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"EU could lose Western Balkans"

On the sidelines of the meeting of EU affairs ministers in Luxembourg, Szijjrt said that the enlargement policy is one of the most important EU policies, reports MTI.
According to him, the Union will pursue "policies contrary to its interests" if it fails to speed up accession talks with Serbia-Montenegro and if it delays the start of negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.

Serbia Aligns With EU Sanctions on Belarus

The Council of Europe on Monday said several EU candidate countries in the Balkans had aligned themselves with the Council Decision to strengthen restrictive measures on Belarus by introducing a ban on the overflight of EU airspace and access to EU airports of Belarusian carriers of all kinds.

BIRN Fact-Check: Has Montenegro’s Srebrenica Resolution ‘Stigmatised’ Serbia?

Montenegro's decision to adopt a parliamentary resolution outlawing denial of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide in eastern Bosnia, committed by Bosnian Serbs, has sparked anger among local Serbs and in neighbouring Serbia, with Serbian officials calling for a diplomatic response.

Kosovo wants independence and land in Montenegro, admitting it is part of Serbia

According to Montenegrin media, they claim that they bought the resort six decades ago, and demand that the Kotor court, which filed a lawsuit to determine property rights, issue a temporary measure banning the disposal of land and alienation of the country until the end of the court dispute, Vijesti reported.

Djerlek: We will reach that number today

"Today, we will exceed 50 percent of those vaccinated against COVID-19 by several thousand, and by the end of June, we can have 50 percent of those revaccinated, which is a huge success," he told RTS.
He added that besides Belgrade and Novi Sad, most people were vaccinated in Priboj - 60 percent, then in Nis, and the least in Tutin - 14 percent and Novi Pazar - 23 percent.

"You betrayed Amfilohije"

Thus, Montenegrin government put itself in the service of the forces of this world, which exist only and exclusively on polarizations, the patriarch stated.

Vučić addressed Serbs in Montenegro VIDEO

Vui said that pressures on Serbia on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija were expected, as well as that the decision of the Montenegrin parliament would still be discussed and that Serbia would always stand up for the interests of its people in Montenegro.

Montenegro Govt in Crisis as Coalition Partner Announces Boycott

Democratic Front MP Slaven Radunovic during a parliament session. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

Democratic Front MP Slaven Radunovic said the government had betrayed voters who supported the three ruling majority blocs in last August's elections and ended three decades of rule by the DPS.

Turkish foreign minister to meet EU foreign policy chief

The Turkish foreign minister and EU foreign policy chief are scheduled to have a bilateral meeting in Antalya, southern Turkey on June 18. 

During the bilateral meeting, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and Josep Borrell will review "all aspects of the relations" ahead of EU summit that will be held on June 24-25, said a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Resolution on Srebrenica VIDEO

The resolution, for which 55 deputies voted, while 19 were against, states that: "The Parliament of Montenegro:
1) strongly condemns the genocide in Srebrenica;
2) Acknowledges that the genocide took place on European soil after the Second World War, in which over 8.000 Bosniak civilians were killed;

Montenegro Minister Sacked for Querying Srebrenica Genocide Rulings

Minister of Justice, Human and Minority Rights Vladimir Leposavic in parliament. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro.

His dismissal was supported by the votes of 43 opposition MPs and ruling Black on White coalition MPs. The other two ruling majority blocs, For the Future of Montenegro and Peace is Our Nation, did not support his dismissal.