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Fourlis to bring The Athlete’s Foot to Greece

Fourlis is extending its deal with Intersport International to include the launch of the multinational’s other chain of stores besides Intersport, The Athlete’s Foot, which operates in several countries together with Intersport.

The move forms part of the Athens-listed holding company’s strategy to introduce big international brands to the domestic market.

Ponta: I'm absolutely convinced I can be the President who unites the Romanians

Presidential candidate of the PSD-UNPR-PC electoral alliance, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, said in televised debate Wednesday night where he squared off with his rival, ACL-backed Klaus Iohannis, that he is absolutely convinced that he can be the President who unites the Romanians, that Romania can be a better country, and USL can heal the wounds inflicted in the last 10 years and

Ponta, Iohannis trade fire over plagiarism accusations

ACL presidential candidate Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday evening during an on-air debate with his opponent Victor Ponta, that a politician once caught plagiarizing now seeks the position of President of Romania.

Candidate Iohannis: Voting a right, not a slogan

Klaus Iohannis, running for president as the candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL), defines himself as the candidate for which 'voting is not a slogan, but a right.'

Ponta: I can be that President Romania needs

PSD-UNPR-PC presidential front-runner Victor Ponta said on Wednesday evening that he is ready to be the President Romania needs.

Candidate Iohannis: If Ponta is elected, we will have amnesty and pardon law

Klaus Iohannis, running for president as the candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL), says if his opponent Victor Ponta (the incumbent prime minister and candidate of the Social Democrat Party, National Union for Romania's Progress and Conservative Party) is elected, 'next day the Parliament will pass the law of amnesty and pardon.'

Presidential runner Ponta: With Iohannis as head of state Romania will turn back time to 2010-2011

Presidential contender of the alliance of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Union for Romania's Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC), incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta, on Wednesday evening said at B1 TV private television channel, while participating in a debate with opponent Klaus Iohannis, presidential endorsee of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL

PM advisor Socol: IMF confirms Romania's macroeconomic progress in last 2 years

The statements of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) representative for Romania and Bulgaria, Guillermo Tolosa, confirm the macroeconomic progress Romania has made over the past two years and the fact that Romania was not in technical recession, prime minister's economy advisor Cristian Socol told AGERPRES.

IMF Rep Praises Bulgaria's Macroeconomic Stability, Urges Reforms

Bulgaria is at one of the leading positions in Central and Eastern Europe in macroeconomic stability, but needs reforms, said Guillermo Tolosa, the IMF representative to Bulgaria and Romania, quoted by the BTA wire service.

"There is enough proof for the close relation between reforms and convergence, even if the effect of the reforms is not immediately visible," Tolosa said.

PM Ponta to inaugurate bridge across Danube - Black Sea Canal

Incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta, running for president with the support of his Social Democrat Party, of the National Union for Romania's Progress and of the Conservative Party, will inaugurate a bridge across the Danube - Black Sea Canal on Thursday.

Romania, 5th place in EU in terms of industrial production growth in September

Industrial production in the European Union (EU 28) and in the Eurozone rose by 0.6% in September 2014 compared with August 2014, with Romania having been among the countries where the industrial production recorded the highest growth rates month on month, according to the data released on Wednesday by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat).

IMF Reminds Romania To Control Spending

"There is a commitment from Romania to continue to consolidate the fiscal situation. So we expect such a commitment to be fulfilled," Guillermo Tolosa, the IMF representative to Romania and Bulgaria, said on Tuesday.