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Romania counts for 22,760 cases of SARS-CoV-2 and 1,451 deceased

A further 345 cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus have been recorded in Romania since the last briefing, reaching a total of 22,760 illnesses, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) announced on Wednesday.

FinMin Citu: Real economy proves me right, the socialists' apocalyptic scenarios have been shattered

Public Finance Minister Florin Citu says that his objective is to minimize the negative impact of the global economic crisis on Romania's economy, and that the best measures to this effect have been taken so far, a fact confirmed by official data. "The real economy proves me right! We have taken the best measures for the economy and this is confirmed by official data.

INS cancels publication of Q1 data on tourist expenses of non-residents in Romania

The National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced on Wednesday that it is canceling the publication of the June 17, 2020 press release regarding the tourist expenses of non-residents in Romania related to the first quarter due to the data collection problems during the restrictive measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNAB marks air service resumption 110 years since Aurel Vlaicu's trailblazing flight

The Bucharest Airports National Corporation (CNAB) organizes on Wednesday the event "Everything will be fine!" to mark the resumption of flights after the coronavirus-induced halt of services that saw Romania's air traffic plunge by about 98 percent. "For the entire mankind, the first half of 2020 has posed the greatest health, economic and social challenge of the century.

Romania Arrests Iranian Ex-Judge Who Jailed Journalists

Fugitive former judge Gholamreza Mansouri has been arrested in Romania over corruption charges pressed by Tehran, which is seeking his extradition, media reported.

Press freedom activists are demanding meanwhile that Mansouri be tried in Bucharest for allegedly ordering the arrest and torture of at least 20 journalists.

SARS-CoV-2 case count rises by 250 to 22,415

A further 250 cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus have been recorded in Romania since the last information, the total reaching 22,415, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) announced on Tuesday. Currently, 173 patients are admitted to intensive care.

Romanian Naval Forces release command of Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2

The Romanian Naval Forces have released, on Monday, command of the Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 (SNMCMG-2), informs, on Tuesday, a press release sent by the Naval Forces General Staff. According to the quoted source, the event took place, as a first, through videoconference, as a preventive measure in the international epidemiological context given by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Rafila: Way of reporting COVID-19 cases makes any data manipulation impossible

Doctor Alexandru Rafila, the chairman of the Romanian Microbiology Society and representative of Romania in the World Health Organization (WHO), stated, on Monday evening, referring to some recent political statements regarding the manipulation by the Government of the data referring to COVID-19 cases recorded in our country, that the way in which this data is collected make "any manipulation p

Final outcome: "Border with Greece open only to EU citizens"

The opening of the border came an hour after it was officially announced that it would be opened, and EU citizens who want to enter Bulgaria must first fill in a questionnaire stating their full name and place where they are traveling, BTA reports.

OmFest online festival Friday through Sunday

The third edition of the OmFest festival, dedicated to the promotion and celebration of multiculturalism, will take place online this year, Friday to Sunday, with the combination between music and dance being its theme.

European Film Festival to continue June 17-21 on

The European Film Festival (FFE) continues June 17-21 on the video streaming platform of the Transylvania International Film Festival ( with the streaming of 25 European short films from the EU Shorts section and 18 Romanian short films made in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.