Latest News from Greece

Employee in northern Greek refugee facility tests positive for coronavirus

An employee working at the Sindos shelter for unaccompanied minors in northern Greece has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, a local news website reported on Thursday.

Manos Logothetis, the secretary general for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, told that the facility was temporarily quarantined until the tests on all the minors housed there came back negative.

"Their whole policy is based on lies"

"It will be discussed today and tomorrow, the decision has not been made yet. It is motivated by the need to protect the country when it comes to epidemiological reasons," he says, adding that the government will discuss it today, and that it will be a topic of tomorrow's Crisis Staff meeting.

PM sends twofold message to Turkey

With the Turkish Oruc Reis research vessel in the Greek continental shelf and the fleets of both countries in a tense standoff, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a twofold message to Turkey on Wednesday stating that Greece is willing to have an honest dialogue, but will not back way from any challenge.

Disaster-stricken villages picking up the pieces

In the aftermath of last Sunday's devastating rainstorms and flooding in parts of the island of Evia off central Greece, the restoration of the water supply and electricity in the affected areas is the most serious problem faced by the local authorities. 

At the same time, about 100 homeless families have moved to hotels in the area.

Civil Aviation extends flight restrictions through Aug. 31

A new notice to airmen issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Wednesday extends travel bans with Balkan and European countries through August 31, to protect passengers and residents of Greece from a rise in new coronavirus cases.

According to the notice:

- Flights between Greece and Turkey remain suspended to August 31 (midnight).

PM thanks Macron for support

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for his support, after the latter announced late Wednesday that France would increase its military presence in the eastern Mediterranean.

Mitsotakis described Macron as "a true friend of Greece" and an "ardent defender of European values and international law."

Dendias visits Israel on Thursday

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will visit Israel on Thursday discuss developments in the East Mediterranean in meetings with the prime minister and his Israeli counterpart.

Dendias is expected to focus on Turkey's activities in the region, as well as Greek-Israeli collaboration.

Ministry rejects Turkish claims about Muslim minority as laughable

The Greek Foreign Ministry dismissed accusations by Turkey on Wednesday that Greece is oppressing its Muslim community in Western Thrace as "paradoxical, if not funny." 
"History will forever be the most objective witness to the way in which Turkey has systematically eliminated all minorities in its territory during the 20th century," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Canceled Thessaloniki trade fair will cost local economy an estimated €150 million

The cancellation of this year's Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), for the first time since WWII, is expected to result in a loss of up to €100 million, businessmen in northern Greece say.

Some say the total loss, including secondary benefits, could result in an earnings loss of €150 million for Greece's second largest city.

Turkish research vessel sailing outside Greek waters, says Navy

A Turkish research vessel sent by Ankara to conduct survey for energy resources south of the island of Kastellorizo was sailing outside of Greece's territorial waters, the Hellenic Navy General Staff (HNGS) said on Wednesday evening.

The ship is sailing northeast at a speed of 4 knots at the border of the Ankara's illegal maritime notice (Navtex).

Carefully planned response

Turkey is testing our patience and red lines. Every Greek is naturally deeply upset at the sight of a Turkish seismic survey vessel navigating a provocative course under the escort of several Turkish Navy units, all part of a well-staged show.