Latest News from Montenegro

Israel rejects Thaci's offer: "Our position is quite clear"

According to the report, Israel did this "although Hashim Thaci made a good offer to the government of Benjamin Netanyahu."

According to the director for the Balkans in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dan Orian, two months ago Thaci suggested that Kosovo should open its diplomatic mission in Jerusalem, in exchange for getting recognized by Israel.

Montenegro: Opposition MP taken from parliament to prison

Medojevic was taken from the Assembly to the Spuz prison, near Podgorica.

Medojevic was jailed on the order of the president of the Higher Court Boris Savic, because he has been for several months refusing to give a statement in a case against him.

EP Resolutions Press Balkan Hopefuls to Continue Reforms

European Parliamentarians adopted country resolutions on Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania on Thursday, underlining that each one must improve its results on issues related to judiciary and media freedom. 

Investigation Uncovers Second Russian Montenegro Coup Suspect

Investigative websites claim to have uncovered the identity of one of two Russian military agents allegedly involved in the failed Montenegro coup attempt in October 2016.

A joint investigation between Bellingcat and a Russian outlet The Insider has identified a second Russian intelligence GRU officer involved in the 2016 Montenegro coup as Vladimir Nikolaevich Moiseev.

Monument to Serbian-American actor Karl Malden unveiled

It is located at the entrance to the Yugoslav Film Archive, and was unveiled by the institution's Director Jugoslav Pantelic and Dan Tana, a friend of the late actor, Tanjug is reporting.

Railway Line will Link Albania and Greece

Albania and Greece will connect with a railway line by building a route from Lerin via Kostur to Pazardzhik. The project will be funded by Interreg-IPA CBS Greece-Albania, reports Darik. 
At a meeting in Kostur dedicated to the rail link between the two countries, it was emphasized that the project would be part of the trans-European network.

Vucic satisfied with Macron's letter

Vucic assessed the letter as a good announcement and a good signal before Macron's visit to Serbia.

In a statement to TV Pink, he said this was "not a circular letter" that would have gone to everyone who attended the (scandalous) ceremony in Paris (on Nov. 11) - "but about a special letter for Serbia, handed over by the president of France."

"Ex Macedonian PM passed through Serbia on way to Hungary"

The president stressed that this happened before an international arrest warrant was issued for Gruevski in Skopje, who fled the country in order to avoid serving two years in jail because of alleged abuse of office related to buying an armored Mercedes car.

The Macedonian Interior Ministry issued the arrest warrant on the evening of Nov. 13.

Vucic: Serbia Had 'No Grounds' to Arrest Gruevski

Aleksandar Vucic confirmed on Monday evening that Nikola Gruevski, who fled last week as he was due to start a two-year jail term in Macedonia, exited Serbia at the Tompa-Horgos-Roszke border crossing with Hungary on November 12, the same day as he arrived in Serbia from Montenegro.

"Israel did not recognize Kosovo, and has no plans to do it"

And it does not even plan to do it, he added, according to daily Blic.

"We did not recognize Kosovo and, as far as I know, our stance on this issue will not change," Nahshon told the Serbian media in Israel, adding that relations between Israel and Serbia are excellent, the newspaper has reported.

Montenegro to vote for Kosovo

He said that "relations with neighbors are the pillars of the foreign policy," Sputnik reported.

Darmanovic said that Montenegro will not deal with negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia, but also expects their continuation.

He also said that Montenegro will once vote again in favor of Kosovo joining Interpol because "there is no reason to change the decision."

Serbian politician visits Bedouin village, dances with hosts

The trip to the village of Hammata - locate south of Marsa Alam - shows the significance assigned by the hosts to the visit of Markovic - president of the United Serbia (JS) party, member of the Serbian National Assembly, and President of the Assembly of the town of Jagodina.

Kosovo won't get army on Nov. 28, media receive confirmation

Although members of the Kosovo Assembly supported the KBS transformation in the first reading of the law, it is not yet known when theA assembly will be given the law for another reading, RTK2 reported.

According to unofficial information, November 28 as the date to proclaim the Kosovo army has been abandoned "because it is marked as day of the Albanian Flag," Zeri said.