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Growth, not debt write-off, is the key

 Efforts of Greece and creditors should be focused on expanding the country’s economy in the long term

By Dimitris Kontogiannis

Greece has surprised many pundits by achieving a bigger-than-estimated primary budget surplus last year but it has a long way to go to reach a much higher level consistent with sustainable debt.

Income criterion insufficient for social dividend distribution

By Thanos Tsiros

Almost half of Greece’s households appear to have survived on a monthly income below 800 euros in 2012, according to a report compiled by the Finance Ministry, which showed that 2,751,856 taxpayers, along with their spouses and protected members, declared an annual income of up to 9,500 euros for that year.

Greece, Kosovo co-operate despite non-recognition status

Greece, Kosovo co-operate despite non-recognition status

Greece now applies Schengen visas on Kosovo passports and the two countries' chambers of commerce concluded an agreement to improve commercial ties.

Greek border authorities are now applying entry visas on Kosovo passports. [AFP]

Stopping the threat

Neither the coalition parties nor the opposition can allow the sworn enemies of democracy, currently under investigation for serious offenses, to manipulate public dialogue and steer politics off course.

ESM's Regling warns Greece not to overpay for new bonds

By Harry Papachristou

The head of the euro zone's bailout fund has warned Athens not to pay investors too much when it returns to bond markets later this month, in comments to a Greek newspaper that hit newsstands on Saturday.

Probe finds evidence of torture at Nigrita

 Events before Kareli’s death traced; jail guards to face magistrate on Tuesday

Eight guards from Nigrita Prison in northern Greece charged in connection with the deadly torture of an Albanian inmate were on Saturday given until Tuesday to prepare their defense.

Rail workers threaten Easter holiday strikes

Workers at Greece’s national railway service are planning rolling 24-hour strikes during the Easter holiday, from Good Friday to the Monday after, in demand of a new collective labor agreement between staff and management.

The workers are also taking issue with the planned privatization of railway operator Trainose.

Albanian prison fugitive caught in western Greece 17 years later

A 48-year-old Albanian man who escaped from a prison in the neighboring country where he was serving a 20-year sentence for murdering his cousin nearly two decades ago, was apprehended by police in the western Greek port city of Patra on Saturday.

The fugitive, who was not named, had been at large since 1997.

A stabilizing force

PASOK’s role as the junior partner in Greece’s coalition government led by the New Democracy conservatives is extremely crucial to ensuring political stability.