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The miracle

Politics is, as they say, the art of the possible. Nevertheless, sometimes politicians turn their backs on the attainable, especially if it does not help them politically and gives points to their opponents.

Warmest place for winter holidays in Greece is Agios Nikolaos

Holidu, a search engine for vacation rentals, has launched a campaign to sell winter accommodation packages in Mediterranean destinations to Northern Europeans, and drafted a list of the 150 ideal cities for winter.

Almost 90 of them are in Spain, with Greece following with 31 destinations.

The Parthenon Marbles and democracy

There is indeed a basis to the opposition's fear that the government will use a possible return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece in its pre-election campaign to garner votes. They would be stupid not to. Wouldn't the other political parties do likewise if they were in power?

E-platform for consumer complaints

The Development and Investment Ministry on Wednesday launched the digital platform, where consumers can submit complaints, in order to more effectively control phenomena such as overcharging, fake discounts and other violations at the expense of consumers in the market.

State credibility up in smoke?

Greece's anti-smoking law is heavy in symbolism. The law, which banned smoking in indoor public places and introduced stiff fines, was introduced several times before being finally implemented in practice.

Top target is primary surplus

Greece's top priority this year must be its return to primary surpluses as well as maintaining them at 1.5-2% of the country's gross domestic product, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recommended in its special report on Greece, released on Tuesday, in the context of the Athens visit of its Secretary-General Mathias Cormann and his meeting with Prime Minister Kyr

Greece needs different choices, better priorities

Before we even get to the subject of shortages of economic resources for socio-economic development, there is another, more serious issue that plagues Greece: It is a problem of priorities and choices, of how we use the limited resources we do have.

EU: Greece, Malta lag in sanctioned Russian assets

Greece and Malta lag behind their European Union peers in freezing Russian assets sanctioned over Moscow's war against Ukraine, according to an EU official and an internal document, as the bloc considers using the assets to help Kyiv.

Defense deal moving ahead without asterisks

The agreement between Greece and Germany for the cyclical exchange of a total of 40 Marder armored combat vehicles and an equal number of Hellenic Army BMP-1s, which are being transferred to Ukraine, is in full force, according to Defense Ministry sources, speaking to Kathimerini.

FM received by Ivory Coast President in Abidjan

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias began his three-day tour in West Africa by meeting Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara in the city of Abidjan on Wednesday.

"A fruitful discussion on enhancing Greece-Ivory Coast relations, including in economy and investments, security issues in the region and the Russian invasion of Ukraine," was had by the two men noted Dendias in a tweet.

Former king’s funeral to take place on Monday

The funeral service of Constantine, the former and last king of Greece, will take place on Monday at the Athens Metropolitan Cathedral according to a release on Wednesday. The former king will later be buried as a private citizen in Tatoi.

The time of the funerary service as well as the length of time the body will lie in state will be determined at a latter date.

Drones and radars fight illegal fishing

Since 2015, WWF Greece has led an effort to protect Gyaros, an uninhabited island in the Cyclades and a Natura 2000 site which hosts the largest colony of the endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) in Greece.

Greece’s former king to be buried as a private citizen

Constantine, the former and last king of Greece, will be buried as a private citizen in Tatoi, the former summer residence of Greece's royals and where his parents and ancestors are buried, the government said Wednesday.

Investment grade by April?

Analysts are split on when Greece may return to investment grade, in what is seen as a difficult year for the eurozone bond market due to the ECB's aggressive stance, while the national elections are firmly on investors' radars.

Ex-king to be buried as a private citizen in Athens

Greece's former King Constantine II, who died on Tuesday night aged 82, will be buried privately at a former royal estate north of Athens, the Greek government said on Wednesday.

Deposed by military rulers and spurned by his subjects who voted to ditch the monarchy in 1974, Constantine II was the only son of King Paul and Queen Frederica of Greece.