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Montenegrin Police Seize Tonne of Cocaine in Banana Shipment

Montenegrin police with packages from the seized cocaine shipment in Podgorica. Photo: Montenegrin Police.

"Police seized 1,205 packages of cocaine in the village of Mojanovici in the Zeta district near Podgorica. The drugs were find in a banana shipment," police said on Twitter.

Media: Vučić received an invitation

According to "Novosti", the President thanked for this gesture and in the coming days, he will make a decision on whether he will appear at the solemn ceremony, taking into account, above all, the interests of the Serbian people and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

Cases Closed: Deaths of Ageing Balkan War Suspects Thwart Justice

When the trial of a group of Serb fighters accused of the abductions and killings of passengers who were seized from a train in Bosnia during the war in 1993 continues at Belgrade Higher Court next month, there will be one fewer defendant in the dock.

Afghan Asylum Seekers - Bargaining Chip in Balkan Politics

Afghanistan is the hot news on everybody's foreign policy agenda right now and the ramifications of the debacle are being felt far and wide.

Take for example the Balkans, where there are three key impacts.

The first concerns Balkan countries providing housing to Afghans who collaborated with the US.

No details yet regarding Erdogan's visit to Montenegro

It is still unknown who he will meet.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs unofficially told Podgorica's Vijesti that they do not have any details yet. Ahead of the visit of the Turkish president to Montenegro, the reis of the Islamic Community, Rifat Fejzi, says that it is expected that the state will benefit economically from that visit and strengthen cooperation with Turkey.

Media: "Cobras" entered Montenegro

It will depend on their assessment whether the announced enthronement will be held in the Cetinje monastery or in some other place, as well as what the scenario of that event will be, Pobjeda further states.

"Montenegro is officially occupied"

In an extensive interview for Podgorica's Pobjeda, Boskovic said that the current government does not share such concern because, as he states, they are not up to the responsibilities of the functions they perform and "their intentions towards Montenegro and preserving the civic concept of the state are very questionable."

Bosnian Train Massacre Defendant Dies in Serbia

Ljubisa Vasiljevic, a wartime Serb paramilitary fighter who was one of five defendants in the Strpci trial at Belgrade Higher Court, has died.

Belgrade Higher Court told BIRN that Vasiljevic died on July 6 and that "due to that fact, the court adopted a decision to suspend the proceedings [against him] on August 16, 2021".

Stanivuković again about Montenegro: "32 letters of Montenegrin alphabet fictitious"

He added that he respects those who have a different opinion.
On Monday, the entire Montenegrin opposition and part of the ruling parties condemned the statement of Stanivukovi, who denied the Montenegrin nation during his stay in Montenegro.
He said at a gathering of like-minded people that he believes that "Montenegrins are a fictional nation".

Bulgaria Signs Join Statement on Civil Order in Afghanistan

Bulgaria on August 16 signed a joint statement saying Afghans and international citizens who want to leave Afghanistan must be allowed to depart and that airports and border crossings must remain open.

Top-ranking warning: "Don't travel to Montenegro"

These are recommendations for travel of the highest, fourth level, according to which it is not recommended at all, CdM reports.
"Do not travel to Montenegro due to COVID-19. Read the State Department's page on coronavirus before planning any international trip," reads the announcement, which was also published on the website of the United States Embassy in Montenegro.

Germany requires quarantine from unvaccinated travelers from US, Turkey, Israel

The German government has upgraded Israel, Turkey and the United States to having a high COVID-19 risk, triggering a minimum five-day quarantine requirement for those who are unvaccinated, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases said on Aug. 13.