All News on Politics in Montenegro

Montenegro Elects First Government Without Djukanovic Party

Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic in the Montenegrin parliament. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

The leader of the "For the Future of Montenegro" bloc, Zdravko Krivokapic, was elected Prime Minister by 41 votes in the 81-seat chamber. MPs elected the leader of the Black on White coalition, Dritan Abazovic, as Deputy Prime Minister.

Vucic scheduled an emergency meeting

As we find out, at the meeting, they will discuss foreign policy affairs, relations in the region, with a special emphasis on the latest developments with Montenegro.
The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 6 pm. It will be held in the building of the Presidency of Serbia.

Montenegrin Majority Announces Agreement Ahead of Vote on New Govt

Ruling majority MPs at a parliamentary session in Cetinje, Montenegro. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

On Thursday, media published that the leader of the liberal Black-on-White coalition, Dritan Abazovic, had proposed an agreement asking the future government to pass a Law of on the Examination of the Origin of Property and a Law on Lustration.

Government’s Public Sector Hiring Spree Rankles Montenegro’s Next Rulers

With four political blocs still working to create a new government in the wake of the end-August election, DPS Prime Minister Dusko Markovic has put his signature to a string of new hires, drawing fire from civil society groups that say such posts should only be filled by the incoming government. Some say the recruitment drive lacks any legal basis.

"Their whole policy is based on lies"

"It will be discussed today and tomorrow, the decision has not been made yet. It is motivated by the need to protect the country when it comes to epidemiological reasons," he says, adding that the government will discuss it today, and that it will be a topic of tomorrow's Crisis Staff meeting.

Montenegro Police Arrest Opposition Mayor, Councillors in Budva

Police in front of the Budva municipality building. Photo: Facebook/ Iva Bajkovic

Heavily armed police surrounded the municipal building and arrested the town management. Police used tear gas to disperse citizens protesting around the building.

‘Mini Schengen’: A Balkan Breakthrough or Political Stunt?

As the EU's refusal to open accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia reverberated throughout the Western Balkans, the "mini Schengen" scheme launched in the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad took on extra significance. 

Montenegro Accused of Violating Soldiers’ Rights Over Protest Ban

Montenegin Army Chief General Dragutin Dakic and Minister of Defense Predrag Boskovic in the military camp Danilovgrad. Photo: Montenegrin Ministry of Defense

On March 11, the Defence Ministry suspended an army officer for joining the protests over the new religion law that the Serbian Church - the largest faith group in the country - says could strip it of its property.