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She conquers Internet by Serbian house

She conquers Internet by Serbian house

Tens of thousands of people of the countries in the region have seen on the Internet the footages of young violine player Jelena Urosevic (23) of Ljig.

Mrkic: Most countries understand Serbia's stand on Ukraine

ATHENS - Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Mrkic told Tanjug on Saturday that a majority of EU member countries have demonstrated understanding for Serbia's stand on the issue of crisis in Ukraine.

Balkans Rank Midway in Social Progress League

A new report rates Western Balkan countries midway in the world when it comes to quality of life and social progress.

The Social Progress Index 2014 Report rated a total of 132 countries using more than 50 indicators.

Macedonia Campaigns Started Too Soon, OSCE Says

The interim report released on Thursday, covering the period March 10-26, says the presidential candidates started promoting their campaigns before the campaign's official start date - March 24.

Mosquito spraying to start in Greece due to West Nile threat

Deputy Health Minister Zeta Makri on Thursday gave the go-ahead to local authorities in Attica, Larissa in central Greece and eastern Macedonia in the north of the country to start spraying chemicals from the air to ward off mosquitoes which have appeared early this year following a mild winter.

EP Uses Skopje Photos to Advertise Bulgaria's Capital

Pictures from Macedonia's capital Skopje can be seen at the European Parliament's visitors center in a short film dedicated to Sofia.

The story presented by the film starts with the 1997 protests that rocked Bulgaria's capital and goes on with later years of transition to market economy in the country.

Macedonian MP Candidates Pass Collaborator Test

The state office tasked with rooting out former informants said it has checked all 1,500 political party candidates for the 123-seat parliament and established that none of them collaborated with the intelligence services in the Communist era.

Serbia lowest-ranked in region on enabling trade index

Serbia lowest-ranked in region on enabling trade index

BELGRADE -- Serbia fell on the list of the Global Enabling Trade Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is now 89th among 138 countries.

Two years ago, in the previous report, Serbia was 71st of 132 countries, the Beta news agency reported.

Monitors Prepare for Macedonia's Double Elections

Local and international organizations seeking to follow the election process will have registered just over 3,000 monitors with the State Electoral Commission by the end of the deadline on Wednesday at midnight.

The civil association MOST, which provided most local monitors for Macedonia's previous elections, said it plans to deploy 2,240 monitors.

Former Thessaloniki governor exits New Democracy

Panayiotis Psomiadis, a former governor of Central Macedonia, has resigned from conservative party New Democracy, the AMNA news agency reported on Wednesday.

According to agency reports, Psomiadis left the conservative party after being refused a candidate spot on New Democracy’s European Parliament list in view of next month's elections.

Macedonia PM Says Opposition 'Sound Greek'

As election races hot up in Macedonia, the ruling VMRO DPMNE party has accused the opposition of holding standpoints on the sensitive issue of the country's name issue that betray national interests.

The opposition has meanwhile accused the ruling parties of taking too hard a line on the name issue, and of excluding them from any discussion about it.

In Macedonia, an effort to stop corrupt police

In Macedonia, an effort to stop corrupt police

Three police officers face charges connected to a human trafficking investigation.

Macedonia is examining suspected cases involving legal infractions by members of the police force. [Miki Trajkovski/SETimes]