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Krivokapic: Serbia-Montenegro cooperation proves successful

SARAJEVO/PODGORICA - Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic has said that the cooperation between Serbia and Montenegro proved successful, referring to the arrest of fugitive drug lord Darko Saric that was carried out in cooperation between the public bodies of the two countries.

Markovic: Saric’s transfer operation took one hour

PODGORICA – Montenegrin Justice Minister Dusko Markovic has said that Darko Saric was handed over to Serbian authorities Tuesday morning and noted that it is definite that operational efforts of the two countries’ services led to the locating of the most wanted drug lord.

Officials address public after fugitive's arrest

Officials address public after fugitive's arrest

BELGRADE -- Aleksandar Vučić has said that a working group formed in June 2013 used "the most complex methods and resources to locate and arrest the most wanted fugitive."

Saric deprived of property worth several millions

BELGRADE - Drug lord Darko Saric, his relatives and associates have been temporarily deprived of property worth several million euros during criminal proceedings that have been underway for more than four years now.

The property confiscated at the discretion of the court includes numerous apartments, houses, land lots, legal entities, hotels and shares.

Alleged Balkan Drugs Lord Darko Saric Surrenders

Saric, who is accused of heading an organised-crime gang involved in large-scale drug smuggling, surrendered to police after coming to an agreement with the Belgrade authorities to give himself up, Serbian justice minister Nikola Selakovic told a press conference on Tuesday.

Fugitive Darko Šarić arrested, transferred to Belgrade

Fugitive Darko Šarić arrested, transferred to Belgrade

BELGRADE -- Fugitive suspected drug boss Darko Šarić was arrested o Tuesday morning in a join operation headed by Serbian and Montenegrin justice ministers.

He was transferred to Belgrade on board a plane at 08:45 CET, and is now in the building of the Special Court for Organized Crime.

Montenegrin Diaspora Sends Home 1.3 Billion Euro

The central bank said on Sunday that the amount sent home by Montenegrins working abroad to their families increased by almost five per cent last year, reaching a total of 353 million euro.

Belgrade declaration on social entrepreneurship signed

BELGRADE - The representatives of non-governmental organizations from the region of the Western Balkans and Turkey signed on Friday the Belgrade Declaration on Development of Social Entrepreneurship, with an aim to draw attention of the decision-makers in the EU and other countries to the steps that need to be taken for further development of social economy.

Parties retreat into election silence

BELGRADE - The campaign ended for the early parliamentary elections that will be held in Serbia on Sunday, March 16, and election silence will be in force until the close of polls at 8 p.m. the same day.

In these polls, 6,767, 324 citizens will be eligible to vote and elect 250 MPs for the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

Refugees in Montenegro Seek Return to Kosovo

Montenegro's Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Predrag Boskovic, said on Thursday that at least 108 families, mostly from the Pec, Djakovica, Kline areas, wish to return to Kosovo in 2014 if the Montenegrin and Kosovo authorities can provide adequate conditions.

Montenegro Opposition Demand NATO Referendum

Miodrag Lekic, leader of the Democratic Front, on Wednesday said the opposition bloc will seek a referendum on joining NATO if the government pushes ahead with membership without seeking people's consent.

"The outcome of a referendum will be acceptable to all members of the Democratic Front," the opposition leader assured.

Balkans, EU continue struggle for press freedom

Balkans, EU continue struggle for press freedom

Balkan countries remain a dangerous place for journalists, according to a recent report on media freedom.

Macedonian journalists warn about regression of media freedom in the country. [Tomislav Georgiev/SETimes]

Turkey, Balkan states lead global police training co-operative

Turkey, Balkan states lead global police training co-operative

Now in its fourth year, INTERPA is a growing international organisation aimed at improving the quality of police training.

Police training academies from Turkey and several Balkan states helped establish the International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA) in 2011. [AFP]

Trade deficit drops by 30.4% in January

BELGRADE - Serbia's foreign trade deficit totalled USD 357.7 million in January and was by 30.4 percent lower than in the same month in 2013, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia released on Wednesday.

Trade surplus with CEFTA countries USD 89.7 million

BELGRADE - Serbia gained surplus in trade with the CEFTA countries amounting to USD 89.7 million in January 2014, reads a statement by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (RSZ) on Wednesday.

The exports to the CEFTA countries in January amounted to USD 153.7 million, while the imports were USD 64 million, and the export- import ratio equaled 240 percent.