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Members of Belgian-Serbian "football mafia" arrested

Among them are two Belgian football referees, and several club managers.

They are suspected of fraud related to transfer of players to Belgian football clubs Brugge, Anderlecht, Lokeren, Ghent, and others.

Organized crime prosecutors are currently taking statements from the suspects, the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime announced on Wednesday.

Balkan Police Help Crack Crime in Belgian Football

Serbia's organised crimes prosecutor's office said on Wednesday that Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia took part in an international operation cracking down on corruption in Belgium's biggest football clubs, including Club Brugge and Anderlecht.

#DiplomaticCentennial Ion Galea, Romania's Ambassador to Bulgaria: Current bilateral relations, "in-depth partnership"

Romania and Bulgaria, which are not just neighbours but also friends, share a past that "has contributed to an enhanced degree of empathy" between the two countries, a present characterised by "an in-depth deepened partnership" and "a common European future", Romania's Ambassador to Romania Ion Galea told an interview granted to AGERPRES.

New facility in the works for migrants arriving from Evros

Municipal authorities in Thessaloniki met Tuedsay with representatives of the Migration Ministry, the Greek Police and nongovernmental organizations to discuss the need for new facilities to accommodate hundreds of migrants arriving in the northern port from Evros.

Serbia and Romania as "model neighbors"

According to the Serbian government, the discussed "all issues of importance for bilateral cooperation between the two countries."

The officials concluded that the relations between the two countries are traditionally good and friendly and that they represent a model of good neighborly relations in the region.

Four dead in traffic accident, truck driver arrested

Four people died in the crash that happened near the town of Svilajnac, RTS is reporting.

The driver of the truck reportedly attempted to illegally overtake vehicles in front of him ignoring a continuous line, and ended up colliding with an oncoming passenger car and a pickup truck.

Macedonia Races Against Time for Name Change

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday said that he is optimistic that the legal procedure for the adoption of the historic 'name' agreement with Greece will pass through parliament, gaining support from the required two-thirds majority.

#DiplomaticCentennial/ Romania's Ambassador in Ankara, Gabriel Sopanda: Turkey - an ongoing strategic partner to Romania

Turkey has been and stays an important partner to Romania, both on political and economic ground, and this reality is also confirmed by the solid strategic partnership between the two countries, which is built on a close traditional friendship, Romania's ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, Gabriel Sopanda said in an interview with AGERPRES.

Highway horror: 8 dead, at least 35 wounded/PHOTOS, VIDEOS

The Interior Ministry (MUP) announced this on Tuesday morning.

A press release said that the pile-ups happened in both directions of the highway at around 07:20 hours CET, involving multiple vehicles - more than 40 have been damaged, some completely. has learned that 37 people have been injured, while the police put the number at between 35 and 40.

Macedonia Starts Procedure on Changing Country's Name

At an extraordinary session on Monday, Macedonia's Social Democrat-led government adopted a motion on making constitutional changes to change the country's name into the Republic of North Macedonia.

Kosovo Indicts Six For Planning Terrorist Attacks

Kosovo prosecutors indicted six Islamist militants on Saturday for planning attacks and suicide bombings in Kosovo, France and Belgium from December 2017 to June 2018, the indictment obtained by BIRN says. 

Macedonia Court Jails Ex-Interior Minister For Six Years

Macedonia's former interior minister, Gordana Jankuloska, was jailed for six years on Monday in a first-instance verdict for "misuse of office", for her involvement in the illegal purchase of a luxury Mercedes in 2012 that the former prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, had used secretly.

McAllister: Accept Serbia's proposal; Merkel: NEIN

This is according to Belgrade newspaper Blic, which is citing a source from diplomatic circles in Berlin. According to the daily, McAllister, a German MEP, recently met with Angela Merkel and expressed his views on this sensitive issue.

Migrants being moved into hotels and apartments to ease pressure on camps

As conditions at the 28 official migrant camps on the Greek mainland deteriorate under pressure from the transfer of thousands of people from inadequate facilities on the islands, many new arrivals are being placed in private apartments and hotels.