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Albania criticized for stance during floods

Albania criticized for stance during floods

BELGRADE -- Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić on Monday noted that "some countries" did not act properly toward Serbia when the country was hit by the floods in May.

According to a Beta news agency report, Dačić said that "an official reaction" would be sent to these countries.

İzmir to revive with international rythms

World renowned Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra Sinfonia Varsovia will play at the ancient theater of Ephesus for the opening concert of the 28th International Ä°zmir Festival on June 14 The 28th International Ä°zmir Festival will be held between June 14 and Sept. 3, hosting the great masters of rhythm.

Shakespeare Festival in Serbia from June 19 to 25

BELGRADE - The first Shakespeare Festival in Serbia will take place in Cortanovci, near Indjija in the south of the province of Vojvodina, from June 19 to 25, and present the latest productions of Shakespeare's plays.

Shakespeare at Cortanovci

Shakespeare at Cortanovci

The 'Shakespeare Fest' (June 19-25) shall be opened at the 'Stankovic Villa' at Cortanovci on the Danube by the famous 'Globe Theatre' of London with the 'Hamlet'.

From the limelight to the darkness, the life of YSL

You don’t need to be a style connoisseur to know that Yves Saint Laurent was one of the most influential fashion designers of all time. Empowering women through his androgynous looks – with signature pieces such as the tuxedo and the pantsuit – the designer took fashion to the street through his forward-looking ready-to-wear, while keeping haute couture as the jewel of his creative crown.

'Serbian Literature and Great War' exhibition opens

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has declared open an exhibition titled "The Serbian Literature and the Great War" at the Belgrade City Library, underscoring that historical data alone cannot make the suffering of the Serbian people in World War I resonate more deeply with today's generations.

British singer-songwriter Marianne Faithfull hospitalized in Rhodes with broken hip

British singer and songwriter Marianne Faithfull has been hospitalized after falling and breaking her hip while on holiday in Greece, a surgeon said on Sunday.

The 67-year-old ex-lover of Rolling Stones` frontman, Mick Jagger, fell on Friday on the Eastern Aegean island of Rhodes.

Curtain set to rise on this year’s Greek Festival

From music to theater and dance, the Greek Festival celebrates its 56th anniversary this summer. Founded in 1955 as the Athens Festival, its bar was set high right from the start, with Dimitris Mitropoulos leading the New York Philharmonic in one of the event’s curtain-raising performances. It has since hosted living legends including Maria Callas, Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn.

Fitch puts NBG rating on Rating Watch Positive

Fitch Ratings on Friday announced it has placed National Bank of Greece’s mortgage-covered bonds’ B+ rating on Rating Watch Positive, following the upgrade of Greece’s sovereign long-term rating to B, from B- a week earlier.

The Wrong Fest Greets the Summer

The two-day Voinegovtsi Wrong Fest will greet the summer on June 21-22, in the village of Voinegovtsi, 15 km north of Sofia. 

The festival will feature performances of well-established and up and coming alternative, rock, punk, ska and reggae bands from Bulgaria, FYROM and Greece. Among them are Babyface Clan, Rebelites, Smallman, Der Hunds, Mlyk!, Panican Whysaker, Sepuko 6, etc.

A note to readers

To our readers

The Hellenic Distribution Agency, the principal distributor of foreign newspapers and magazines in Greece for many years, filed for bankruptcy on May 13. Since then, Kathimerini has relied on its own resources to distribute the International New York Times-Kathimerini English Edition.

Local filmmakers depict a Greece under a leaden sky

Nikos Georgakis (above) puts on an excellent performance in Yorgos Servetas’s ‘Standing Aside, Watching,’ about a 30-year-old woman searching for the key that will help her to restart her life.

Cash-Strapped Balkan States Miss Eurovision

The semi-finals of the Eurovision, which started on Tuesday in Denmark, will include only six participants from the Balkan region - Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Greece.

Viewers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey will only watch Eurovision from their TV sets.

Exhibition of paintings as homage to Greece opens

BELGRADE - Greek Ambassador to Serbia Konstantinos Ikonomidis opened in Army Hall in Belgrade the exhibition of paintings entitled 'Greece in the consciences and hearts of Serbian painters' authored by art historian Nikola Kusovac which was organised as homage to the country with which Serbia has nurtured close ties for centuries now.