All News on Entertainment in Macedonia

Five Balkan Countries Competing in Eurovision

Performers from Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and Romania will be taking part in the first semi-final of the Eurovision 2015 song contest on Tuesday in Vienna, while the Montenegrin representative will go onstage at the second semi-final on Thursday.

European Facebook poetry festival to begin on Saturday

BELGRADE - The European Facebook Poetry Festival will begin at the Novi Sad Fair within the 21st International Book Fair and it gathers over 500 poets from Serbia and abroad.

Theater enthusiasts meet in Adana

Theater is making its annual return to Turkey's south, with the 17th State Theaters Sabanc? International Adana Theater Festival set to begin on World Theater Day on March 27.

The festival will offer the people of Adana an enjoyable program throughout the month with 24 plays, including 16 local and eight international plays.

World Poetry Day(s) in Belgrade

BELGRADE - This year's World Poetry Day(s) will be held in Belgrade and Pozega from March 20 to 23, bringing together numerous authors from Serbia and abroad.

In 1999, UNESCO proclaimed March 21 as World Poetry Day which has been celebrated in Serbia since 2001.

This 15th event in a row has several program units that cover both contemporary and classical poetry.

Voltaj band to represent Romania in 2015 Eurovision song contest

The Voltaj band will represent Romania in the 2015 Eurovision contest with the song 'De la capat' (Over Again), after winning the national selection on Sunday night in Craiova (west of Bucharest).

Photo credit: (c) Ilie BUMBAC / AGERPRES FLOW

Voltaj got 24 points, with the specialized jury and public vote weighing 50 percent each.

Romanian Politician Linked to HSBC Scandal

Amid the continuing fall out over the HSBC scandal, a journalistic project in Romania has named a key figure in the ruling party as one of those who held secret accounts in the Swiss branch of the British bank.

Alexander the Great musical at Megaron Mousikis

"Alexander the Great", the musical rock opera composed by Kostas Athrydis, is presented by the National Theater of Northern Greece at the Megaron Mousikis (Athens Concert Hall) from January 27 through to March 1, 2015.

Macedonia Police Foil Bid to Rig Eurovision Vote

Police in Macedonia are questioning four people in relation to attempts to rig the voting for Eurovision.

They include a music producer, a song writer and one of the owners of the company that organized the televoting at the Skopje song festival on Thursday.

Media Unions Tell Macedonia to Respect Freedom

Local and international media unions meeting in Skopje on Monday sent a set of 13 demands to the authorities, which they say are necessary to ensure the freedom of journalism in Macedonia.


13-th Tattoo Fest Sofia To Take Place In October

The 13-th edition of the Tattoo Fest Sofia will take place on October 4-5 in the 4km Party Center.

Besides the tattoo booths, the festival will offer stands selling jewelry, clothes and accessories.

'Bulgarian Rhapsody' Enters Oscars 2014 Foreign Language Film Contest

The National Cinema Council has picked Bulgarian Rhapsody as the Bulgarian movie to participate in the race for 2014's Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Bulgarian Rhapsody, a co-production with Israel is the last part of a trilogy directed by Ivan Nichev dedicated to the rescue of Bulgarian Jews during WWII.