Latest News from Macedonia

Macedonians Hope to Chance on Alexander's Tomb

A team of scientists at work on a dig in central Macedonia has attracted unwanted attention after an independent Croatian researcher, who joined the team, said he believed that the spot hides the grave of Alexander the Great.

Winners of Young Balkan Designers 2014 competition

BELGRADE – Belgrade-based cultural organization Mikser, in association with the Croatian Design Association and Public Room from Skopje, announced results of the Young Balkan Designers 2014 competition on Thursday.

Macedonia Police Deny Tampering With Electoral Roll

The Macedonian Police Minister, Gordana Jankuloska, on Wednesday insisted her ministry was "clean" and was playing no role in management of the electoral roll.

Jankuloska’s statement came a day after the main opposition Social Democratic Party, SDSM, as well as the junior ruling party, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, disputed the accuracy of the electoral roll.

Huge Fire Bursts Out Near Bulgaria's Border with Macedonia

A huge fire has broken out in Macedonia only 1 km away from the Bulgarian border, Wednesday afternoon.

The fire was located close to the border checkpoint of Stanke Lisichkovo near Bulgaria's Blagoevgrad.

Macedonia Parks Plan to Sell Power Company

The shift in policy comes almost two years after the government said it planned to sell the company to a foreign investor - but failed to choose a consultancy firm that would find the best model for privatization.

New Bulgarian Social Network Eyes EU Market

A Bulgarian company developing online products is set for expansion at a European level.

Getlokal has decided to step into the European market with its social media which aims at sharing consumers' feedback on visited location, according to Bulgarian website

Macedonia Ruling Parties Issue Separate Audits

After Macedonia's main ruling VMRO DPMNE party presented a report this weekend on its achievements in office, its junior partner, the ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, says it will issue its own separate report, focusing on its own achievements.

Macedonia Presidency Candidates Urged to Join TV Debate

The National Democratic Institute, NDI, said that it wanted to change the current practice in Macedonia where candidates usually do not take part in proper televised debates with each other ahead of polls.

Belgrade declaration on social entrepreneurship signed

BELGRADE - The representatives of non-governmental organizations from the region of the Western Balkans and Turkey signed on Friday the Belgrade Declaration on Development of Social Entrepreneurship, with an aim to draw attention of the decision-makers in the EU and other countries to the steps that need to be taken for further development of social economy.

Exhibition marks 100 years since birth of Ljubica Cuca Sokic

BELGRADE - An exhibition of paintings by internationally acclaimed Serbian artist Ljubica Cuca Sokic will open on Friday at the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU).

The exhibition commemorating the centenary of birth of a painter who made a lasting mark on the Serbian 20th century art scene will present 31 of her works from the SANU art collection.

Macedonia Gears Up for Double Elections

As the country gears up for the start of two election campaigns later this month, for both general and presidential elections, Macedonia's institutions say they are ready for the nationwide operation.

Macedonian Students' 'Hellish' Dorm Protest Goes Viral

Images of mold-covered walls, squalid toilets, decaying corridors, rooms damp from broken pipes and a canteen with a dismal-looking array of food, have drawn attention on social networks to the plight of students in Macedonia.

The gallery of images is part of a student drive to obtain better conditions in university dormitories, dubbed Operation Dorm, “Operacija studentski”.

Turkey, Balkan states lead global police training co-operative

Turkey, Balkan states lead global police training co-operative

Now in its fourth year, INTERPA is a growing international organisation aimed at improving the quality of police training.

Police training academies from Turkey and several Balkan states helped establish the International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA) in 2011. [AFP]

Trade surplus with CEFTA countries USD 89.7 million

BELGRADE - Serbia gained surplus in trade with the CEFTA countries amounting to USD 89.7 million in January 2014, reads a statement by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (RSZ) on Wednesday.

The exports to the CEFTA countries in January amounted to USD 153.7 million, while the imports were USD 64 million, and the export- import ratio equaled 240 percent.