All News on Politics in Montenegro

Montenegro Suspends Army Officer for Joining Church Protests

Montenegrin soldiers. Photo: Montenegrin Ministry of Defence

"Mrvaljevic was caught committing a disciplinary offence. The removal will continue until the completion of the disciplinary procedure," the ministry press release said.

Bosnia Voices Alarm Over Prospect of More Migrants

Bosnian officials fear the crisis on the Greek-Turkish border could create more problems for the country, which is already struggling to handle growing numbers of migrants.

Kosovo Indicts Serb Ex-Policeman for Wartime Rape

Kosovo's Special Prosecution filed an indictment on Friday charging Zoran Vukotic with committing rape and participating in the expulsions of ethnic Albanian civilians from the town of Vushtrri/Vucitrn.

Populists Shrug Off Protests in Central and Southeast Europe

As in countries across the world, pro-democracy grassroots movements had little success in stopping assaults on independent institutions, the report found.

"While protest movements in every region have illustrated widespread popular demand for better governance, they have yet to reverse the overall pattern of declining freedom," Freedom House said in a statement.

Kosovo’s New Foreign Minister Calls for Sacking of Ambassadors

Glauk Konjufca said on Tuesday that he has decided to dismiss several heads of diplomatic missions from their position abroad, including Kosovo's ambassador to Washington, Vlora Citaku.

Konjufca said that Kosovo's representatives in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Montenegro and Switzerland should also be discharged from their positions.

Montenegro Albanian Mayor Disputes Municipal Boundary with Capital

Nik Gjeloshaj Photo: Courtesy of Nik Gjeljoshaj

The territory claimed by both Tuzi and Podgorica includes the largest waste landfill site in Montenegro, a livestock market and part of the vineyards belonging to Plantaze, the largest wine company in Montenegro.

Representatives of Tuzi believe that their municipality should collect taxes from these businesses.

Rumen Radev: Bulgaria Highly Appreciates Montenegro’s Contribution to Building Good-Neighborly Relations and Strengthening Stability in the Balkans

President Rumen Radev and Prime Minister of Montenegro Dusko Markovic, who is visiting Sofia, discussed at a meeting held at 2 Dondukov street promoting trade and investment exchange between Bulgaria and Montenegro and improving connectivity in Southeastern Europe. The meeting was also attended by Vice-president Iliana Iotova, the presidential office reported.

Montenegro Resort Says Coronavirus Quarantine Centre Would Wreck Economy

Ulcinj.  Photo: Municipality of Ulcinj

All political parties in the local assembly in Ulcinj have demanded an urgent meeting with the government after the Health Minister Kenan Hrapovic said that if cases start to occur, quarantine facilities will be opened at the former military base in Zoganje near Ulcinj and in the Danilovgrad and Niksic municipalities.

In Five Years of Montenegrin Gang Warfare, 37 Dead

Authorities in Montenegro appear helpless to stem the bloodshed from an increasingly international war between rival drug gangs with roots in a medieval coastal town.

Bosnian Serb Parliament Backs Dodik’s Double Veto

At a special session on ended early on Thursday, the assembly of Bosnia's mainly Serb entity, Republika Srpska, backed vetoes proposed by Milorad Dodik on the visit of the President of Montenegro and on cooperation with the EU border agency Frontex.

The Church Has Become the Real Opposition in Montenegro

The protest is both a struggle for political dominance in the country, and a battle for political influence inside the Church. Finally, the protests reveal the deep discontent of many citizens with the broader situation in the country.

Russian-backed Bishop Joins Montenegro Church Protests

A senior Russian-backed bishop in Ukraine will lead a prayer walk in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, on Saturday, joining protests led by the Serbian Orthodox Church against a recently-adopted law on religious freedom.

Montenegro Bishop and President Trade Blows in Religion Row

Metropolitan Amfilohije, the Serbian Orthodox Church's most senior bishop in Montenegro, has called on citizens not to vote for those who supported the contested Freedom of Religion law in coming elections. 

During a Church-led protest against the law on Sunday, Bishop Amfilohije also again urged the government to withdraw the law which parliament passed late last year.

Greece’s neighbors and EU expansion

The foreign ministers of European Union candidate countries in the Western Balkans will meet in Greece's northern port city of Thessaloniki on Monday. The foreign ministers of EU members Croatia (which currently holds the bloc's rotating presidency), Romania and Bulgaria will also be present.