Latest News from Romania

NATO Boosts Forces in East to Deter Russian Menace

The total number of battle-ready forces now comprises some 40,000 troops. The US on its own has also moved additional troops to these countries based on its own bilateral agreements with them.

"If NATO enters Moldova, it will lead to war"

rde told Sputnik that powerful geopolitical players have emerged, such as Russia, China, India and Brazil, which are a serious counterweight to the West and NATO. "Therefore, their plans to destroy, weaken and dismember Russia are not in their favor," he said.

Over 70% in EU Support Economic Sanctions on Russia

Over 70% of people surveyed in the EU agree with the imposition of economic sanctions on Russia, with two-thirds feeling that more stringent sanctions should be imposed. Support for economic sanctions is particularly high in Scandinavian countries, the Baltic states, Romania, Poland and Ireland.

A Small Plane violated the Airspace of 4 countries, Landed in Bulgaria

The location of the violating plane has been established, and the case is under investigation. On June 8, around 7.09 p.m., a small plane entered the airspace of Bulgaria. The plane took off from Hungary and flew through Serbia and Romania without an approved flight plan, the Defense Ministry said.

Slovenia joins EU countries urging changes to Covid vaccine contracts

Brussels/Ljubljana – Ten EU member states, including Slovenia, have called on the European Commission to amend contracts for the supply of Covid vaccines to reduce the number of doses ordered. They warn about the issue of vaccine surpluses and the need for a better management of public funds.

Romania and Bulgaria Plan Five New Danube River Bridges

Romania and Bulgaria began feasibility studies for the building of five new bridges over the River Danube after a meeting on Monday in Bucharest between Romania's Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu and his Bulgaria counterpart, Nikolai Sabev.

Pride March in Romania Attacked by Conservative Protesters

A group of hundreds of people participating in the Iasi Pride march on Sunday afternoon in the largest city in eastern Romania were attacked by conservative and religious protesters.

What are the Expectations for the Season on Bulgaria’s Northern Black Sea Coast?

Hoteliers working in the smaller settlements on the Northern Black Sea coast are optimistic about the upcoming summer season. One of the largest complexes - Albena, expects to achieve about 70% of overnight stays in 2019. Of course, adjustments to the price of the offered service are envisaged everywhere, but within reasonable limits, the hoteliers also share.

Violent Acts and Sensationalism Distort the Web

Romanian Far-Rightists Storm Digital Environment

Following the rejection of the so-called "Sovereignty Bill" by Romania's Chamber of Deputies on May 10, the political climate has further deteriorated.

Steady Decline in Incoming Ukrainian Refugees, A Lot are Leaving Bulgaria

There is a steady downward trend in the number of Ukrainians entering the country from Ukraine and more leaving Bulgaria. This is shown by the data at the border checkpoint near Ruse.

One in five - this is how we can summarize the number of Ukrainian citizens leaving and entering through the two border checkpoints near Ruse - the Danube Bridge, as well as the Central Railway Station.

EC: Croatia is Ready for the Eurozone, Bulgaria is Not

Bulgaria meets three of the four economic convergence criteria needed to join the Eurozone.

This is stated in a report released yesterday by the European Commission.

The criteria that our country fulfills are for stable and sustainable public finances, stability of exchange rates and long-term interest rates.

Russia might be Preparing a Provocation in the Black Sea – Bulgaria is a Potential Target

Russia is preparing new provocations in the Black Sea, and among the potential targets of provocations are Bulgaria and Romania, the Association for the Reintegration of Crimea, a non-governmental platform that analyzes and seeks solutions to problems after the Russian occupation of Crimea, said in its official Facebook profile.