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EU to Pristina: Tackle crime first, then lose visas

The Albanian language daily recalls that representatives of provisional institutions had promised EU would liberalize its visa regime for Kosovo "certainly last year - but that did not happen."

Nik Gjeloshaj: Albanians Must Unite in Montenegrin Elections

The new ethnic Albanian mayor of Tuzi in Montenegro says the country's Albanian minority must unite in the same way in the next parliamentary elections if they want to achieve anything.

Bulgarian PM Borissov: I hope we'll make the first dig for Romania-Bulgaria gas interconnector in June

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov stated on Friday that Bulgaria and Romania are putting in efforts regarding energy projects, expressing hope for the works on the gas interconnector between the two countries to start in June. "Both states will put in efforts in respect to the energy projects. (...) I hope we'll make the first dig for the Romania-Bulgaria gas interconnector in June.

Controversial Penalty Earns Bulgaria Draw Against Montenegro

Bulgaria midfielder Todor Nedelev scored a dubious late penalty to help them earn a 1-1 home draw in their opening Euro 2020 Group A qualifier against Montenegro on Friday, reports Euronews.

The penalty was awarded in the 82nd minute for a foul by Montenegro substitute Vladimir Jovovic on Stanislav Kostov but television replays showed the incident happened outside the penalty area.

"Final Belgrade-Pristina agreement means recognition"

Haradinaj repeated this in a conversation with Montenegrin Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic, and added that he thinks it is "in the interests of both sides, and it would strengthen the peace and stability of the region," Beta agency is reporting on Thursday.

Radovan Karadzic Leaves a Legacy of Cruelty

That he was also a common crook who served 11 months in prison for fraud in 1984 was not part of this carefully crafted public persona.

World Happiness Report: Bulgaria is Ranked 97th in the World

Bulgaria is ranked 97th in the world in happiness between Cameroon and Ghana, being more unhappy than almost all Balkan countries, according to World Happiness Report 2019, quoted by

Many foreigners who visit our country mark a very repulsive trait in the Bulgarians - always complaining about everything and its pessimism.

Crowded with Cruise Ships, Fears for Montenegrin Bay

Dusan Varda recalls strolling through the Old City of Kotor one late-autumn evening last year.

"There was almost no one but waiters in smoothly ironed uniforms in empty, now mainly luxurious restaurants - this is now the typical image of Kotor in the off-season," he said, lamenting what has become of this walled city and its Venetian palaces in Montenegro's fjord-like Bay of Kotor.

Reports: Another Serb gunned down in Johannesburg

His identity has not been revealed, but Belgrade-based Vecernje Novosti daily writes on Tuesday, citing unofficial information, that the man was originally from Belgrade.

Montenegro Protesters Keep Up Demands for Djukanovic’s Resignation

Opponents of Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic protested again in the capital on Saturday, accusing the country's long-time leader of presiding over poverty, a loss of human rights and media freedoms and corruption.