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Wanted Moldovan Deputy Surrenders During Pandemic

A former Democratic Party deputy, Constantin Tutu, surrendered to Moldovan law enforcement agencies on Friday at the Albita-Leuseni border crossing point with Romania, wearing medical gloves and a protective mask when taken into custody.

Social-democrats say following ordinance on delaying loans payment, banks only win

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) says that banks only are the ones that win following the gov't ordinance on the loan instalments' payment delaying, adopted Thursday by the Government, and this is to be corrected in the Parliament. "The only one to win following the Ordinance of Citu (the Finance Minister, ed. n.) regarding the postponement of the instalments to loans payment are the banks.

‘Soviet’ Celebration Resurrects Familiar Dispute in Moldova

A decision by the Moldovan government to spend cash on medals commemorating Victory Day in World War II has drawn criticism from opposition politicians who say the events effectively glorify the former Soviet Union.

Romanian anti-Communist Dissident Paul Goma Dies of Covid-19

Romanian writer and anti-Communist dissident Paul Goma has died in Paris aged 84 after being diagnosed with coronavirus, his biographer Mariana Sipos told the Romanian news portal G4Media on Wednesday.

"After receiving a message from France, I announce with sorrow and great pain the departure from among us of the great writer and dissident Paul Goma," the statement read.

US Aims to Deport Wanted Moldovan Oligarch Plahotniuc

The US embassy in Chisinau announced on Thursday evening that procedures to send Vlad Plahotniuc back to Moldova have already been launched but that he cannot be deported quickly.

Parliament approves decree on state of emergency

Parliament has adopted on Thursday President Klaus Iohannis' decree on the establishment of the state of emergency on Romania's territory for a 30-day period. Chamber of Deputies Speaker Marcel Ciolacu announced that the decision to approve the measure adopted by Romania's President on the establishment of the state of emergency on the entire territory of Romania was unanimously approved.

Week in Review: The Dark Shadow of COVID-19


The coronavirus is reaching south-east Europe just a little later than the rest of the European continent. In doing so, it is giving citizens and governments just enough time to watch the chaos engulfing countries such as Italy before it hits the region in full force.

Romanian Opposition Votes in Government it just Ousted

Seizing the moment, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis nominated Orban, head of the National-Liberal party that Iohannis once led, to form the next government.

State of emergency in Romania starts in the beginning of this week

The state of emergency will be instituted on Romania's territory as of the beginning of this week, in the context of the novel coronavirus epidemic. The announcement was made by President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday, after the swearing-in ceremony of the Orban III Government members.

US Ambassador hails gov't investiture, appreciates Romanians for having united to address problem of global magnitude

United States Ambassador in Bucharest Adrian Zuckerman hails the investiture of the new Orban Government and appreciates "the people of Romania for having united in this time of crisis to address a problem of global magnitude." "On behalf of President Trump I wish to express my deep appreciation to the people of Romania for having united in this time of crisis to address a problem of global mag