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Skopje Mayor: We have Nothing to do with Alexander the Great

Macedonian capital Mayor Petre Shilegov is convinced that authorities in the Republic of Macedonia and Greece want to resolve the dispute over the name of the country.

"It is much better to solve the problems than to ignore them, I personally, but also Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, want to solve rather than create problems," Shilegov told the Greek Documentem agency.

Macedonia ‘ready to change its name’

People display Greek flags during a demonstartion near the parliament on Feb 4, calling on the government not to back up in a row with Macedonia.

Earned rights

In the wake of Sunday's protest rally in central Athens to protest against the use of the term "Macedonia" in any settlement of the name dispute with Skopje, any prediction about the outcome of ongoing talks would be risky. The same goes for the implications of recent demonstrations on Greek political parties.

Greeks protest against possible compromise in name dispute

Media outlets carried conflicting reports about the number of protesters, Beta reported.

A statement from the office of Greek PM Alexis Trispras, quoted by ANA, said that "several thousand people" turned out for the protest - thus dashing hopes of organizers who expected "a million people."

Greeks rally in central Athens over 'Macedonia' name row

Greeks gathered outside parliament in Athens on Sunday to protest against the use of the term Macedonia in any settlement the government pursues with the ex-Yugoslav Republic to end a decades-old name dispute.

Greece: Thousands to Attend Rally Over Macedonia's Name Dispute

A massive rally, organized by Macedonian organizations abroad, will take place in Athens on Sunday and is expected to gather hundreds of thousands of people, protesting against the use of "Macedonia" in the name of the neighboring former Yugoslav republic FYROM.

ND shadow minister says meeting with Nimetz did 'not assuage concerns'

New Democracy wants to see the Greek government and Skopje reach a "comprehensive and inviolable" solution in ongoing talks on the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), the opposition party's shadow foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Thoeodorakis expresses support for Macedonia protest rally on Sunday

The eminent Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis has declared his support for a rally scheduled for this Sunday at Syntagma Square protesting the potential inclusion of the name Macedonia in a solution to a name dispute between Athens and Skopje.

Macedonian president blocks bill on Albanian language

The session of the Macedonian Assembly, that will once again debate the act, has been scheduled for January 29.

Tanjug is on Tuesday quoting the website Telegraf to report that in his explanation of the decision, Ivanov wrote that "the European flag was abused" during the adoption of this piece of legislation, and that it was passed by a simple majority.

Most Macedonian Professors Wish to Emigrate

Some 69 per cent of professors and assistants in higher education in Macedonia would consider leaving the country for better opportunities abroad - and more than 20 per cent have already applied for a job abroad - a survey carried out by the Skopje-based Institute for Strategic Studies and Education, a think tank, shows.

More than 100,000 Greeks protest over word "Macedonia"

More than 100,000 Greeks gathered in Thessaloniki to demonstrate against the use of the word "Macedonia" in solving the name dispute between Athens and Skopje.

Organizers claim that 400,000 people gathered on Sunday, while the police unofficially estimated the crowd at 100,000, the AP reported.

Thousands in Greece Protest Against Macedonia 'Name' Deal

At the protest, far-right leaders, Greek diaspora groups and clerics called against any UN-sponsored compromise name for their northern neighbor that would include the term "Macedonia".

Thousands protest in Thessaloniki against 'Macedonia' name talks

Tens of thousands of Greeks gathered in Thessaloniki on Sunday to protest against the use of the name "Macedonia" in a solution to a dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). 

FYROM President Vetoes Albanian Language Legislation

FYROM (Macedonian) President Gjorge Ivanov has vetoed legislation extending the official use of the Albanian language to the entire country, saying it could endanger Macedonia's unity and sovereignty.

Ivanov said on January 17 that the proposed law would introduce a "very expensive redundancy" in state institutions and make state administration dysfunctional.

Russia calls out Albanian PM on "Greater Albania ambitions"

Recent by Albanian Prime Minister Albania Edi Rama are "fully in accord with the widespread Greater Albania ambitions."

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said this in a comment by the Information and Press Department "regarding statements by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on the Macedonian parliament passing the Law on the Use of Languages."