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Russia's federalisation plan for Ukraine sparks criticism

Russia's federalisation plan for Ukraine sparks criticism

The West supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and calls for united actions against Russian interference.

Russian soldiers storm a Ukrainian military air base in Belbek, Crimea, on March 22nd. [AFP]

Romanian President Asks PM to Reverse Fuel Excises

Romania's President Traian Basescu asked Prime Minister Victor Ponta to revoke a fuel excise coming into force on April 1.

In a letter, Basescu wrote that introducing the excise would "put an exaggerated and pointless pressure on the economic environment and on the consumers," as Romania's AGERPRES quoted him as saying.

Bulgaria-Romania Gas Grid Interconnection to Become Functional in June

Following a number of technical delays, the Bulgaria-Romania gas grid interconnection will start functioning in June, according to Economy and Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev.

Speaking Wednesday at a conference on natural gas, Stoynev claimed that the delay had been caused by a collapse of the ground below the Danube River, adding that the problem had been dealt with.

Nearly 80% of Bulgarians Never Exercise - Eurobarometer

A great part of 78% of Bulgarian citizens never exercise or play sport, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey on sport and physical activity.

41% of Europeans exercise or play sport at least once a week, while 59% of EU citizens never or seldom do so, according to the survey.

EC Records Dramatic Internet Price Fluctuations in EU

Europe's 400 million internet users face a geographic lottery regarding the price, speed, and range of choice of broadband, according to data released Wednesday.

Romania Gypsy King Bans Child Marriages

Dorin Cioaba, the self-proclaimed King of the Gypsies in Romania, says he is ready to take on the controverial tradition of marriages in the low teens.

The 43-year-old graduate in law has said that Roma should not get married until they are at least 16.

Romanian Parties Ready For European Elections

With less than two months to go before European elections, the parties in Romania have designated their candidates for the elections on 25 May, offering most of the positions to standing MEPs.

Romania will have 32 mandates in the future European Parliament, compared to 33 at present.

Romania Scores Net Gains From European Funds

Since joining the EU in 2007, Bucharest has received around 21.3 billion euro from European funds compared to its contribution of some 10.6 billion euro, the Romanian Central Bank has said.

Region calls for diplomatic solution of Ukrainian crisis

Region calls for diplomatic solution of Ukrainian crisis

Diplomacy is the only way out of the deadlock in Crimea, officials say.

The wives of Ukrainian soldiers hold a banner reading "No War" during a rally outside the Sevastopol tactical military brigade base in Sevastopol. [AFP]

USA To Hold Military Exercises in Poland

The US is preparing military exercises in Poland, said US ambassador to Poland, Stephen Mull. 

According to Mull, they would included  Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltics.

Polish radio station Radio Zet, quoted by Reuters, said Mull told them that the exercise will take place in the Lask base in central Poland. 

OMV Sets Eyes on Potential Black Sea Gas Deposits

Significant amounts of natural gas could be extracted from Bulgaria's Khan Asparuh deep-water block, OMV believes.

Austrian energy company's expectations have so far been fomented by the discovering of vast amounts of gas at Neptun, a deep-water block in neighboring Romania situated next to Khan Asparuh.