Latest News from Greece

Troika pushing for lower salaries

 Lenders want public sector pay to drop and no automatic minimum wage rises A man reads the headlines of newspapers hanging from the awning of a kiosk in central Athens on Friday.

The troika has asked Greece to lower wages for new civil servants and to remove automatic pay rises for Greeks earning the minimum wage in the private sector, Kathimerini understands.

Gauck makes historic gesture of apology for WWII crimes in Ioannina

German President Joachim Gauck (right) leans in to embrace 90-year-old Esthir Cohen (left) during a visit to a synagogue in Ioannina on Friday. Cohen is one of just two Jews still alive in the northwestern town today who survived the Holocaust and made it back from Auschwitz.

More hands on deck for Lagarde list probes

The Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) has started making some headway with its investigation into a list of Greeks with deposits at a bank in Switzerland after the number of staff assigned to the case was increased from four to 16.

Writer Auguste Corteau sues journalist over homophobic rant

Writer Auguste Corteau revealed on Friday that he is taking legal action against journalist Dimos Verikios over a homophobic rant made by the latter during his daily radio show on Alpha.

Greece in European court over failure to shut down Kiato landfill

The European Court of Justice confirmed on Friday that the European Commission is taking Greece to court over its failure to close down a landfill at Kiato, west of Athens, despite repeated warnings.

The Kiato landfill has been operating illegally since 2002.

Death toll from flu keeps rising, reaching 80

Eighty people have died of flu-related illnesses between the start of the influenza season in October and Friday, raising concerns about the prevalence of the virulent H1N1 strain in Greece this year.

Bright outlook for tourism in Greece

The outlook for the global travel industry looks brighter for 2014 as European economic recovery and rising consumer confidence are prompting holidaymakers and businesses to loosen their purse strings again.

Tourists are spending more on their vacations, going for higher-quality or more frequent trips abroad.

Albania 'Sold Off' Parts of Butrint, Watchdog Says

Documents obtained by the Forum for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, a watchdog based in Tirana, show that 1,360 hectares of land inside the park were restored to property claimants in 2006.

Dačić's former aide "has no intention to flee country"

Dačić's former aide "has no intention to flee country"

BELGRADE -- Branko Lazarević has told the daily Večernje Novosti that he "spoke the truth" during his recent questioning related to "the Šarić affair."

EC Puts Italy, France on Economic Watch-List, Praises Spain

Italy and France have been placed on an economic "watch-list" by the European Commission.

High debt and deficit levels are the reason for the EC's decision to put the second and third-largest Eurozone economies among 14 nations with "imbalances", according to a report published on Wednesday and cited by EUObserver.

USS Truxtun Sails In the Black Sea for Exercises with Bulgaria's Navy

The U.S. guided-missile destroyer Truxtun is bound for the Black Sea for military exercises with Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces. 

According to the US military publication Stars and Stripes, the ship departed from Greece early Thursday and its visit is unrelated to the current events in Ukraine. 

Subotica Synagogue running for 'The 7 Most Endangered'

THE HAGUE/LUXEMBOURG/BELGRADE - The Subotica Synagogue made it through to the list of eleven cultural and historical monuments and sites which Europa Nostra and Institute of Europe Investment Bank included in the shortlist for the programme 'The 7 Most Endangered' for 2014.

Djukanovic to Meet US Vice-President

The Montenegrin Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic, will meet US Vice-President Joseph Biden during a three-day visit to Washington in March, focusing on the country’s NATO ambitions.

According to the media, Djukanovic and Biden will discuss Montenegro’s aspirations to become a full member of the Atlantic Alliance at the upcoming summit scheduled for September in Wales in the UK.

US Warship Given Passage through Turkish Black Sea Straits

A US warship was allowed on Wednesday to pass through the Turkey-controlled Black Sea straits.

The ship, which enters the Black Sea amid escalating tensions on the Crimean Peninsula, is expected to travel through the straits within the next few days, as Turkish newspaper Zaman has reported.

Arrests aid terrorism fight in Albania

Arrests aid terrorism fight in Albania

The arrests of five suspects bring a long-desired relief from a terror group's actions.

Albanian officers conduct an anti-terrorism exercise. Security experts have urged the country's law enforcement agencies to work jointly to prevent acts of terrorism. [AFP]