All News on Entertainment in Greece

DEAFestival | Athens | September 21-24

The DEAFestival for deaf and hard of hearing individuals will take place at Pedion tou Areos park, the Trianon Cinema (21 Kodringtonos, Patission) and the Titania Hotel (52 Panepistimiou) from September 21 to 24, bringing the community in Greece together and raising awareness among the general public with a plethora of events.

Media snub is no solution

When a political party decides to boycott a specific media outlet for whatever reason, it doesn't really achieve anything tangible.

Here in Greece, such practices were started by SYRIZA and other similar forces, but media boycotts happen all over the world, called for by all sorts of parties when they don't like what they see or hear on the news or on political talk shows.

A bizarre political landscape

I sense that Greece's next elections will be a bit like the first elections of 2012. Back then, the country's political and media establishment were shocked at the rise of anti-systemic parties SYRIZA, Golden Dawn and Independent Greeks (ANEL).

Papakonstantinou & Malamas | Athens | September 10

Two of most prominent artists in Greece's art-house genre, Thanasis Papakonstantinou and Sokratis Malamas, are on tour promoting a joint recording project - "Me Stoma pou Yela" (With a Smiling Mouth), released in February to critical acclaim - and will be performing at the Technopolis complex on Monday, September 10, starting at 9 p.m.

Christian Ronig | Thessaloniki | September 7

German singer-songwriter Christian Ronig - the talent behind the excellent English adaptation of "Minore tis Avgis" called "Dawn in Minor" - will appear at the Lazariston Monastery as part of the venue's summer festival, on Friday, September 7.

Clear-headed journalism

Journalism is facing a major crisis on a global scale, as the job becomes more complex and constantly presents fresh dilemmas.

Golden Stag trophy goes to Inis Neziri of Albania

The EUR 25k trophy of the Golden Stag International Festival was won by Inis Neziri of Albania, and it was handed by Luminita Dobrescu, the first singer of Romania who grabbed this trophy back in 1969, at the second edition of the festival.

The 1st Prize of the contest was won by Olivier Kaye (Belgium) and was handed by Gabriel Garko, a special guest of the festival.

Rebetiko Festival | Syros | To September 2

Running through Sunday, September 2, in the town of Ermoupoli, the Rebetiko Festival is dedicated to one of the masters of the genre also known as "Greece's blues," and a native of the island, Markos Vamvakaris (1905-1972). Other than celebrating the roots of rebetiko and showcasing the artists who have evolved it to this day, the event also aims at preserving the local folk music of Syros.

Bryan Ferry | Athens & Thessaloniki | September 11 & 13

English legend Bryan Ferry brings his "elegant, seductive croon" to Greece as part of an ongoing tour of the UK and Europe, with a career-spanning show. The iconic singer will appear at Athens Herod Atticus Theater on Tuesday, September 11, and at Thessaloniki's Dasos Theater on Thursday, September 13.

New Model Army | Athens | August 31

Nearly 40 years after breaking out on the international scene with their politically charged lyrics and genre-defying underground rock, Britain's New Model Army, which enjoys a loyal following in Greece ever since, comes to Gagarin 205 with tracks from the latest of 14 studio albums, "Winter," and older favorites. Opening is local rock band Coyote's Arrow.

Costas Filippoglou's 'Frogs' a riotous take on a time-honored comedy

Only in Greece would you drive more than 2 hours through perilous Peloponnesian mountains to a perfectly preserved ancient amphitheater with pre-technology impeccable acoustics, joining nearly 15,000 fully engaged audience members of all ages.

Dozens of museums offering free entry for Sunday's full moon

A total of 132 museums and archaeological sites across Greece will be open to the public with free admission for the full moon on the evening of Sunday, August 26.

Moreover, 95 of the sites are to hold special events from August 24 through 27 including concerts, movie screenings, theatrical shows, poetry readings and guided tours.