Latest News from Macedonia

North Macedonia Joins Partners in Busting Cocaine-Smuggling Gang

North Macedonia's Interior Minister, Nake Culev, on Thursday, said police seized a kilo of cocaine on Wednesday as part of an international drug-busting operation that had involved "several countries", while not naming them.

Bulgaria is among the EU Countries with the Worst Rail Transport

Traveling by train in Bulgaria is not like walking in the park at all, according to an Euronews publication on European rail transport entitled 'A world of train': Where in Europe is rail travel a nightmare?

From France's high-speed TGVs to Moldova's Soviet-era services with wooden benches, Europe's train network is a patchwork of varying standards.

The Government has Allocated BGN Half a Million to Bulgarian Communities Abroad

Bulgaria's government has approved the conclusion of grant agreements for the implementation of Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects in seven countries: the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Armenia and Vietnam, said the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Government presses forward with phasing out lignite plants

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed the government's determination to phase out lignite plans as part of the National Plan for Energy and Climate at a meeting with Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis and ministry officials .

North Macedonia parliament dissolved ahead of early election

North Macedonia's parliament was dissolved on Sunday, ahead of an early election.

The April 12 election is taking place eight months before the normal expiration of the parliament's four-year term.

Northern Macedonia Dissolved its Parliament

The Parliament of Northern Macedonia passed the law on the state prosecutor's office and dissolved itself - less than two months until the next elections.

North Macedonia labor minister dismissed over name on sign

North Macedonia's parliament has voted to dismiss Labor Minister Rashela Mizrahi from the caretaker government for appearing during a press conference next to a sign that read "Republic of Macedonia."

North Macedonia finds 53 migrants crammed into a truck

Police in North Macedonia have found 53 migrants crammed into a truck in a southeastern border region and arrested the driver on suspicion of belonging to a trafficking gang, officials said Thursday.

A police statement said the vehicle was stopped during a routine check late Wednesday near the town of Valandovo, which is close to North Macedonia's borders with Greece and Bulgaria.

Furor over ministry sign in North Macedonia

North Macedonia's interim prime minister Oliver Spasovski on Wednesday called for the ouster of Labor Minister Rashela Mizrahi after she replaced the sign on the ministry's headquarters with one reading "Republic of Macedonia," which is what the country called itself before the 2018 name deal with Greece.

North Macedonia Minister Faces Sack for “Name” Provocation

North Macedonia's Prime Minister, Oliver Spasovski, on Wednesday moved to axe Labour Minister Rashela Mizrahi from the caretaker government for her refusal to use the country's new official name in a press conference.

"The PM and the government have an obligation to secure protection of the constitution," the government said on Wednesday.

North Macedonia “Extortion” Trial Hears Messages from ex-PM Zaev

In the ongoing court case that has gripped North Macedonia, codenamed Extortion, Prosecutor Ivana Trajceva on Tuesday presented messages that the main suspect, the showman-turned-businessman Bojan Jovanovski, sent to the Prime Minister, among other people, found in his seized electronic devices.

Tzitzikostas elected President of the European Committee of the Regions

Governor of Central Macedonia region Aspostolos Tzitzikostas has been elected President of the European Committee of the Regions.
Tzitzikostas, who is the first Greek to assume the post, replaces Belgium's Karl-Heinz Lambertz. His candidacy had been backed by all political groups in the committee.
Vasco Cordeiro, regional governor of the Azores, was elected vice president.

Offsetting measures for lignite workers

During a visit to Ptolemaida, northwestern Greece, over the weekend, Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis announced a number of measures to ease the blow to the region from the withdrawal of lignite-fueled power production units.