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PM Citu: Romanian firefighters who acted in Greece did an excellent job

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Florin Citu congratulated the Romanian firefighters who acted to extinguish wildfires in Greece, saying that they "did an excellent job." "A new mission successfully accomplished in Greece. Our firefighters have once again done an excellent job. Congratulations on all their effort and courage!

Visa for digital nomads – What the bill provides

The draft law of the Ministries of Immigration and Asylum and Citizen Protection was submitted to the competent committee of the Parliament, which provides for the "reform of deportation and return procedures of third country nationals, attracting investors and digital nomads, issues of residence permits and other procedures for granting procedures" ».

Extra subsidy of 5,500 euros for “green” taxis

Extra bonuses are provided by the new plans of the government for the "greening" of taxis. This is because in the… invitation of the program "I move Electrically" the 10,500 euros (8,000 euros for subsidy, 2,500 euros for withdrawal) drew only 13 taxi drivers in about a year. The pandemic, with the lockdowns, which stuck taxis for months, did not help either.

Turkey calls on EU to be sensitive toward migrant burden-sharing

The refugee problem should not be seen solely as a matter Turkey has to resolve, the defense minister has said, calling on the European Union to display sensitivity in sharing the migrant burden.


Fires – 10,000 tons of pine honey were “burned” – Beekeepers demand support measures

There are many problems that the catastrophic fires that have hit the country in recent weeks have "bequeathed" to the Greek beekeeping industry. Problems concerning both the places where beekeepers "grazed" their flocks and the number of swarms, as a significant number of them could not be saved from the countless fiery fronts.

Tourism – Southern Aegean is “key” to success story

The South Aegean seems to occupy the largest share in the success story of Greece in Tourism in 2021, despite the unfavorable environment formed by the pandemic, since, before the end of August, the traffic from the direct international flights at the airports of Cyclades and Dodecanese exceeds by more than 500,000 arrivals for the entire 2020 tourist season, according to the South Aegean Touri

New Requirements for Entering Bulgaria from September 1

As of Wednesday, September 1, foreign students holding a type "D" visa for long-term residence for study purposes are admitted to the territory of Bulgaria from countries falling into the red zone. This was ordered by the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov with his order issued today.

Ghost town in Cyprus welcomes over 200,000 visitors

More than 200,000 tourists have visited Varosha in Turkish Cyprus since the coastal region was partially reopened to the public in 2020.

Varosha had virtually become a ghost town as it remained cut off from the world for some 47 years.

Migrant Pressure along Bulgaria's Borders

C\retaker   Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov gave more clarification on a possible migrant wave from Afghanistan, as well as in what condition is the border fence facility that Bulgaria has had for several years.