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Chinese firms in Greece to launch own chamber

By Ilias Bellos

The Chinese companies active in Greece, whose numbers are on the rise, are creating a new, exclusively Chinese chamber of enterprises.

Restoring normality

Does Greece have what it takes to become a normal European country? In fact, this should be our overall objective in the years to come.

The reforms, which will soon be put to vote in Parliament, are a step in this direction, but they need the support of political parties across the left-right spectrum.

Militant Islamists taking the Greek road to Syria

Militant Islamists living in the European Union have tried to cross Greece’s borders on their way to back the armed struggle against the Assad regime in Syria, Greek security officials have told Sunday’s Kathimerini.

Still no director for Greece’s General State Archives

Almost three months ahead of a major gathering of European archivists in Greece, which is currently at the helm of the European Union presidency, the government in Athens could find itself in a very embarrassing position as it has yet to appoint a new head to the General State Archives (GSA).

Government works on new milk rules

Government officials were working over the weekend on the wording of a new law governing the sale of fresh milk, which is proving to be the key obstacle to coalition MPs’ full support for the multi-bill of reforms Parliament will have to pass for Greece to receive its next bailout tranche.

Merkel expected in Athens before Easter

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to pay an official visit to Greece before Easter (April 20), sources have told Kathimerini.

A date for the trip has not yet been set but Merkel is expected to show her support for Greece’s adjustment efforts in the wake of its next bailout tranche being approved at an informal Eurogroup in Athens on April 1.

Cypriot Defense Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos dies

Political parties in Cyprus canceled all their public events over the weekend as a mark of respect for Defense Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos, who died at the age of 48 on Saturday after suffering a brain hemorrhage at his office a day earlier.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who had known Mitsopoulos since he studied in Greece in the 1980s, expressed his condolences.

Probe into legal firm's alleged role in prison uprising

Supreme Court prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani has ordered an investigation into whether a solicitor’s office had knowledge of or helped a recent uprising by prisoners at Domokos jail in central Greece.

There are allegations that lawyers were aware that there was going to be a protest against plans to build a maximum-security facility in Domokos.

Cyprus defence minister dies after brain haemorrhage

Cyprus's recently appointed Defence Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos died in hospital on Saturday after suffering a brain haemorrhage, state media said.

State radio said Mitsopoulos died at Nicosia General Hospital at 1.30 p.m.

Arrivals at Greek airports soar in 2014

Air arrivals from abroad posted a 16.9 percent yearly increase in the first two months of the year, according to data released by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The number of air arrivals in Greece came to 602,222, from 515,379 in the same period in 2013.

Most flew in to the country’s biggest airport in Athens.

S&P sees economic outlook as stable

 GDP will recover if Athens speeds up reforms or if banks channel more credit into the market, it says

By Sotiris Nikas

Minister and unionists fail to agree on future of 212 teachers

The union representing secondary school teachers in Greece (OLME) failed to reach an agreement on Friday with Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis over the future of 212 teachers who entered the public sector mobility scheme on reduced wages eight months ago but are now due to be sacked.

Campaign gathers more than 3 tons of food for the needy

A campaign spearheaded by Skai TV with the cooperation of the Church of Greece has succeeded in gathering more than 3 tons of food items and distributing them to the needy.

Deportation provision may return, says PM's aide

A contentious provision that would lead to any immigrants who make false claims against law enforcement officers being deported from Greece is likely to be brought to Parliament for a third time, the government’s general secretary Takis Baltakos said on Friday.