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OG 2020 - Rowing: Romania conquers silver medal in men's coxless pair race

Romania has conquered the silver medals in the men's coxless pair race, on Thursday, during the Tokyo Olympic Games, through Marius Cozmiuc and Ciprian Tudosa. The Romanians were timed with 6 minutes 16 seconds 58/100, being overtaken by the Croatian brothers Martin and Valent Sinkovic, 6 min 15 sec 29/100, who led the race from one end to another.

OG 2020 - Romania's women coxless pair takes 3rd place in Final B

AGERPRES special correspondent, Teodor Ciobanu, reports: Romanian rowers Adriana Ailincai and Iuliana Buhus have taken third place in Final B of the women's coxless pair event which took place, on Thursday, during the Tokyo Olympic Games, as well as 9th place overall in the event. In Final B, taking place on Thursday at the Sea Forest Waterway, Romania finished the race in 7 min 01 sec 02/100.

OG 2020 - Romania, gold in Tokyo in women's double sculls

Romania took its first gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, on Wednesday, in rowing, in women's double sculls, through Ancuta Bodnar and Simona Radis, who have won outright Final A at the Sea Forest Waterway. Bodnar and Radis, world vice champions (2019, Linz), led the race from start to end, winning with the time of 6 min 41 sec 03/100, setting the best Olympic time as well.

OG 2020 - Romania, silver medal in men's coxless four event

Romania won the silver medals in the Tokyo Olympic Games, on Wednesday, during the men's coxless four race, through Mihaita Tiganescu, Mugurel Semciuc, Stefan Berariu and Cosmin Pascari. The Romanians finished in 5 minutes and 43 seconds 13/100, arriving at 37/100 from the Olympic champions.

OG 2020 - David Popovici: I don't believe I lost medal, I believe I won 4th place

AGERPRES special correspondent Teodor Ciobanu reports: Fourth place in the 200 m freestyle event, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, is an excellent result for a 16 year old swimmer, David Popovici, who has all the qualities of becoming a superstar at the pool, but yet there remains a shadow of regret that he did not profit from the opportunity and didn't take a bronze medal for only 2/100.

OG 2020 - Artistic Gymnastics: Larisa Iordache qualifies for balance beam final

Romanian gymnast Larisa Iordache qualified on Sunday for the balance beam final with the fourth score, 14.133, following the artistic gymnastics women's qualification competition, in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Larisa Iordache, who had announced she would only compete in the balance beam event due to her ankle pains, blamed the landing at the end of the performance on her accident as well.

OG 2020 - Swimming: David Popovici, Robert Glinta, qualified for 200m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke semifinals

Romanian swimmers David Popovici and Robert Glinta on Sunday qualified for the semifinals of the Men's 200m Freestyle and Men's 50m Backstroke events in the Tokyo Olympic Games. David Popovici (16 years of age) qualified for the Men's 200m Freestyle with the fourth time, 1:45.32, after he won Heat 2. He will compete on July 26 for the qualification for the final (July 27).

SptMin Novak to athletes: It's important that you represent the country, no matter the medals

Minister of Youth and Sports Eduard Novak said on Friday, before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games, that his message to Romania's Olympic athletes is that no matter how many medals they may win, the most important thing is that they represent Romania at the supreme sporting competition. "Dear athletes, the moment of truth has come.

INTERVIEW/Olympic Games 2020: Mihai Covaliu - I am convinced that in Tokyo we will stop decline in Olympic medals

Chairman of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) Mihai Covaliu tells AGERPRES in an interview that he is convinced Romanian athletes will stop in Tokyo the decline in the tally of Olympic medals that started in Sydney 2000. He says that in order to bring joy to Romanians, COSR needs the support of the government and its partners.

Spartan conditions for Romanian Olympians: No stepping out other than to training venues

The Romanian athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics are treated to spartan conditions in the Matsudo pre-Olympic camp, where they have to observe a total quarantine and strictly follow the organizers' Covid-19 rules. "We arrived in Matsudo around midnight, after a stopover in Istanbul and another 11 hours of flight.

Coffee, tea and spice imports down by nearly 9 pct in Q1

The value of coffee, tea (including mate) and spice imports has dropped by nearly 9 pct in the first three months of 2021, compared to the similar period of 2020, down to 57.36 million euro, according to the commercial balance with food products, consulted by AGERPRES. Last year, in the first quarter, the value of imports of such products exceeded 62.8 million euro.

Gymnast Marian Dragulescu: I'll take 2-3 weeks of 'prison' in Tokyo for gold medal

The multiple world and European champion in artistic gymnastics Marian Dragulescu said, in an interview granted to AGERPRES, commenting on the isolation that all participants will be subjected to at the Tokyo Olympic Games in the context of the pandemic, that he is willing to accept 2-3 weeks of "prison" for the gold medal.

Boxer Amalia Nita grabs a gold medal at EUBC of Tbilisi, Georgia

Romanian boxer Amalia Nita grabbed the gold medal within the limits of the 63 kg weight category on Sunday at the European Junior Boxing Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia, after finally defeating Poland's Karolina Kuhn on points (5-0). Two other Romanians won the silver medals. Angelo Teodosescu (cat.