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Montenegrin Govt’s Row with Serbian Church Erupts Again

Metropolitan Joanikije and Montenegrin PM Zdravko Krivokapic. Photo: Serbian Orthodox Church

"This government and its prime minister didn't fulfill promises given to the Serbian Orthodox Church or our expectations, and they don't have our trust. We have to talk within the ruling majority," Mandic told media.

Abazovic: There is no hurry

As he said, he suggested to him that there was no need to hurry with signing the contract with the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Abazovic claims that there is no problem with the agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church being signed, but he believes that it should be analyzed before that and the interests of Montenegro should be clearly protected in it.

Media: Joanikije revealed what happened at the meeting of Porfirije and Krivokapić

He explained that he asked for that, and not to interfere in the election of the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral.
Joanikije told the Podgorica portal IN4S that the election of the metropolitan is in the exclusive competence of the Holy Synod of Bishops, whose session is in progress.

Krivokapić made a statement after an emergency meeting in Belgrade

"We have arranged with His Holiness to agree on the date of signing the basic agreement. I am looking forward to the election of a new Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral with great faith that he will lead the people like his predecessor, the blessed Metropolitan Amfilohije," said Krivokapic who met with the Serbian patriarch in Belgrade on Thursday afternoon.

Serbian Patriarch Porfirije is surprised, worried and regrets Krivokapic's decision

According to the statement, the topic of conversation was the Basic Agreement between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Government of Montenegro. The meeting was also attended by Metropolitan Chrysostom of Dabar-Bosnia, Bishop Jovan of umadija and Bishop Joanikije of the eparchy of Budimlja-Niki.

Vučić: A heavy burden is ahead of us

As Vui says, Kurti talks all the time about Kosovo's cultural heritage and Kosovo's heritage, not Serbian.
Vui said that on the occasion of the letter that Kurti addressed to the abbot of the monastery Visoki Decani, father Sava Janji, in which he presented him with "the commitment of the Kosovo government in the protection of the Kosovo heritage of all communities in Kosovo".

Montenegro Party Used Serbian Online Help in Election, NGO Says

The head of the prominent Montenegrin watchdog MANS, Vanja Calovic Markovic, on Wednesday alleged one of the parties in the now ruling For the Future of Montenegro coalition used administrators from Serbia in the campaign on social networks for last year's election .

Tito’s Yugo-Nostalgic Admirers Celebrate Socialist-Era Holiday

People gathered in the Serbian capital Belgrade and the Croatian village of Kumrovec to mark the Socialist-era 'Youth Day', when showpiece events used to be held all across the former Yugoslavia and its leader Josip Broz Tito's birthday was also celebrated.

Montenegro Activists Commemorate Wartime Deportations

Activists and Interior Ministry representatives at the commemoration in Herceg Novi. Photo: Human Rights Action.

On May 25 and 27, 1992, the Bosniaks and Serbs were illegally detained and brought to the police headquarters in Herceg Novi, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, from where they were deported on buses to Bosnian Serb-controlled territory.

Montenegrin Prosecutor Promises to Identify War Criminals

Montenegrin Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic gives a press conference in Podgorica. Photo: PR Centar.

"The prosecutor's office is continuously undertaking numerous activities in order to identify events in which Montenegrin citizens were potentially involved in war crimes and those who are potential perpetrators," Katnic told a press conference.

Pandemic: Businesses Look to Western Balkans to Move Production Lines

Countries from Western Balkans - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia are likely to benefit from the trend of relocating production by EU companies from Asia close to home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is stated in a report of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Research.

​Kosovo Prosecution Sues Power Plants’ Austrian Manager for Damages

The Basic Prosecution in Peja/ Pec on Friday said that it had filed a lawsuit against Kelkos Energy, the Austrian company operating hydropower plants in Decan/ Glogovac, in the district of Gjakova/ Djakovica, for damages caused by the plant pipeline. The prosecution said Kelkos Energy had caused "general danger". 

Deeply Divided Montenegro Marks 15 Years of Independence

BIRN asked four prominent figures and experts to assess Montenegro's achievements in the 15 years since regaining its independence, and why the country remains so divided:

Predrag Bulatovic, MP of the pro-Serbian Democratic Front and former leader of the now-defunct Unionist bloc that opposed independence: