Latest News from Greece

Government hopes troika will grant debtors longer to pay up

Greece has asked the troika to approve a plan that would allow taxpayers to pay off their debts to the state in 100 or more installments, Kathimerini understands.

Sources said that the government is hoping that the troika will allow up to 108 installments in some cases but it believes Greece’s lenders are more likely to agree to a scheme allowing between 48 and 72 tranches.

European court slams Greece with new waste fine

The European Court of Justice on Monday heralded a new fine against Greece for violation of European regulations, noting that the country has failed to enforce a six-year-old ruling ordering it to “adequately treat and dispose of urban wastewater.”

Stunning statues found at ancient Greek tomb

Two stunning caryatid statues have been unearthed holding up the entrance to the biggest ancient tomb ever found in Greece, archaeologists said.

Tsipras sees national polls in early 2015

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has once again indicated that his leftist party will try to trigger early national elections in Greece by blocking the conservative-led government’s nomination for a new President of the Republic.

Russian Tour Operator Solvex-Tourne Suspends Activities

Major Saint Petersburg tour operator Solvex-Tourne has suspended activities as of Monday, Russia's Union of Tourism Industry reported, as cited by Russian media outlets.

Some 9,000 clients of the company are abroad now, as most of them are staying in Greece and Bulgaria. About 8,500 clients have paid for their tours in 2013.

SYRIZA plays down MP's comments on NATO

Greece's main leftist opposition party on Monday sought to play down controversial comments by MP Theodoris Dritsas last week that Greece should leave the NATO alliance.

“We never said we plan to leave NATO. What we have said is that we should fight so that NATO breaks up on its own,” SYRIZA secretary Dimitris Vitsas said Monday.

SYRIZA chief warns of structural problems behind euro debt crisis

Greece's debt crisis is not just the result of national shortcomings but a structural problem, leftist opposition leader Alexis Tsipras has said warning that tight fiscal policies could lead to a global economic recession.

“[The crisis] is not a problem of Greece, Italy or Spain, but a structural problem,” Tsipras said in an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa.

KKE commemorates late leader Zachariadis

Greece's Communist Party, or KKE, has commemorated its wartime leader Nikos Zachariadis, whom it expelled in 1957.

Serbia reaches world championship quarterfinals

MADRID - Serbia defeated Greece 90-72 (23-20 23-22 18-13 26-17) in Spain on Sunday to reać the quarterfinals of the basketball world ćampionship.

The team led by Aleksandar Đorđevic managed to stage a surprise win after finishing fourth in group A with a score of 2 wins and 3 lošes. Greece won all 5 games in group B.

Basketball: Team Romania wins men's 3x3 European Championship in Bucharest

Team Romania - Angel Santana, Bogdan Popescu, Catalin Vlaicu and Vasile Stefan - won the men's European Championship of 3x3 Basketball in Universitatii Square of Bucharest on Sunday night, by defeating Slovenia 18-16 in the final game.

The three-colour team played sensationally and managed to come back in the latest minutes.

Old names, vain hopes

At a certain point in the past politics in Greece became a closed profession, something for which the country ended up paying a hefty price.

Insecurity led the people to choose leaders from Greece’s political dynasties which at some point or another had played a pivotal role in the country’s history.

Turkey's late surge stuns Australia at FIBA World Cup

Turkey forward Emir Preldzic made his second of two last-minute 3-pointers only 5 seconds from the finish to stun Australia 65-64 at the Basketball World Cup on Sept. 7, sending the reigning silver medalists into the quarterfinals.

Archaeologists unearth two Caryatids in Ancient Amphipolis dig

Archaeologists have unearthed two sculpted female figures, known as Caryatids, as they slowly make their way into an ancient tomb recently discovered in Greece’s northeast, the country’s culture ministry said on Sunday.

Gov’t to argue to keep ban on repossessions

By Evgenia Tzortzi

The issue of extending the foreclosure protection period for financially troubled homeowners struggling with debts will form part of the government’s negotiations with representatives of the country’s international creditors in Athens at the end of the month.

Nervous Greece crashes out to efficient Serbia

By George Georgakopoulos

The World Championship came to a sudden and disappointing end for the Greek national team as after five wins in as many games in the group stage it got thrashed 90-72 by Serbia in the round of 16 in Madrid on Sunday.