All News on Social Issues in Romania

JusMin says not obsessing over undoing court section, not feather in his cap

Justice Minister Stelian Ion said on Thursday evening that he does not obsess over undoing the court section for investigation of judicial crimes (SIIJ), adding that he will not turn the issue into a feather in his cap. "Know that I have not turned and I will not turn it into a feather in my cap, and I do not obsess over it.

Senate head Dragu: Anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism, topical dangers, must be firmly countered by society

Anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism are topical dangers, which must be firmly countered by society, Senate President Anca Dragu said on Thursday, on the occasion of the Commemoration of the January 1941 Anti-Jewish Bucharest Pogrom. "Today we pay tribute to the memory of the victims of the Bucharest Pogrom, a series of persecutions and atrocities against the Jewish population.

European Court Rules Romania Violated Trans Rights

The European Court of Human Rights, ECHR ruled against Romania on Tuesday for failing to satisfy of two transgender citizens' requests for recognition of their gender identity and asking them to "furnish proof that they had undergone gender reassignment surgery".

COVID-19 vaccination campaign: 16,057 people - immunised in last 24 hours

Romania's National Committee on the Coordination of COVID-19 Vaccination has reported that in the last 24 hours, 16,057 people have been immunised with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, according to data provided by the National Public Health Institute on the National Electronic Register of Vaccinations application.

PM Citu announces Wage Law amendments to iron out inequities

For the 2021 budget blueprint, the government examines the situation of bonuses in the public sector to see which of them are justified, Prime Minister Florin Citu declared on Thursday, announcing also that the Wage Law would undergo amendments for inequities in the public system to be ironed out.

State pensions to increase as planned, but not by 40pct

In reaction to a Constitutional Court ruling on Wednesday, Prime Minister Florin Citu says Romania in 2020 did not afford to increase state pensions by 40% and it does not afford now either, but the government will do increase pensions based on a promised schedule. "Romania did not afford it last year. It does not afford it in 2020 either.

UNICEF: Romania ranks 2nd in EU in terms of birth rate among adolescent mothers

Romania ranks second in the European Union in terms of the birth rate among adolescent mothers, pregnancy in adolescence having many negative consequences on expectant mothers, as well as social and economic costs, according to a study conducted by UNICEF together with the SAMAS Association in Romania.

Assets of optional pension funds top 2.8 bln lei as of November 27, 2020

As of November 27, 2020 optional pension funds held assets worth over 2.8 bln lei, up 15.26 percent YoY, the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) announced. Government securities account for the highest share of this amount, with 1.825 bln lei (64.10 pct), followed by stocks with 712.819 mln lei (25.03 pct) and units in collective investment undertakings with 93.556 mln lei (3.29 pct).

Assets of privately managed mandatory pension funds at roughly 73.145 bln lei as of end November

Assets of mandatory privately managed pension funds amounted to over 73.145 billion lei as of November 27, 2020, up 20 percent YoY, shows data of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF). Government securities account for the largest share in assets with 49.73 billion lei (68 pct), followed by stocks with 15.158 billion lei (20.72 pct) and corporate bonds with 2.98 billion lei (4.07 pct).

Twenty migrants found in articulated lorry at border with Hungary

Twenty migrants seeking asylum in Romania were discovered by the authorities when they tried to leave the country illegally through the Border Checkpoint Nadlac II, 18 being hidden in an articulated lorry, and two under a trailer, sitting on a spare wheel.

Meridian union: Romania cannot afford freezing workers' wages, abandon economic, social convergence goal

Romania cannot afford freezing workers' wages and abandon the goal of economic and social convergence with developed states in the European Union, say representatives of the Meridian National Trade Union Confederation, dissatisfied with the measures taken by the Romanian Government "that will determine the living and working conditions of workers in 2021".