Latest News from Montenegro

Montenegro's lengthy response to Serbia

The Montenegrin ministry claims that official Belgrade "probably contrary to the wishes of its citizens" often deals with the Government of Montenegro and its citizens, instead of facing domestic and international challenges.

Yugoslav Ex-Royals Urge Montenegro to Return Confiscated Property

Descendants of the last Yugoslav king, Petar II Karadjordjevic, have called on the new Montenegrin government to do more to give them back property they claim belongs to their family.

The family lost its assets in Yugoslavia after the communist takeover following the end of World War II, when the country became a republic.

Angela Merkel's farewell message: Serbia in the EU

She told her successors that the process should not be interrupted and that, despite the need for a lot of engagement and patience, they should use the opportunity to accept the countries of the Western Balkans - Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

Biden in a dilemma: Who are you, Djukanovic or Krivokapic?

Namely, Biden says in his congratulatory message that it was important to hear "your input during our recent NATO summit in Brussels". Djukanovic was not present at that summit, but Krivokapic. The summit was held in mid-June at NATO headquarters.

Montenegrin Prosecution Investigates Tobacco Theft in Port of Bar

Port of Bar in Montenegro. Photo: Government of Montenegro

On July 10, the Prosecutors' Office launched an investigation into the breaking-in to a hangar in the port and theft of a large number of "Marble" cigarettes worth 500,000 euros.

Ukrainian Women Pay Dear for Nude Stunt in Montenegrin Resort

View on the Boka Bay from the Old Town of Kotor medieval walls. Photo: BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

Police arrested D.O. (19), V.R. (21) and R.K. (21), after video footage was published of the naked girls pouring water from the fire truck on the road in Kotor.

Montenegro Reduces Currency Risk on Costly Chinese Highway Loan

The first phase of Bar Boljare highway in Montenegro. Photo: Government of Montenegro

The Chinese loan for the first phase of Bar-Boljare highway has imposed a heavy burden on Montenegro's public finances.

Minister of Finance and Social Care Milojko Spajic said an arrangement was made with two unnamed US banks and one from France, converting the loan from US dollars to euros.

Chaos on the border crossings VIDEO

The busiest roads lead from Hungary and Croatia to Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Apart from highways, the intensity of traffic has also increased on the routes leading to Montenegro, AMSS announced earlier.

The list clearly showed: Serbia a convincing leader in the region

Among 134 ranked countries, Serbia ranks 34th, while Slovenia ranks 47th, Romania 51st, Croatia 74th, Bulgaria 114th, Montenegro 121st, North Macedonia 125th, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is in 130th place.
The assessment of security in the country takes into account three basic factors.

Travelling To/From the Balkans? The COVID-19 Rules that Apply

Only passengers travelling to the United Kingdom are subjected to quarantine. 

The majority of countries in the region require confirmation of vaccination or negative PCR or antigen test made less than 48 or 72 hours prior to travel in order to avoid 7-14-day quarantine.

Some countries require completion of online health forms or medical checks upon arrival.