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Two Serb parties to have seats in parliament in Skopje

Two Serb parties to have seats in parliament in Skopje

SKOPJE -- Two parties representing ethnic Serbs in Macedonia will have deputies in the country's new parliament, elected on Sunday.

One of them - the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia - "will almost certainly join the ruling majority," the Beta news agency is reporting.

Macedonia Ruling Party Triumphs in Disputed Polls

Macedonia's centre-right VMRO DPMNE comfortably won a fourth term in office and Ivanov secured the presidency for the second time, but the opposition Social Democrats, SDSM, claimed that the snap parliamentary polls and second-round presidential elections were fraudulent, setting the scene for fresh political discord in the country.

Macedonia's President, Ruling Party Tipped to Win Elections

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov is set to win a second term, while his ruling VMRO-DPMNE is likely to stay in power after Sunday's 2-in-1 elections.

Ivanov has won 505.687 votes, and the ballots cast for his main rival socialist Stevo Pendarovski has been 372.886 after the counting of results in 95% of polling stations.

Macedonia Vote Marred by Opposition Fraud Claims

A dispute over the second-round presidential run-off and snap parliamentary elections erupted as polls closed at 7pm local time, with the authorities praising the vote as democratic while the opposition Social Democrats claimed the elections were fraudulent, setting the scene for fresh political discord in the country.

Macedonia Holds 2-in-1 Presidential, Snap Elections

Macedonia votes Sunday for a new President and Parliament in a double election.

Around 1.8 million eligible voters are to cast ballots at over 3500 polling stations across the country.

Election Day started at 7 am local time and is to end at 7pm, with preliminary results due late on Sunday, according to reports of Al Jazeera.

Polls Open in Macedonia's Double Elections

Polling stations will be open in Macedonia until 7pm Sunday.

This is the eighth general election since Macedonia became independent in the 1990s and the third early parliamentary election in a row. It is also the fifth presidential election since independence.

Energy market taken aback by Enel’s interest

By Chryssa Liaggou

The energy sector was surprised at Enel’s eagerness to learn about Greece’s hydrocarbon surveys, as the bulk of the Italian firm’s activity is focused on the production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy from conventional and renewable sources.

International conference on World War One begins

BELGRADE - An international conference on World War One is being held in Belgrade on Friday, with the goal to objectivise the truth abou that great conflict.

The conference started on Thursday and includes distinguished scientists, historians and military experts from 20 countries in Europe and Asia.

Election Campaigning Ceases in Macedonia

Campaigning is halting in Macedonia ahead of Sunday's elections, when almost 1.8 million registered voters will choose 123 MPs as well as the next head of state.

Macedonian Opposition May Dispute Election Results

Macedonia's opposition Social Democratic party, SDSM, said it may not recognize the results of the presidential and general elections on April 27, which it is widely expected to lose.

The ruling VMRO DPMNE party said the Social Democrats were looking for an excuse for what seemed an inevitable defeat.

Macedonia Ruling Party Queried Over Real Estate Spree

Days before Sunday’s early general and presidential elections in Macedonia, the opposition Social Democratic Party, the SDSM, has presented documents from the land registry that it says show the ruling party recently purchased over 20 apartments, office spaces and building lots worth some €1.6 million.

Macedonia Opposition Files Corruption Charges Against PM

Macedonia's opposition Social Democratic Party, the SDSM, has filed charges against Prime Minister Gruevski on three accounts of taking bribes and tax evasion.

“By law, the minimum penalty for tax evasion alone is a minimum of four years in jail,” the head of the SDSM, Zoran Zaev, told a press conference.

Montenegro Improves Rating on Global Peace Index

The index of the International Institute for Economics and Peace, which aims to measure peace and stability in the world, said Montenegro has made progress compared to 2012, rising to 73rd place out of 162, up from 81st place in 2012.

Macedonia's Ruling Party Harnesses Sound of Music

With less than a week to go before the April 27 general election, Macedonia's ruling VMRO DPMNE party has released a set of four video adverts, featuring young professional singers of the national opera and ballet house, the MOB.

In the videos, the singers call on people to give VMRO DPMNE a comfortable majority in parliament.