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European Democracies ‘Under Strain’ Due to COVID-19: Report

The New York-based Freedom House watchdog organisation says in its latest annual report, published on Wednesday, that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed European democracies of all political types under "severe strain".

Montenegro Fires Top Policeman over Alleged Crime Links

Zoran Lazovic at a press conference in Podgorica. Photo: PR Centar.

The Interior Ministry also axed six other police directors' assistants.

One of the blocs in the ruling coalition, URA, said that the sackings of police officers who were close to the former administration was fulfilling the new government's promises.

Lajcak arrives to Pristina

He will visit Serbia on Wednesday and Thursday, March 3 and 4, while he will visit Montenegro on March 4 and 5.
During his stay in Pristina, Lajcak will meet with representatives of Kosovo's interim institutions and political parties, as well as with representatives of the European Union.

Marriages and Divorces Tumble in Southeast, Central Europe in Pandemic

Photo Illustration: Unsplash / Jeremy Wong Weddings

According to official figures from Southeast and Central European statistical agencies, the number of marriages dropped significantly in 2020 during the pandemic, presumably because of social distancing measures and strict bans on public gatherings in many countries.

COVID-19 Cafe Ban Prompts Protests, Blockades, in Montenegrin Town

Protests in the town of Tuzi against the government health measures. Photo: BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

Protesters called on the government to withdraw its decision to prohibit the work of cafes and restaurants in the town. Police forces are currently deployed in the town where the cafes are still working, despite the ban.

As of this morning, Serbia is ahead of the United States of America PHOTO

When it comes to the number of revaccinations, Serbia is the first in Europe and the fourth in the world, has learned.
For the sake of comparison, Serbia has more revaccinated citizens in absolute numbers than Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Albania.

Beneath the Surface: Adriatic Beach Waste Just “Tip of the Iceberg”

"I don't think there is a single organism in the sea any more that has not been in contact with plastic," the 44-year-old told the Centre for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro, CIN-CG, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, and the weekly Monitor.

Turkey ratifies agreements with 9 countries

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ratified 12 laws on international agreements with nine countries, according to Feb. 20's Official Gazette.

An agreement on cooperation with Azerbaijan in energy and mining, signed on Feb. 25 last year, was among the approved agreements.

Berane: Bear stralled through the city PHOTO / VIDEO

The photo, and then the video, was posted on the social network Instagram by Mio Dobrainovi.
Portal Berane online writes that the police are securing the cubs and that the local hunting association has been called, while the arrival of the authorities from Podgorica is awaited. The bear is, by the way, an endangered species in Europe.

Disagreements Over Prosecution Law Test Montenegro’s Fragile Coalition

Montenegrin PM Zdravko Krivokapic at a parliamentary session in Podgorica. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

On Wednesday, leaders of the Front, the largest coalition in the ruling majority, warned the government that if it did not adopt the law and dismiss the special state prosecutor, it will not vote for the state budget or other law proposals.

Serbian Church Picks Patriarch, Politics in Play

"It was always important for the state to have the support of the Serbian Orthodox Church for its policy, whether domestic or international," he said. "The pressure is not bigger now," Aleksic said, but Vucic's constant presence in the media makes his role appear "most important".