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National Organisation for Medicines: likely Astrazeneca vax-thrombosis link

There is a likely link between the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in the cases of two women, the one 35 and the other 44-years old, in Crete who were diagnosed with thrombosis according to an initial report from the Pharmacovigilance Committee of Greece's National Organisation for Medicines (EOF).

The two critical junctures the Greek economy will face by month’s end

The Greek economy will bid farewell to May with two "tests" and the first is on May 21, when Moody's announces its verdict for the evaluation of Greece, followed by a litmus test on May 26, when the Commission is expected to publish its conclusions on economy and budget, after the completion of the 10th evaluation.

Why Greece is champion in over consumption of antibiotics

Although the discovery of antibiotics is one of the most important medical breakthroughs, their abuse is a problem with social implications and unfortunately Greece ranks first among European countries in their consumption.

Bulgaria: Security Experts Warn about New Scam – Fake PCR Tests

Frauds with fake PCR tests on the eve of the summer tourist season are gaining currency in Bulgaria. Several companies blew the whistle after their representatives became victims of alleged lab technicians. The victims were even actually tested, and then received certificates  with negative tests results. When do they find out they've been deceived?

USA: “Greece is everyone’s Tourism Plan A”

"This is your first chance to return to Europe… Don't miss it," Bloomberg News reported about American holidays in Greece.

Even before Greece announced on April 19 that it would be the first European country to host Americans - including those unvaccinated - demand for summer travel to the Aegean had risen.

Editorial: The dynamic of post COVID-19 events

Facts are facts and they cannot be disputed any way you look at them. Right now they are glaringly clear and they reveal the course of the COVID-19 epidemic in Greece.

There can be no doubt any longer that the epidemic is in the process of being checked and that this is in large measure due to the much faster pace of the vaccine rollout now.

Germany: Greece is European champion in growth

Under the headline "Strengthened by the coronavirus crisis: Greece wants to become European champion in growth", the German RND network  refers to the forecasts for rapid recovery of the Greek economy after the pandemic, mainly utilizing Tourism and the European Union Recovery Plan .

New generation of Fellows selected for 2021

The Fellows were chosen from more than 100 applicants from the 14 countries covered by the programme.

"It was a difficult choice," said jury member Remzi Lani, from the Albanian Media Institute. "The applications gave us a picture of highly engaged journalists in countries that are at a crossroads."

“Digitization is a foundation for the recovery of Greece”

Describing technology as a catalyst for the return to normalcy and recovery, Mr. Matt Britten, president of Google for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, spoke exclusively to "Vima" about the upheavals brought about by the pandemic, the jobs of the "future" and Google's goal to shield the world from the digital challenges of the day after.

Marmaray eases goods transfers between Istanbul’s two sides

A net 370,000 tons of goods have been transported via the Marmaray tunnel that connects Istanbul's Asian and European sides in a year, according to numbers of the TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. of the Transportation Ministry.

Strong message for reforms

Never before in the last decade have so many Greek and foreign economic actors, analysts, and politicians been so positive about the prospects of the Greek economy. With the exit signs from the pandemic clearly on the horizon, all these experts, from the Delphi Economic Forum, urged the government in a single "voice": Reforms and only reforms!