All News on Social Issues in Macedonia

Moscow calls out Albanian PM on "Greater Albania ambitions"

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said this in a comment by the Information and Press Department "regarding statements by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on the Macedonian parliament passing the Law on the Use of Languages."

The Albanian Language is Now Official in Macedonia

The Albanian language is now official throughout Macedonia, the parliament in Skopje decided. The law was passed with 69 votes in favor of VMRO-DPMNE's deputies.

Rekindling family history can trigger empathy for refugees, study shows

Descendants of refugees are more likely to back measures in support of incoming asylum-seekers if they are reminded of their forefathers' experience, according to a new study which suggests that leveraging past experience can be an effective way of increasing empathy and reducing out-group discrimination.

Macedonian Comedy Film Finds Secret to Success

After catching audiences' attention at film festivals last year, an "unassuming tragicomic gem" from Macedonia, as The Hollywood Reporter calls it, had its TV premier on New Year's Eve in 14 European countries, aired at prime time on HBOs popular Cinemax 2 channel.

Migrants Cluster Near Serbia-Croatia Border

More than a hundred refugees and migrants were still wandering around the Serbian border town of Sid on December 27 one day after Serbian police broke up a protest there.

A few dozen people had protested at the border line between Serbia and Croatia on December 26 and were demanding to continue their trip toward Western Europe.

Serbia Routinely Ignoring Human Rights Rulings, Experts Say

After Serbia ignored the advice of the UN Committee Against Torture and extradited Kurdish political activist Cevdet Ayaz to Turkey, activists and experts have accused of Belgrade of disrespecting important human rights bodies.

Bosnia Marks Rise in Illegal Border Crossings

The Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded 605 attempts of illegal border crossings over 2017, with the vast majority being from high migration risk countries. This is an almost threefold increase from 2016, when 218 attempts were recorded.

Macedonia to Purge Textbooks of Offensive Language

Macedonia's Education Ministry said it will dedicate time and money next year to revising some textbooks and deleting or rewriting parts of them that have been described as discriminatory.

"We will be focusing on false facts," Education Minister Renata Deskovska said, as well as mistakes made in translations from foreign languages.

Serbian Authorities have Seized 156 Traffickers for a Year and a Half

From July 29, 2016, joint Serb military police patrols, which guard the border with Macedonia and Bulgaria against illegal migration, have detained 156 human traffickers, "Serbian Defense Ministry spokesman Jovan Krivokapic said, quoted by BGNES.

Kosovo Veterans Protest at Macedonia Shootout Convictions

Kosovo Liberation Army veterans marked Albanian independence day by protesting against the convictions of 33 ethnic Albanians found guilty of involvement in a deadly gun battle with police in Kumanovo, Macedonia.

Report Urges Permanent US Military Presence in Balkans

The report entitled 'Balkans Forward: A New US Strategy for the Region', published by the Atlantic Council on Tuesday, calls for a permanent American military presence in the Balkans, a "historic rapproachment" between the US and Serbia, and for the US to regain its reputation as an "honest broker".

Every Third Woman in the EU has been the Victim of Violence

Every third woman in the EU has been the victim of violence in some form. This shows an analysis of Eurostat.

For the EU, about a quarter million of a violent sex crimes are reported in 2016, with one third of them - nearly 80,000 - raped.

Glimmers of hope in the Balkans

What with the general insecurity in the broader region, it has almost gone unnoticed that there just might be cause for hope in our neighborhood.

Zaev: We are hoping for solution in dialogue

BELGRADE - Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev said in Belgrade Tuesday he believed a solution would be found in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, adding that this was in the interest of Serbia and the entire region.

Macedonia respects the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, said Zaev.

Macedonia Parks Language Law to Focus on EU Priorities

Macedonia has delayed adoption of a new language law, sought by the ethnic Albanian community, but it will be back on parliament's agenda before the New Year holidays, said Artan Grubi, the chair of the parliamentary committee in charge of the law, after postponing a session of the committee, set for this week.