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Macedonia Prosecutor to Probe ‘Missing’ EU Cash

Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski says he will soon launch an ex-officio probe, even if the two institutions who he says are primarily in charge of such cases, the Financial Intelligence Agency and the Financial Police, decline to do so.

“We have not received a notice from these two institutions, although legally they should react first, before we do,” Zvrlevski told Faktor news portal.

Norwegian film 'I Am Yours' wins FEST award

BELGRADE - The Norwegian film 'I Am Yours', directed by Iram Haq, won the Best Film award in the 'Europe out of Europe' category at the 42nd FEST film festival.

The award, diploma and the prize of EUR 2,000 was delivered to the young Pakistani director at the official closing of the festival in Belgrade's Sava Centre late on Sunday.

Belgrade named best place for tourism

BELGRADE - Belgrade has been named the best place for tourism as part of the traditional International tourist patrol "SACEN International", with Turkey as the best tourist destination and Belgrade-based Singidunum University as the best partner in tourism in southeastern Europe in 2013.

Islamic leader's statement causes furore in Macedonia

Islamic leader's statement causes furore in Macedonia

Analysts and activists caution religious leaders to be careful about their statements on social networks and elsewhere.

IVZ head Sulejman Rexhepi’s post about the Prilep mosque is being criticised. [Facebook/Sulejman Rexhipi]

Wilhelm: Mercedes bus signal to Germans to invest in Serbia

BELGRADE - German Ambassador to Serbia Heinz Wilhelm has said that Mercedes-Benz’ cooperation with Serbian companies is a good signal to other large German companies to invest in Serbia.

Macedonia to Put Child Beggars Into Care

The Ministry of Social affairs said a new law will significantly up the fight against child labour by making it easier to place child beggars in care.

If a child is caught begging on the strets, social workers will first put the parents under monitoring, the new law says.

New gov't will have much to do, must continue reforms

KOPAONIK - The new Serbian government will have much to do, but its most important task is to seize the historic opportunity presented by the EU accession process and continue the initiated reforms, ambassadors of leading European countries said on Thursday.

Subotica Synagogue running for 'The 7 Most Endangered'

THE HAGUE/LUXEMBOURG/BELGRADE - The Subotica Synagogue made it through to the list of eleven cultural and historical monuments and sites which Europa Nostra and Institute of Europe Investment Bank included in the shortlist for the programme 'The 7 Most Endangered' for 2014.

Rights Widely Violated in Macedonia, NGO Says

A new report by CIVIL – Center for Freedom, an NGO, documents numerous human rights violations over 2013 and at the start of this year in Macedonia.

Djukanovic to Meet US Vice-President

The Montenegrin Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic, will meet US Vice-President Joseph Biden during a three-day visit to Washington in March, focusing on the country’s NATO ambitions.

According to the media, Djukanovic and Biden will discuss Montenegro’s aspirations to become a full member of the Atlantic Alliance at the upcoming summit scheduled for September in Wales in the UK.

Macedonia, Serbia to build alternative aircraft landing sites

Macedonia, Serbia to build alternative aircraft landing sites

Helicopter landing sites and water landing strips will improve safety and the economy.

A helipad atop a commercial building in Belgrade will become operational once the construction of the building is completed. [Nikola Barbutov/SETimes]

Director Boban Skerlic opens 42nd Fest

BELGRADE - Director Boban Skerlic declared open 42nd International Film Festival Fest, which began with the premiere of his movie "So Hot Was the Cannon" (Top je bio vreo) on Friday evening.

This drama is about one boy's growing up in Sarajevo during the war. The screenplay was written by Vladimir Kecmanovic and Ales Kurt.

Women to assume greater role in Balkan militaries

Women to assume greater role in Balkan militaries

Military officials said they are working to attract, employ and retain women more effectively.

Serbian servicewomen assemble AK-47 assault rifles at the Sombor barracks. Serbia has instituted a 20 percent quota for women at its military academy in Belgrade. [AFP]

Athletes return from Olympics with sense of togetherness

Athletes return from Olympics with sense of togetherness

Memories of friendship and solidarity were forged among athletes from the Balkans and Turkey during the 2014 Sochi Games.

The region's Olympians, like alpine skier Igor Laikert of BiH, returned home from Sochi this week with many memories. [AFP]