Latest News from Macedonia

Macedonia's Spending Hike Fuels Debt Concerns

The latest Finance Ministry report reveals that in the first four months of 2014, the government spent almost €200 million more than it managed to gather from taxes.

This sum amounts to two-thirds of the planned €300 million budget deficit for the whole year, which is set at 3.5 per cent of GDP.

Macedonia Gathers Cash, Sends Aid, to Stricken Neighbours

The Macedonian Red Cross said that some €260,000 had been gathered through the humanitarian telephone line that is still operational as well as from tickets to humanitarian aid concerts, events and theatre plays.

The Red Cross said it had also dispatched several convoys of trucks containing fresh water, food, sanitary necessities and clothes.

Macedonia Opposition MPs Quit Parliament

The 33 MPs from the opposition Social Democratic Party, SDSM, the Liberal Democrats, LDP, and the New Social Democrats, NSDP, have submitted formal resignations to the speaker of parliament.

They dispute the legitimacy of the April general and presidential elections and attribute the victory of Nikola Gruevski's VMRO DPMNE party to fraud.

Reunion of JHA ministers of SEECP countries in Bucharest

Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) ministers of the countries participating in the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) reunite on Wednesday and Thursday in Bucharest at the Parliament Palace to tackle the regional cooperation on illegal migration and human trafficking, police collaboration, fight against corruption, and enhancement of judicial cooperation.

World Bank Hails Economic Growth in Macedonia

The latest report of the World Bank says Macedonia’s economy grew last year by 3.1 per cent of GDP, well above the regional average of 2.2 per cent growth in 2013.

ND clinches most regions but loses Attica

Local and regional elections conducted alongside European Parliament polls on Sunday produced a mixed picture, with conservative New Democracy prevailing in most of Greece’s 13 regions but leftist SYRIZA clinching the key governorship of Attica, which is home to about a third of Greeks.

Heavy Rains, Earthquake Reported in Macedonian Capital Skopje

Heavy rainfalls have flooded areas of Macedonian capital Skopje, Sunday.

Apart from the rains, Macedonia saw significant amounts of hail and strong winds of 70m/s during the day, MINA news agency reports.

Macedonia Prosecution Still Mulling Charges Against PM

Macedonia's opposition Social Democrats, SDSM, have submitted a forensic analysis conducted in Serbia that they say proves that Gruevski's own voice can be heard on a telephone recording in which a man was discussing the sale of the bank.

The prosecution in Macedonia says it is still deciding whether to take this new alleged evidence into account, however.

SYRIZA's Dourou takes Attica as New Democracy dominates other regions

SYRIZA took control of Greece’s largest region, Attica, on Sunday but candidates backed by New Democracy were victorious in the majority of the 13 districts.

Leftist candidate Rena Dourou edged out Attica Governor Yiannis Sgouros by winning 50.83 percent in the closest result of the night. It is the first time that a left wing party has taken control of Attica.

Low Voting Turnout among Bulgarians Abroad

Only 21,810 Bulgarians voted abroad in the European elections, as of 8 pm Bulgarian time.

The highest number of expat votes came from Spain, where 4,537 Bulgarians voted, Dnevnik reported. In Belgium, 2,190 people voted, 1,538 in Greece, 1,911 in Great Britain, 1,498 in France, and 1,571 in Germany.

Bulgarian Delegation to Honor Saints Cyril, Methodius in Rome

The Day of Bulgarian Letters, Education and Culture, May 24, Saturday, will be marked in Rome, as well.

The Bulgarian officials, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Zinaida Zlatanova, will attend on May 24 the ceremony at Vatican's Basilica of San Clemente paying tribute at the grave of St Cyril, one of the missionary brothers who created the Cyrillic alphabet in the 9th century.

Vucic: It would be easier with 10 donors such as Norway

BELGRADE - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic thanked the Kingdom of Norway on Friday for being one of the greatest donors to flood-hit Serbia.
“Serbia will remember what the Kingdom of Norway has done for its people," Vucic said, adding that Norway has always stood by Serbia and offered its generous help.