Latest News from Macedonia

Balkan Countries Close Border Crossings to Stop Coronavirus

Serbia, Albania and Romania have closed many of their border crossings in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus, leaving some parts of the Balkans practically cut off for civil traffic.

All countries of the region have either banned entry or introduced special restrictive measures for passengers arriving from countries with mid to high to risk of coronavirus.

Nevrokopi mayor asks for state of emergency after weekend floods

The mayor of Nevrokopi in northern Greece, Yiannis Kyriakidis, Tuesday asked that a state of emergency be declared in the municipality following widespread flooding provoked by heavy rainfall over the past two days, particularly on Sunday night.

PPC signs MoU with RWE on green energy

Public Power Corporation (PPC) is in close cooperation with Germany's RWE, one of the world's biggest companies in the renewable energy sources sector, both for the development of the ambitious plan the Greek utility has drafted for its expansion into RES and for the government's implementation of a decarbonization plan.

Bulgaria Celebrates 77 Years from Rescue of Its Jews

Bulgarian authorities are commemorating the 77th anniversary of Sofia's move to save thousands of jews living on its territory from deportation during World War Two.

North Macedonia Web Portals Hustle for Election Ads Cash

The prospect of making a quick buck from budget money intended for election advertising has encouraged a staggering 235 web portals, many with obscure backgrounds and identities, to register at the State Electoral Commission, DIK, for a slice of the pie.

RWE to sign cooperation deal with PPC

The transition from mineral fuels such as lignite to renewable energy sources is bringing new investors to Greece.

On Monday, Germany's RWE is set to sign a memorandum of understanding with Public Power Corporation (PPC) for the joint construction of RES projects in Greece.

"Access point to the sea, this is a compromise offered to Serbia"

Reka said Serbia was offered a major compromise, he said, and that is the access to Durres port in Albania via Kosovo, without explaining the proposal in more detail.
He said that Serbia is blocked and does not have access to the sea because it is blocked from Montenegro, and it cannot access it through Northern Macedonia either, Kosovo online reports.

"Measures against Belgrade to be introduced"

He explained that such measures are being introduced instead of suspending fees, because "he wants Kosovo to act as an independent state, which it is".
"Reciprocity will happen because we have decided to act as an independent state. Just as we are.

Commission Reports Raise EU Hopes in Albania, North Macedonia

Albania and North Macedonia have "stepped up their work and delivered further tangible and sustainable results in the key areas," since June 2018 the revised European Commission progress reports published on Monday said.

North Macedonia police find 78 migrants crammed in van

Police in North Macedonia said a mobile border patrol on Sunday found 78 migrants, including six minors, crammed in a van during a routine checkup in the central part of the country and arrested two men, suspected for illegal migrant trafficking.

Tensions rise as more migrants reach Greek border

An increasing number of migrants is amassing at Greece's eastern border, abetted by neighboring Turkey, which provides buses to transport them to the area and has left its own border open.

Overnight tension continued, with some migrant throwing rocks at Greek police and the latter replying with tear gas and stun grenades.