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The Hellenic Distribution Agency, the principal distributor of foreign newspapers and magazines in Greece for many years, filed for bankruptcy on May 13. Since then, Kathimerini has relied on its own resources to distribute the International New York Times-Kathimerini English Edition.

Local filmmakers depict a Greece under a leaden sky

Nikos Georgakis (above) puts on an excellent performance in Yorgos Servetas’s ‘Standing Aside, Watching,’ about a 30-year-old woman searching for the key that will help her to restart her life.

Cash-Strapped Balkan States Miss Eurovision

The semi-finals of the Eurovision, which started on Tuesday in Denmark, will include only six participants from the Balkan region - Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Greece.

Viewers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey will only watch Eurovision from their TV sets.

Exhibition of paintings as homage to Greece opens

BELGRADE - Greek Ambassador to Serbia Konstantinos Ikonomidis opened in Army Hall in Belgrade the exhibition of paintings entitled 'Greece in the consciences and hearts of Serbian painters' authored by art historian Nikola Kusovac which was organised as homage to the country with which Serbia has nurtured close ties for centuries now.

Greek Film Week on April 23-28

BELGRADE - Marking the Hellenic presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Greek Film Week will take place from April 23 to 28 in Belgrade, under the title “Images from the past, vision of the future”.

15th International Archaeological Film Review to open

BELGRADE - The 15th International Archaeological Film Review will be held at the National Museum from Thursday through April 3, featuring creations from eight countries.

Greek New Wave artist Lakis Pappas dies aged 76

Lakis Pappas, one of the leading singers of Greece’s so-called New Wave, died on Wednesday at the age of 76.

Pappas worked with composer Manos Hatzidakis in the early 1960s and gradually became drawn to the New Wave style, which emerged in the mid-1960s and combined Greek music with French chansons.

Japanese art form Kyogen to be displayed in National Theatre

BELGRADE - Japanese theatrical art form Kyogen will be presented in the Belgrade National Theatre on March 21 and 22 through the short stage plays 'Kagyu' (The snail) and 'Jobikoe' (Deception rhythm).