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Montenegro’s Former Ruling Parties Unveil Plans for New Govt

Members of the former ruling majority in Montenegro's parliament. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

The coalition government collapsed on February 4 after parliament backed a vote of no-confidence called by the ruling Black on White bloc and opposition parties.

Vučić: "There is no one more important to us" VIDEO/PHOTO

"We always underestimate ourselves in the Balkans, we think that we are lower beings and someone who is successful, only if he joins someone else. We have a huge potential. We have not believed in ourselves for decades. This is our idea, that's why we embraced it. We are no worse than others", said Vui at the press conference.

Vučić hosts gala dinner; the President of Serbia with the guests of the Summit PHOTO

The First International Wine Fair "Wine Vision of the Open Balkans", under the auspices of the governments of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania, was opened today in the presence of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vui and the Prime Ministers of Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro, Edi Rama, Dimitar Kovaevski and Dritan Abazovi, with the opening Red Wine "Open Balkan" made from three loc

Vučić: "Belgrade is today the capital of wine"

The fair is sponsored by the governments of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania as part of the Open Balkans initiative, and the opening will be attended by the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vui and the Prime Ministers of Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro, Edi Rama, Dimitar Kovaevski and Dritan Abazovi.

Depardieu spends vacation in Istanbul

World-renowned French actor Gerard Depardieu has been spotted vacationing in Istanbul as he was photographed while leaving a seafood restaurant in the Beyoğlu district.

As per reports, the 73-year-old celebrity has been in Istanbul for the last five days.

Montenegro Still Assessing Damage From Mystery Cyber Attacks

Montenegrin National Security Council session in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Since August 22, the government has reported two series of cyber-attacks on government servers, claiming they managed to prevent any damage.

Serbia strong on its way to Mundobasket - Serbia's victory in Istanbul

Serbia now has an identical score of 3/3 with Belgium (defeated by Greece) in the third position and placement at Mundobasket has never been more realistic for Svetislav Pei's team.
If it could have been done with less drama - it could have been. Serbia started violently from the start and showed that it is a better team.

Montenegro Suspects Russia for an Unprecedented Cyber Attack

The National Security Agency of Montenegro stated that several Russian agencies were behind the unprecedented cyber attack against Montenegrin institutions, BTA reported.

Montenegro's intelligence agency also said it feared the attack had not yet reached its peak and that all "key infrastructure", such as the electricity system or water supply, could be targeted.

Montenegro Accuses Russia of Cyber-Attacks on Govt Server

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic (left) and head of National Security Agency Savo Kentera (right) in Budva. Photo: Atlantic Council of Montenegro

The ANB told media that Montenegro is in what it called a hybrid war at the moment.

Macedonians, Albanians ‘Most-Deported Nationalities’ by Germany

The German federal authorities told the Bundestag that 6,198 foreign nationals were deported from the country from January to June this year, after a request for the information from MPs from The Left party, media reported on Friday.

Picturing War: Fleeing Roma Find Refuge at Montenegro Tent Camp

In the spring of 1999, prominent Montenegrin photojournalist Stevo Vasiljevic was covering the impact of NATO's airstrikes against Yugoslavia during the Western military alliance's 78-day bombing campaign.

No-Confidence Vote Topples the Government in Montenegro

The Parliament of Montenegro voted a vote of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic, reported AFP.

The agency notes that this opens the way for new political upheavals in the small Balkan state. The previous coalition government was also voted out in February.