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Brnabic Says Freedom House Report is “Biased” Against Serbia

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has dismissed claims made in a report by the international watchdog organisation Freedom House that Serbia is no longer a true democracy.

Brnabic insisted that Serbia was the most democratic state in the Western Balkans, adding that other international and domestic organisations had not ranked Serbia in a "non-democratic" category.

"You musn't interfere in the affairs of another state, but this is our people" VIDEO

Answering the questions of the journalists about the accusation that "Serbia is waging a biological war against Montenegro", he said that you can only shrug your shoulders at such claims.
"I don't know what to tell you. I think it is normal not to use the police against political opponents, if they

Protesters Clash With Police in Montenegro After Priests’ Arrest

Protests against the detention of the Serbian Orthodox clergy in Pljevlja, Montenegro. Photo: Facebook video screenshot

Police battled protesters in Pljevlja and Niksic with tear gas, leaving dozens of police officers and protesters injured. Protests also took place in Budva, Berane and the capital, Podgorica.

Week in Review: Turning Up the Heat


Goce Delcev, the early 20th century revolutionary, could easily be a historical figure to unite Bulgarians and Macedonians. Unfortunately, he seems to be becoming a bone of contention between the governments in Skopje and Sofia.

Montenegro Detains Bishop For Leading Illegal Street Procession

Bishop Joanikije of Budimlja-Niksic. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bishop Joanikije of Niksic and seven other priests were placed in custody for 72 hours on Tuesday for violating the ban on public gatherings after they and Metropolitan Amfilohije led a procession in the town to celebrate St Vasilije's Day on Tuesday with thousands of believers.

Montenegro Summons Serbian Diplomat over Nationalist Singer Comment

Serbian ambassador Vladimir Bozovic outside the Foreign Ministry in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro.

Bozovic said after the meeting at the ministry he had no intention of interfering in RTCG's editorial policies.

"I respect the state of Montenegro. But like all Serbian people, I am especially sensitive about the fascist Ustasa movement," Bozovic told media.

Montenegro Greens Protest After Lake Conservationist’s Home is Torched

Pajovic house on fire. Photo: Podgorica Fire Department

Ratko Pajovic, from Carp Security, an NGO, called it an act of blatant intimidation and urged the Montenegrin authorities to conduct a proper investigation.

"This is what poachers do to intimidate guards on the lake. What is next, a bullet in our heads?" Pajovic told the media on Friday.

Week in Review: The Aftermath of COVID-19

Electoral Rush

As the current wave of the coronavirus pandemic seems to be waning, politics is coming back to life. In fact, it may well be getting more lively than before the pandemic.

China’s Balkan Investments Are Paradoxically Speeding Region’s EU Integration

The Western Balkans not only provides China with a convenient foothold inside of Europe but is also in need of infrastructure investment and possesses a well-educated and reasonably priced labor force.

Furthermore, the region's comparatively weaker and looser regulatory policy framework that governs business activity also makes the Western Balkans appealing to Chinese corporations.

Montenegro Activists Criticise Arrest for Mocking Anthem

Police patrol in Podgorica, Montenegro. Photo:BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

"A criminal complaint has been filed against Cabarkapa and the state prosecutor has stated that he offended Montenegro's reputation in a published post," the police directorate said.