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Influx of Anti-Bulgarian Rhetoric by the Macedonian Elite

Accusations against Bulgaria of provocation and calls for the suspension of the Good Neighborly Relations Agreement were voiced by Macedonian politicians and members of the public after the visit of Vice President Iliana Yotova and Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to Bitola last week, BGNES reported.

Bulgarian Club Named After Nazi Ally Outrages North Macedonia

Saturday's opening of a Bulgarian cultural club in the North Macedonia town of Bitola named after Ivan Mihailov, a controversial 20th Century nationalist movement leader who became a Nazi collaborator, has been criticised as a threat to ongoing attempts to achieve a breakthrough in the two countries' dispute over history.

North Macedonia Arrests Border Officer for Alleged Bribe-Taking

North Macedonia's deputy Interior Minister, Nazim Bushi told media that one officer at the Blace border crossing with Kosovo has been arrested after Albania's Klan TV published video footage that it claims shows how North Macedonian border officials there take bribes.

Bulgaria to Maintain Block on North Macedonia’s Path to EU: Minister

Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska told media on Tuesday evening that "Bulgaria's position remains unchanged" and that Sofia will continue to block the start of North Macedonia's EU accession talks until its demands are met.

Her comments came in response to Bulgaria media citing German Foreign Affairs Minister Annalena Baerbock that Genchovska had promised the veto will be lifted.

Bulgarian PM: I will not try to make any Agreements for North Macedonia without the Coalition

"We have a clearly written coalition agreement, which we strictly abide by. We observe all our actions to be in unison with it. As Prime Minister, I have no right in any way, nor will I try to make any agreements, we have a framework position, a declaration." This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov about Bulgaria's position towards North Macedonia.

Central Macedonia: New jobs in 4 out of 10 companies

41% of the companies in Central Macedonia are optimistic about the creation of new jobs in the next period, due to the expansion of their activities. Especially in the Agri-Food and Tourism sectors, the certainty is expressed that there will be new positions, something that is due to the seasonality of the sectors.

North Macedonia Opposition Leader Attends Orban’s Victory Party

The leader of North Macedona's main opposition party, VMRO DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, joined the celebrations marking Viktor Orban's victory in Sunday's Hungarian elections at Orban's Fidesz party HQ in Budapest.

North Macedonia’s PM: There are Individuals who work against our Agreement with Bulgaria

"There are individuals and marginalized groups, there are even political parties in the country that are funded by third countries that do not want to see North Macedonia in the EU and are working against a possible agreement between Bulgaria and North Macedonia," said the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview for the show "360 degrees", quoted by BTA.

68.9% of Bulgarians want Bulgaria to maintain a Firm Position on North Macedonia in the EU

68.9% of the people in Bulgaria believe that the country should maintain its firm position on the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU. Just over a fifth are of the opposite opinion - that our country should soften its position.

This shows a survey on the topic of the Gallup International Balkan Independent Research Program.*

Ankara Backs Turkish Complaints About North Macedonia Census Result

Turkey said on Thursday that it supports the legitimate demands of the Turks in North Macedonia for a just and transparent census, following claims by a local ethnic Turkish association that the number of Turks recorded in the recent census is unrealistically low.

Energean: The Nestos wetland is free of hydrocarbons

The wetland of the river Nestos in Eastern Macedonia, which is adjacent to the offshore hydrocarbon production platforms of Prinos of Kavala and the land processing and storage facilities of Nea Karvali, proves to be free of hydrocarbons.