Latest News from Romania

Romania suspends Flights of its MiG-21 Fighters

NATO member Romania is suspending flights of its other MiG-21 Lancer fighters today due to a "significantly higher accident rate" and will speed up the planned purchase of used F-16 fighters from Norway, Reuters reported, citing the ministry of defense. The move is not related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which shares a 650-kilometer border with Romania, the agency said.

Romanian Intelligence to Scrutinise Major Non-EU Investors

Romania's intelligence services are to scrutinise non-EU foreign investors who want to invest more than two million euros in Romania, said a government order issued on Thursday evening.

A committee with members from several ministries, the Romanian Intelligence Service, SRI, and the Foreign Intelligence Service, SIE, will evaluate potential foreign investors.

Bulgarian PM: Immediate Payment of over 600 million to the Road Builders will be approved today

Road builders from across Bulgaria are protesting today

"Today, we hope that the proposal for immediate payment of over 600 million to construction companies will pass through a legal commission, which is, however, 50% of the money owed to them." This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov at the beginning of today's meeting of the Council of Ministers.

NATO sent an F-35 fighter jet close to Serbian airspace

This is part of NATO's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Croatian portal reported.
Thus, British fighter jets of the "Eurofighter Typhoon" type will take over the protection of the skies over Romania from the Italian "Eurofighter".

Vandals Scrawl Russian War Symbols on Romanian Cemetery in Moldova

Authorities in Moldova vowed on Monday to do everything necessary to track down and punish those who scrawled symbols of support for Russia's war in neighbouring Ukraine on a cemetery for World War Two Romanian soldiers.

NATO is planning a Permanent Force on its Eastern Borders

"NATO is developing plans for the permanent deployment of troops along its eastern borders in response to Russia's growing military activity." This was stated in an interview with the British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

Ninth lynx from Romania arrives in Slovenia

Ilirska Bistrica – An adult male lynx arrived from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to the Snežnik plateau on Friday and is adjusting to the new environment in an enclosure. It is the ninth lynx to have arrived from Romania, said partners to the LIFE Lynx project, striving to preserve the Dinaric-Alpine lynx population.

From Kyiv to the Venice Biennale: Ukrainian artwork saved from war

On the day Russia invaded Ukraine, Maria Lanko loaded her car with several works of art and, like thousands of other Kyiv residents, headed west.

One of those pieces, a monumental installation by Ukrainian artist Pavlo Makov, was set to be displayed in Ukraine's pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Romanian Ex-Minister Fleeing Jail Sentence Caught in Bulgaria

Bulgarian police stopped former Romanian Minister of Tourism and Development Elena Udrea from leaving the country after hearing that a Romanian court had sentenced her to six years in prison.

The final verdict confirmed a sentence originally issued in June 2018 for bribery, abuse of office and tax evasion over a boxing match.

The EP has approved € 3.4 billion for countries that have accepted refugees from Ukraine

EU countries that have taken refuge from the Russian invasion of Ukraine will immediately receive 3.4 billion euros, MEPs in Strasbourg have decided.

At its session, the European Parliament gave the green light to redirect EU funds for regional development and asylum to member states sheltering Ukrainian refugees. MEPs have now adopted additional emergency measures to support them.

Defense ministers of six Black Sea countries discuss Ukraine, floating mines

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar on April 6 held an online meeting with his counterparts from Black Sea coastal countries and discussed the floating mines in the Black Sea and the issue of humanitarian corridors to Ukraine.

The discussions, held upon Turkey's invitation, were fruitful, the minister said in a statement after the meeting.

Ukrainian refugees find route to US goes through Mexico

Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees arriving daily have a message for family and friends in Europe: the fastest route to settle in the United States is booking a flight to Mexico.

Western Partners Stump up Aid Package for Moldova

Moldova was promised 695 million euros in assistance from international partners at a "Moldova Support Platform" conference organized on Tuesday by Romania, France and Germany in Berlin.