Latest News from Macedonia

"Macedonia is fully prepared for NATO"

A statement from the Macedonian government quoted Zaev as saying the aforementioned in a discussion with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, with whom he met on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum as well as EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

Greek MPs brace for vote on Prespes deal amid tense debate

Greek MPs completed a second day of fierce debate on the Macedonia deal on Thursday night ahead of a vote that was postponed until Friday afternoon to allow dozens of lawmakers to address the House.

Tsipras: Ratifying Prespes deal a 'historic step'

The ratification of the Prespes deal would be a "historic step," Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in Parliament Thursday, adding that the long-standing dispute had deprived Greece of precious diplomatic capital.

Inertia, cowardice and procrastination resulted in more than 130 states including US, Russia and China recognizing FYROM as simply "Macedonia," Tsipras said.

Greece's moment of truth on the name issue

The moment of truth is here for Greece, which has been deeply divided over the past year with regard to talks for settling the name dispute with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Crucial decisions that will affect Greece's future

The Greek state never attempted to dominate the entirety of the geographical region of Macedonia, regardless of how it was defined internationally. It always accepted that some sections of the Macedonian geographical region belonged to other countries as well.

Samaras: Prespes deal tantamount to recognizing FYROM's irredentist ambitions

Greece's former conservative prime minister Antonis Samaras on Thursday slammed the name deal reached between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) saying the accord was tantamount to recognizing the latter's irredentist ambitions.

"They used to pick up guns, now they pick up phones"

He added that there have been events in the past few weeks that would in the past would have lead to "both sides reaching for their weapons."

"Today, the presidents of these countries reach for the phone and call each other," the EU official has been quoted as saying.

According to him, these are some positive moves when observed over a longer period of time.

Albania, Macedonia, Profit from Kosovo's Tariff War

After Kosovo imposed a tax of 100 per cent on Serbian and Bosnian imports, citing their attitude of hostility, Kosovo appears to be replacing imports from Serbia with those from other countries in the region.

Kosovo Customs says Albania and Macedonia have benefitted most since the tariff was imposed.

Papacosta to approve Prespes name deal in parliament

Deputy Citizens' Protection Minister Katerina Papacosta indicated on Thursday that she will vote in favor of the Prespes accord in Parliament tonight, adding to the number of MPs who have expressed their support for the deal.

Pope Francis Arrived in Panama

Pope Francis suggested on Wednesday that hostility to immigrants was driven by irrational fear, as he headed to Central America, a staging area from where migrants try to enter the United States, reported Reuters. 

Greek Lawmakers to Vote on Macedonia Name Change

Greek lawmakers are expected to vote Thursday on a deal to change the name of neighbouring Macedonia and end one of the world's longest diplomatic disputes, reported AFP.

SYRIZA MP condemns 'murderous' firebombing at her house

A group of unknown individuals firebombed the house of a SYRIZA MP late Wednesday night, in an attack believed to be connected to the ongoing parliamentary debate on the ratification of the Prespes accord.

Greek lawmakers edge toward Prespes deal as issue divides nation

Greek lawmakers began the final steps on Wednesday toward ratifying an historic accord on a name-change for neighboring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), as a bitter row rumbled with opponents who say it harms Greece's national identity.