Latest News from Montenegro

Vučić from Chişinău: "Serbia is an independent country that makes its own decisions"

Pristina and Belgrade are the main topic of the meeting in the Moldovan capital. Serbian President Aleksandar Vui, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, as well as Vjosa Osmani spoke at the meeting.
The President said from Chisinau that the situation in Kosovo and Metohija became the main topic of the summit, in addition to the situation in Ukraine.

2023 Parliamentary Elections in Montenegro: Young Voters Will Decide the Elections

The early parliamentary elections, scheduled to take place on 11 June 2023, will be the twelfth parliamentary elections since the introduction of a multi-party system and the sixth since Montenegro gained its independence.  There are around 542 thousand eligible voters registered in the central electoral roll.

Thousands dance quadrille to mark end of school year

Around 6,000 students danced the quadrille, a traditional prom dance, in 20 Slovenian towns at noon on 19 May, in what has become a popular way to mark the end of school for final-year secondary school students.

Roughly 2,500 students danced in the capital of Ljubljana and around 1,000 in Maribor, the country's second largest city.

EU Border Guards to Target Illegal Migration in Montenegro

Frontex officers check equipment in Skopje, North Macedonia. Photo: EPA-EFE/GEORGI LICOVSKI

Adzic signed an agreement with EU home affairs commissioner Ylva Johansson and justice minister Gunnar Strommer to allow the deployment of the Frontex officers in Montenegro.

According to the agreement, Montenegrin police and Frontex can also organise joint operations.

Montenegrin Parties Revamp Political Scene Ahead of Elections

Democratic Front MPs at a Montenegrin parliament session in Podgorica. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

They said on Saturday that pro-Serbian politicians Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic's New Serbian Democracy and Democratic People's Party will go to polls as a coalition, while Nebojsa Medojevic's Movement for Changes will compete on its own.

Belgrade and Skopje Airports ‘Hubs for Illicit Activities’: Report

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, GI-TOC, a Geneva-based NGO, published a report on Monday warning that Balkan airports are vulnerable to organised crime and that Belgrade and Skopje airports in particular are regional hubs for illicit activities.

Montenegro War Victims Legislation Criticised as ‘Discriminatory’

A Montenegrin parliament session in Podgorica. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro.

On Monday, parliament adopted the amendments proposed by the ruling Peace is Our Nation bloc enabling monthly compensation to be paid to family members of civilian war victims who were killed, died or disappeared during armed conflicts on the territory of Montenegro.

Meagre Resources Leave Montenegro Exposed to Cyber Threats

Perpetrator still unknown

The attacks of August 22 last year compromised a string of public services, including the websites of the government and the Revenue and Customs Administration.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration, 17 "information systems" in 10 institutions were infected, with 150 computer directly affected.

Two bids arrive for airline subsidies

The flag carriers of Luxembourg and Montenegro have applied for subsidies offered by the Slovenian government to improve the country's air connectivity in response to the first call.

Luxair and To Montenegro submitted their bids by the deadline that expired last week, the Infrastructure Ministry said on 8 May.

Montenegrins Urged to Hand Over Weapons After Mass Shootings Rock Serbia

Montenegrin Interior Minister Filip Adzic at the government session in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

On May 3, a seventh-grade pupil shot dead a school security worker and eight pupils in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, while six other pupils and a history teacher were injured.

Bosniak Politicians Campaign for Erdogan in Turkish Elections

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at the cornerstone ceremony for the Belgrade-Sarajevo highway in Sremska Raca, Serbia, 8 October 2019. Photo: EPA-EFE/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC

They sent messages over the weekend via social media, and paid visits and joined meetings and political rallies in Turkey itself.

Multinational special forces exercise ends

The Orion 23 Special Forces - Special Operations Forces Exercise, which was held in parallel with Iniochos 23, was completed on Thursday with the participation of contingents from the US, France, Cyprus, Austria, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro. 

Nearly 500,000 Turks living abroad cast vote

More than 500,000 Turkish citizens living abroad have cast their ballots in the elections scheduled for May 14 at home in four days, according to the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AKP) representative to the Supreme Election Council (YSK).