Latest News from Macedonia

Pyatt: Thessaloniki to benefit most from Prespes accord

Thessaloniki will benefit the most from the name deal signed between Athens and Skopje, US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said during a visit to Greece's northern port city Tuesday.

Heavy Traffic is Expected on the Last Day Off

During the last weekend, the Road Infrastructure Agency announced that they are expecting heavy traffic on the motorways and main roads of the country, reported the Bulgarian National Television. 

Greece's Piraeus Bank sells Albanian subsidiary

Piraeus Bank concluded the sale of its Albanian subsidiary Tirana Bank to Balfin and Komercijana Banka, boosting its core equity capital, Greece's largest lender said on Monday.

BBC updates controversial story following Greek uproar

After a public outcry over a BBC story referring to a Macedonian minority in Greece and a Macedonian language, the British broadcaster added a section to the report on Saturday outlining Greece's position.

Fireman dies in Thessaloniki factory blaze

A 46-year-old fireman died on Friday while attempting to put out a large blaze at a chemicals factory in Thessaloniki's industrial Sindos area.

Robert Kaplan: ‘All the worst scenarios were averted’ during crisis

Speaking to Kathimerini ahead of his arrival in the country for the Delphi Economic Forum - which started on Thursday and ends on Sunday - Robert Kaplan does not hide his admiration for the resilience of democracy in Greece in the face of great pressure during the crisis.

Five injured in far-right violence at graduation ceremony

Four police officers and a protester were slightly injured on Wednesday during clashes in Ptolemaida, northwestern Greece, when some 50-60 members of a far-right group tried to gatecrash a fire brigade academy graduation ceremony which was attended by Citizens' Protection Minister Olga Gerovasili.

Concerns about ‘jihadists’ in North Macedonia

Security services in Greece and the broader region are concerned about the presence of dozens of ethnic Albanians in North Macedonia who in previous years fought for the Islamic State and other radical Islamist groups in Iraq and Syria, Kathimerini understands.

In January, Bulgarians Traveled mostly to Greece and Turkey

The number of trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad in January was 402.3 thousand, or 3.8% above those registered in January 2018, according to data from the National Statistics Institute. There is an increase in travel to Romania - 13.8%, Turkey - by 12%, Austria - by 7.5%, Germany by 6.8%, Spain by 5.8%, France by 4.9%.

After BBC report, Russia’s Sputnik raises ‘Macedonian minority’ issue

Opponents of the Greece-North Macedonian Prespa Agreement are up in arms about press reports by both the BBC and now the Russian state-run new service Sputnik that use interviews with Greeks of Slavo-Macedonian descent who speak about the existence of a minority in the Greek province of Macedonia and about state discrimination.

Four Greek regions among poorest in EU, data show

Four of Greece's 13 regional units are among the 20 poorest in the European Union according to GDP per capita, a Eurostat report published on Tuesday has shown.