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INSCOP poll finds Army and NATO are the institutions Romanians trust the most

The Romanians trust the national forces and NATO the most, while the Parliament of Romania and the European Commission are on the end positions of the ranking of public trust in national and international institutions, respectively, shows an INSCOP poll conducted between January 21 and February 5 at the commission of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Advance of Romanian economy slows down to 4.1pct in 2018

The advance of the Romanian economy slowed down to 4.1 pct in 2018, from 7 pct in the previous year, according to the alarm estimates published on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

PNL's Turcan say party no to vote on budget; calls it constitutionally questionable

National Liberal Party (PNL) floor leader in the Chamber of Deputies Raluca Turcan announced in the general debates on Wednesday on the draft 2019 national budget bill that her party would vote against the bill, calling the budget questionable from a constitutional point of view.

BNR's Georgescu: Declining financial intermediation has structural causes

Declining financial intermediation has structural causes, and if we relate to the inflation rate and the current account deficit, these are symptoms of an abnormal functioning of the economic body, the first-vice governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR), Florin Georgescu said on Tuesday in Parliament, at hearings in a joint sitting of the Senate's economic and budget-finance commi

Romania's Presidency at EU Council and EP reach informal agreement on directive facilitating authorities' access to financial information

Representatives of Romania's Presidency at the EU Council and those of the European Parliament (EP) reached an informal agreement on Tuesday regarding a directive proposal establishing the norms facilitating authorities the access to enforce the financial information law, in view of preventing, uncovering and investigating certain offenses.

President Iohannis: Budget, hastily built on unrealistic economic estimates

President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that Romania's 2019 national budget has been hastily put together based on unrealistic economic projections, warning that the budget is not of the leadership of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), main at rule, but Romania's.

INSCOP: 27.8pct would vote with PSD; 26.7pct with PNL in EP elections; 30pct haven't decided

A share of 27.8 percent of the Romanians expressing a voting option would vote with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the elections to the European Parliament, 26.7 percent would vote for the National Liberal Party (PNL), 10 percent for the Save Romania Union (USR), 9.2 percent for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) and 7 percent for PLUS, shows an INSCOP poll commissioned by the

Bella Bulgaria Plans to Invest BGN 15 Million and Enter the Serbian Market

The Bulgarian food company "Bella Bulgaria" started 2019 with a large investment program in the production, storage and export of food. The company invests over BGN 15 million in the implementation of ultramodern automated lines and quality control systems, the construction of new warehouses in the country.

Iohannis: Fight for liberty today is to voice opinion, be connected to what is going on, go out to vote

The fight for liberty nowadays means to voice one's opinions, be preoccupied with the current events and participate in voting, on Monday night said President Iohannis at "The 80east (eighties) space - Home in communism" inauguration event, but also that should the values of democracy not be protected, "ghosts" from "the darkness of not very old days" could rise.