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Greece, North Macedonia to slash roaming fees

With their governments now on speaking terms, North Macedonia and Greece have promised to slash roaming charges for traveling cellphone users.

Digital policy ministers from the two countries on Tuesday said the measure, due to take effect before the summer, results from a landmark agreement between the neighboring countries that is ending a decades-old dispute.

Skopje is new "hub for attacks against Vucic and Serbia"

According to Vulin, the capital of Macedonia has become a place where funding and support is provided for "snitches and crooks" from all over the region, for politicians who believe cooperating with foreigners is the only way they came come to power.

The Bulgarian-Macedonian Commission Meets in Skopje

The fourth meeting of the Joint Multidisciplinary Commission of Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria on Historical and Educational Issues will be held today and tomorrow in Skopje, reported the Bulgarian National Television.

In Northern Macedonia, Are Preparing For the Presidential Election

The speaker of Macedonia's parliament on Friday set April 21 as the date for presidential elections, reported Reuters. 

"I'm convinced that all involved in the electoral process will give their contribution so the elections can be conducted in a fair and democratic atmosphere," Talat Xhaferi said after announcing the date.

Vucic on Kosovo deal: It'll be worse-than-hell difficult

But he added that this would be exceptionally difficult.

VVucic poke for the US agency during the Munich Security Conference, to say that task will be harder than the Greece-Macedonia deal, and will first have to see cancellation of Pristina's taxes on Serbian goods increased by 100 percent, and a free flow of people and goods.

The President of the Macedonian Parliament Comes to Bulgaria to Vote on the Protocol

Macedonian Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi will attend the vote in the Bulgarian National Assembly on his country's NATO Accession Protocol, reported the Bulgarian National Television. 

On 15 February, the Parliamentary Defense Committee approved the Protocol. Voting is expected to take place on Wednesday - 20 February.

Tsipras, Zaev attend Munich Security Conference

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (l) and North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev (r) attend a discussion session during the 55th Munich Security Conference (MSC) in Munich, Saturday. "History is written by those who dare to make changes and stand on the right side of history.

North Macedonia Says Police Prevent 'Terrorist Act'

Police in North Macedonia have prevented a planned "terrorist act" by supporters of the Islamic State (IS) militant group, the Western Balkan country's Interior Ministry says, reported by Radio Free Europe. 

Greek PM proceeds with mini cabinet reshuffle

In a mini cabinet reshuffle announced by spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, Greek Prime Minister Alexis on Friday replaced five of his ministers while giving up his own role as foreign minister, a post he temporarily filed following the departure of Nikos Kotzias in October.

Tsipras planning mini cabinet reshuffle to fill ministerial posts

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras suggested he will proceed with a mini government reshuffle in the coming days to fill up the positions of deputy ministers who are expected to, or have already resigned, based on remarks he made at a meeting of ruling SYRIZA's political secretariat on Thursday.

The announcement may be made on Friday.

We must not allow Serbia to win, says Pristina official

He added that "Serbia should not be allowed to benefit from Kosovo's mistakes," pointing out that currently no western partner was on Pristina's taxes on goods from central Serbia, increased by 100 percent in November.