Latest News from Macedonia

The EC Has Warned that EU Enlargement Talks Are Long And They Will Take Time

The European Commission has today recommended for the second time that the EU should start negotiations on the accession of northern Macedonia and Albania. 
     EU Neighborhood Commissioner Johannes Hahn noted that the negotiation process has so far been protracted and that it will not change.

EC Recommends Accession Talks With Albania, North Macedonia

The newly adopted enlargement report of the European Commission has recommended opening accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia - but has not set a date for them to start, which will be left for the European Council to decide in June.

Over 90% of the Tobacco Harvest 2019 in Bulgaria is Pricked Off

90% of tobacco harvest 2019 in Bulgaria is pricked off. The volumes achieved in the four varieties grown in the country are different, but close to each other. Of the small-scale Oriental variety groups "Kaba Kulak" and "Basma", 97% and 100% have been pricked off respectively. In the large variety group Burley, the pricked off areas are over 85%, and Virginia - nearly 75%.

Greece to feature in French, Estonian TV shows

Greece and its attractions will feature in two popular television shows in France and Estonia this year with the backing of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT).

More specifically, France 5's highly rated travel show "Echappees Belles" will start shooting in the northern region of Macedonia and central Greece in June and is expected to air on September 14.

PM comes unstuck over Macedonia, austerity in European vote

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was left struggling for his political survival on Monday after his SYRIZA party, stung by austerity and a bitter rift over an accord with North Macedonia, got hammered in European Parliament elections.

North Macedonia official gets "Greater Albania" gift

"Greater Albania" is a nationalistic, expansionist project that would see internationally recognized borders of Albania expand to include parts of neighboring countries - i.e., Serbia, Greece, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

A Weak Earthquake Registered in Northern Macedonia

Its epicenter was near the border with Bulgaria, reported NOVA TV. 

A 2.8 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale was registered at 4:51 pm on Monday on the territory of Northern Macedonia, near the border with Bulgaria.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 13 km northwest of Pehchevo and 107 km southwest of Sofia, at a depth of 10 km.

Conservatives take decisive lead in Greek European vote

Greece's opposition New Democracy party took a commanding lead over the ruling leftist SYRIZA in European Parliament elections on Sunday, early results showed, in a blow to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who is facing general elections this year.

North Macedonia PM Zaev: We have never been Closer to Bulgaria

The relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria are friendly, deep and warm. I think we have never had a better relationship. There is no citizen who does not confirm this thing. This is what Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said.