Latest News from Macedonia

Customs officer, and his family, caught smuggling liquor

A 62-year-old customs officer, his wife and two children were arrested on Friday in Kilkis, northern Greece, for smuggling alcohol.

The arrests came after authorities caught the man’s 33-year-old son carrying contraband drinks in his mother’s car.

EU-Outsider Kosovo Makes Most of Europe Day

Although Kosovo’s membership in the European Union is far off, the country still celebrated Europe Day with gusto and several activities organized in the capital, Pristina.

Many people used their day off on Friday to follow the soccer tournament organized by the EU office in Pristina and the Kosovo authorities.

Corruption Charges Filed Against Macedonian Police Minister

Macedonia's main opposition party has filed corruption charges against Police Minister Jankuloska on two criminal accounts of misuse of office and of tax evasion.

The Social Democrats, SDSM, say she illegally accepted cash donations for her party, VMRO DPMNE, in 2006.

Days of Macedonian Culture in Belgrade to open on Saturday

BELGRADE - The event dubbed “Days of the Macedonian Culture in Belgrade” will open on May 10 with an exhibition of Macedonian carvings entitled “From Tradition to Art”.

The exhibition will be opened by Macedonian Ambassador to Serbia Vera Jovanovska at the House of Djura Jaksic in Skadarlija.

Bulgaria's Pamporovo Boasts 10%Tourism Growth Despite Snowless Winter

Despite the snowless winter, Bulgaria's Pamporovo ski resort registered a 10% growth in the number of tourists at the end of the season, according to data of Pamporovo AD.

Marian Belyakov, CEO of Pamporovo AD, explained in an interview for the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA) that the resort had registered yet another successful winter season.

Serbia to mark Victory Day

BELGRADE - The marking of the Day of victory over Nazism in World War II started late Thursday with a ceremonial artillery salute fired from the Sava terrace of the Belgrade Fortress, the Serbian government said in a statement.

Macedonia’s DUI Rebuffs Being Pressed over Presidency

The party says it was only a speculation that the main ruling VMRO DPMNE has set this as a condition for resuming talks on the formation of a new government led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and that they have been pressed to appear at Ivanov’s inaugural session.

Victory Day, Europe Day marked

Victory Day, Europe Day marked

BELGRADE -- The marking of Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II started late on Thursday with a ceremonial artillery salute fired from the Belgrade Fortress.

Pendarovski Denies Macedonia Opposition Leadership Ambitions

After the former leader of Macedonian Social Democrats, SDSM, Branko Crvenkovski, urged Pendarovski to assume the party leadership from Zoran Zaev, the former presidential runner said he wished to distance himself from tensions inside the party ahead of its post-election congress on Saturday.

Pendarovski Urged to Lead Macedonia Opposition

In his first interview since standing down as SDSM leader a year ago, Branko Crvenkovski said the opposition’s presidential candidate in the April elections should now lead the party out of its current travails.

Pendarovski, who was once a political advisor to Crvenkovski when he was head of state from 2004 to 2009, briefly told NOVA TV he had “no comment”.

Bulgarians Splash Out in Greece in May

Bulgarian tourists spent nearly 50 million euro in Greece over the holidays between May 1 and 6, estimates of tourist agencies show.

According to police data, 260,000 Bulgarians crossed the border to Greece over that period and at least 85,000 of them spent more than one night in Greece.

Russian machines for railroad repairs arrive in Serbia

RUMA - The Serbian Railways management presented in Ruma, in the northern province of Vojvodina, the first contingent comprising 29 out of 100 most up-to-date Russian machines which will be used in repairs and construction of railroads in Serbia.

Opposition Absent as Macedonia Gets New MPs

Newly elected opposition legislators did not appear on Wednesday at the State Electoral Commission, SEC, to receive their certificates to sit in the 123-member parliament.

Young Jobless Albanians Abandon Hope of Work

An online survey carried between June and April 2014, including 7,555 respondents from across Southeast Europe, show Albania has the lowest number of unemployed young people actually seeking a job.

Only 36 per cent of the respondents in Albania said they were actively seeking employment, followed by Macedonia and Montenegro, where the figures were 38 and 39 per cent.