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NATO is Sending more than 1,000 US Troops to Poland

NATO is sending more than 1,000 US troops to Poland. The goal is to protect the Polish-Ukrainian border. This was stated for Nova TV by the Ambassador of Poland to Bulgaria H.E. Maciej Szymanski. He added that he hoped diplomacy would prevail in the NATO-Russia crisis.

2,000 US troops have Left for Europe

French, German leaders to visit Russia, Ukraine amid tension

The French president and the German chancellor will head to Moscow and Kyiv in the coming weeks, adding to diplomatic efforts to try to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from launching an invasion of Ukraine and find a way out of the growing tensions.

Blinken's Special Envoy is coming to Bulgaria to discuss Security

Derek Chollet, a senior US State Department official, will visit Sofia led by a US delegation from several federal agencies. This is part of a tour of Bulgaria, Romania and Belgium between February 7th and 11th, a foreign ministry spokesman said in Washington.

2,000 US troops have Left for Europe

2,000 troops left the Fort Bragg base in North Carolina and headed for Europe. By order of United States President Joe Biden, the military will be stationed in Germany and Poland.

European Reactions to the US decision to send Troops in Eastern Europe

Thousands of US troops currently in Germany will be relocated to Romania.

France wants to Lead a New Multinational NATO Contingent in the Balkans

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who is in Bucharest, met virtually today with nine of his Eastern European counterparts to discuss the crisis over Ukraine, Reuters reported. According to information from ClubZ, the Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska also participated.

Central European, Balkan, Athletes Dream of Glory in Beijing

With the winter Olympics in Beijing around the corner, athletes have already flown to the Chinese capital where they will compete under the five interlaced rings, symbol of the International Olympic Committee.

US deploys 3,000 troops in Ukraine standoff

The United States on Wednesday deployed several thousand troops to bolster NATO forces in eastern Europe, as the leaders of France and Germany flagged trips to Moscow to address Western fears of an invasion of Ukraine.

The United States has offered Russia an Exchange of Information on Missiles

The United States has told Russia it is ready to provide the Kremlin with a way to verify that there are no Tomahawk cruise missiles at NATO bases in Poland and Romania if Moscow is willing to share similar missile information at some Russian bases.

The information is from the Bloomberg agency.

Boris Johnson Prepares Planes for Bulgaria and an Elite Ship in the Black Sea

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce today that his country is proposing to strengthen NATO's eastern flank, including sending Typhoon fighter jets to patrol the airspace of Bulgaria and Romania. They will operate from Cyprus, where there are two British airbases.

Biden: We will Soon Deploy Troops in Europe

President Joe Biden has said he will soon send a small number of US troops to bolster NATO's presence in Eastern Europe as tensions rise over Russia's military build-up along Ukraine's borders.

NATO will Expand its Military Presence in Eastern Europe

Chaos with the growing number of infected; Clearly speaking - COVID came from Serbia

It is stated that the cases of the infection came especially from the Balkan countries. Most of them are from Bosnia, with 1.611 in the first week of January and 822 in the second week. Then follows Serbia with 959 in the first week of January, and 540 in the second.
In third place is Hungary with 748 and 121 cases, respectively.

CNN: The United States is Considering Sending up to 1,000 Troops to Bulgaria

The United States and its allies are considering the deployment of troops in NATO's Eastern European countries as a precautionary measure against a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was reported by CNN, citing officials of the US administration.

NATO will Expand its Military Presence in Eastern Europe