All News on Social Issues in Macedonia

Location of Putin-Trump July 16 meeting revealed

The White House announced it on Thursday.

According to this, the two world leaders will discuss relations between their countries, but also "a range of national security issues."

Topics will include Syria and Ukraine, Trump said on Wednesday, but also possibly alleged Russian election meddling.

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"Does EU plan migrant centers in Serbia? No"

In an interview with the daily Politika, Avramopoulos said that the EU has not spoken to African or Western Balkan countries about establishing migrant centers in Africa or on European soil, but outside the EU. Asked if there was a plan in the EU for such centers to be in Serbia, Avramopoulos replied, "No, not at all."

Rama Scorns Idea of Albania Hosting Processing Camps

Speaking to the German newspaper Bild, he said Albania "will not build refugee centres, even in exchange for EU accession ... The refugee crisis must be solved independently of the current state of our accession efforts."

Speculation Grows Over 'Migrant Camps' in Albania

The European Union faces a fresh crisis over the handling of migration policy after Sunday evening's meeting of 16 EU leaders failed to reach any agreement.

EU Denies Wanting Albania to Host Rescued Refugees

In a response to a query from BIRN, it answered: "No. The regions are not yet identified as we are only talking about possibly exploring this concept," asked whether plans exist to create the so-called "Regional Disembarkation Platforms" in Albania.

UNHCR: Greece hosting 58,000 refugees and migrants in early June

The number of refugees, asylum seekers and people with no citizenship in Greece totaled 58,000 in early June, according to figures released by the Greek chapter of the UNHCR on Wednesday, World Refugee Day.

A flawed deal

The agreement on the name dispute that the government of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reached is a result of flawed beliefs and a total lack of understanding of the basic rules of negotiations.

Here, Skopje adopted the position "what is ours is ours and what is Greece's is negotiable" - of course Greece came out holding the short end of the stick.

"Republic of North Macedonia"

And the new name of the Republic of Macedonia will be - the Republic of North Macedonia.

Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev announced this at a news conference late on Tuesday, which he attended with his entire cabinet, and added that the solution "guarantees the country's national identity and progress."

Macedonia to Ease Restrictions on Abortions

The new law on abortion, whose draft version is nearly complete, will put an emphasis on women's right to choose, health minister Venko Filipce pledged.

The law will allow women to choose to have an abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy after consultation with their gynaecologist.

Macedonia: Thousands Protest Against the Government and Country's Name Change

A thousand-hour protest against the change of the Macedonian name occurred on the streets of Skopje. The strike also demanded early elections because of the state of the economy.

Thousands of Macedonian flags and flags of the opposition gathered outside the building of the Council of Ministers in Skopje

Some of the protesters wore posters saying "Macedonia will win".

Macedonians' roots are Slavic and Albanian, says Greek PM

According to him, it would be a "great victory" for Greece if a qualifier were to be added in front of the name "Macedonia."

"We are defending the national position," Tsipras said after a meeting with Mayor of Thessaloniki Yiannis Boutaris, to whom he expressed his support.

Another Macedonian citizen killed in Syria fighting

According to this, he is "E. Iseni" from Skopje's Aracinovo settlement, who went to Syria when he was 19 years old.

The information about his death, the agency said, was obtained from the family - but the report not specify under whose command Iseni was fighting when he was killed.

Croatia worried as "120,000 migrants move toward Bosnia"

A means of defense is being sought, Croatian daily Jutarnji List writes.

Namely, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) is merely on the path of migrants, who, fleeing from their mostly war-affected countries, want to reach the EU. One of their routes goes through BiH, via which they enter Croatia and then Slovenia.