hung above school boards, but also in the homes of many Yugoslavs - from Vardar to Triglav. He remained remembered for his turbulent political and private life.

BIRN Wins Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Award

The Vienna office of the Reporters Without Borders announced that the BIRN Network has been awarded for its courageous investigative journalism in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, and for its dedication to the fight for human rights, democracy and justice for the victims of war crimes.

Athletes returning to training, competition ban to be lifted for individual sports

"We are also lifting measures for competitive sports. This will primarily apply to individual sports and under specific security conditions also to collective sports. Competitions in individual sports will also be allowed, but without spectators," the minister told commercial broadcaster POP TV on Wednesday, adding she hoped competitions would be broadcast live.

The ‘New Normal’: Art in Pandemic Times

Two artists, Jolanta Nowaczyk, from Poland and Ekaterina Muromsteva, from Rusia, who both reside now in Zagreb and participate in the international programme for artists, WHW Akademija, have found a way to raise the issue of artwork during the pandemic, but also to share their own artwork.

COVID-Related Boom Reveals Video Conferencing’s Dark Side

"Disclosure of personal data, recording sensitive information, or storing people's profiles on unauthorized servers are some of the risks that go hand in hand with the use of video-conferencing tools," says Skopje-based cybersecurity practitioner Daniel Trenchov.

Turkey repatriates 390 more nationals amid coronavirus

Turkey brought back 390 more Turkish nationals from African and Balkan countries on April 28 as part of ongoing
repatriation efforts for Ramadan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A total of 119 nationals from Kenya and 153 from Tanzania arrived at Samsun Airport in northwestern Turkey.

Croatian Journalists Hit by Coronavirus Austerity: Union Chief

"Under labour law, it is the union that has the legal basis to negotiate with an employer about possible cutbacks. Basically, it's the one institution that we have with which we can fight for our rights, even in crisis situations like this, but also in situations where we are not in some kind of crisis," Sever said.

Government should protect media workers

Families Distressed by 15-Year Probe into Bosnian War Deaths

While leading the breakaway statelet, Abdic fought against fellow Bosniaks who were loyal to the Sarajevo government. He was later convicted of war crimes, but was elected mayor of Velika Kladusa in 2016 after his release.

Eurostat: 41.6% of the Bulgarians are Living in Overcrowded Households

In the European Union (EU), 17.1% of the population were living in overcrowded households in 2018, meaning they did not have enough rooms compared to the size of the household. Although merrier, overcrowded households can feel even smaller with kids playing in the same room as parents trying to telework during the coronavirus lockdown.

Slovenia qualify for World Men's Handball Championship

Cancelling the qualifiers on Friday, the executive committee of the European Handball Federation (EHF) decided that the ten slots are awarded to the teams which finished 4-13 at the European Men's Handball Championship this January.

Democracy Digest: Red Flags and Respirators

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Czechs Fear Autocratic Contagion

Analysts say such displays hint at a geopolitical realignment taking place in parts of Central and Southeast Europe as the pandemic prompts some governments to pivot away from Brussels and towards more authoritarian allies to the east.

Croatian President Reignites Row over Ustasa Slogan

War veterans' associations and Croatia's war veterans' minister have condemned President Zoran Milanovic for saying that a controversial plaque with the Ustasa slogan 'Za dom spremni' ('Ready for the Home(land)') should be removed.

Bulgaria Has the Second Lowest Debt in the EU

Bulgaria has entered the coronavirus pandemic crisis with the second lowest percentage of debt in the EU and the third highest percentage of budget surplus. 2019 figures have been released

Eurostat and the NSI provided data which are a good starting point for us to compare the situation in our country after the end of this crisis.