Latest News from Macedonia

‘Kleon’ to see temperature highs of 41 degrees Celsius on Saturday

"Kleon," the scorching heatwave currently sweeping across the country, is set to continue on Saturday, with meteorologists predicting highs of 41 degrees Celsius in many areas of the country.

The pick up in the wind, which will reach force 7 in the Aegean from Sunday to Wednesday, will cause temperatures to drop slightly.

Mitsotakis meets North Macedonia counterpart on sidelines of NATO summit

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with his North Macedonia counterpart Dimitar Kovachevski on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Vilnius on Wednesday.

According to government sources, the two leaders discussed regional developments and expressed interest in deepening bilateral relations.

Greece bracing for impact of heatwave Kleon

The state mechanism has been placed on high alert to deal with heatwave Kleon, which will prevail throughout the country in the coming days. The most difficult days will be Friday and Saturday, and according to the latest forecast, the high temperatures will continue into next week.

Vucic: Important memorandum signed to curb illegal migration

VIENNA- Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday in Vienna Serbia, Austria and Hungary had signed an important trilateral memorandum on further cooperation in curbing illegal migration.

Unemployment down 7.8% in May

Registered unemployment fell 7.8% in May, totaling 854,181, compared with May 2022 and fell by 7.9% in comparison with April 2023, public employment service DYPA said in a report on Tuesday.

More specifically, 507,209 people, or 59.4% of total unemployed are long-term unemployed, while unemployed men accounted for 292,389 (34.2%) and women 561,792 (65.8%).

In Montenegro, Memories of Pain and Generosity on the Refugee Road

Dejan, then 20, had been nearing the end of his military service in Kosovo, then a southern province of Serbia, when NATO launched air strikes to halt a brutal Serbian counter-insurgency war. At the time, Serbia and Montenegro were all that was left of Yugoslavia, still joined together after the other four republics - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia - had seceded.

Storms cause power cuts, flooding in northern Greece

Storms that hit areas in western Thessaloniki as well as the city center on Saturday caused power cuts and flooding of houses, Central Macedonia Region director of civil protection Charalambos Stergiadis told state-run news agency AMNA.

Tourism is in need of shifts

Greece needs to immediately upgrade its infrastructure, as well as the proper management of individual destinations of Greece, the new president of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), Giannis Paraschis, said during the presentation of Kathimerini's Reimagine Tourism in Greece initiative on Wednesday.

Germany Recognized the Macedonian Language, Identity and Culture

Last night, the German Bundestag voted on a resolution that unequivocally recognizes the Macedonian language, identity and culture, Thomas Hacker, an MP from the Free Democratic Party, told Deutsche Welle.

The resolution was introduced by the parliamentary groups of the three parties in the governing coalition - the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals.

An erratic spring followed by a late summer

May was uncharacteristically chilly this year and many part of the country experienced rain on half of the month's days, while short-term forecasts point to wet and cooler days in the first part of June as well.