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StateSec Despescu announces Military Ordinance 5: Extension of flight suspension to and from Spain and Italy

Interior Ministry (MAI) Secretary of State Bogdan Despescu on Monday evening announced the adoption of Military Ordinance No. 5, which provides extending the suspension of airline flights to and from Spain and Italy. "The measure of suspending the flights operated by airlines to Spain and from Spain to Romania for a period of 14 days, starting 31 march 2020, 18,00hrs, is extended.

Don’t Leave Roma Out of EU Enlargement Talks

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Roma Face Brunt of Western Balkans Demographic Crisis

However, one fundamental failure looks set to be repeated: a blatant refusal to consider the situation facing the Roma minority in the Western Balkans and how Roma people themselves could benefit from a new approach to EU enlargement.

International Women’s Day Marked Across Balkans

Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Croatia staged rallies on International Women's Day, opposing violence and discrimination and demanding better rights and more equal treatment.

In the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, the CURE (GIRLS) Foundation celebrated with an activist stroll, under the slogan "Bully, on your way!"

Eurostat: Bulgaria among the Countries with Highest Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion

In 2018, non-European Union citizens were at a higher risk of poverty or social exclusion than foreign European Union (EU) citizens or national citizens. Across the whole of the EU, 45% of non-EU citizens were assessed to be at risk of poverty or social exclusion compared with 29% of foreign EU citizens and 21% for nationals.

INSP: 51 persons died of flu in Romania

The number of persons who died of flu in Romania in 2020 reached 51, the National Centre for Supervision and Control of Communicable Diseases of the National Public Health Institute informed on Tuesday.

EC: Romania has made limited progress in addressing the 2019 country-specific recommendations

Romania has made limited progress with the 2019 country-specific recommendations, taking into account that the substantial progress made in the financial and banking sectors have been counteracted by the lack of progress regarding the fiscal framework, the public pension system, the minimum inclusion income, predictability in the decision-making process and the governance of state-owned compani

Over half of Romanians not having private health insurance, not wanting one in next half-year

Over half of Romanians (52%) do not have private health insurance and do not want to take out one in the coming half year, show the findings of an online survey conducted under the national information campaign "All about health insurance." According to the survey, 48% of the respondents said that they do not undergo a full set of medical examinations once a year, with 30% of them claiming the