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Kosovo: Group of Albanians attack Serb man

According to this, he was attacked by a group of ethnic Albanians, sustaining light injuries.

The Kosovo police said that the incident happened in the ethnically mixed settlement of Bosnjacka Mahala, on Tuesday afternoon. The victim has been injured and has received medical treatment.

"Government will solve problems media outlets are facing"

According to the government, she added that an urgent meeting with representatives of the media and journalist associations is needed in order to continue working on the development of a media strategy.

Is Serbia still on EU path, wonders Slovenian FM

Speaking before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Slovenian Parliament, Cerar added that Serbia should declare its stance on European orientation, STA is reporting.

According to him, these questions should be discussed through talks with Serbian officials, and to concern should be expressed over them.

Slovenian attempts to smuggle 24 kilos of drugs

Batrovci is a border crossing between Serbia and Croatia.

The police said they found a total of 24.6 kilograms of the drug in possession of the suspect, whose initials are I.D.

The narcotics were hidden in specially built spaces inside a car with Slovenian license plates.

New protest in Greece over Macedonia name deal

A vote has been scheduled in the Greek parliament for Friday to ratify the Prespa Agreement, changing the name of Greece's neighbor to the north from "the Republic of Macedonia" to "the Republic of North Macedonia."

EU funding 18 local government projects

At a meeting with representatives of local self-governments at Deputies' Club, the minister for EU integration emphasized that this is important for changing the investment and business environment in cities and municipalities.

Taxes could remain forever, Haradinaj says; Vucic reacts

After a government session, he told reporters that he was "willing to listen to suggestions and appeals from the United States and the European Union to lift the new customs fee, but it is clear that such a decision can't be made at this point," Beta reported.

"Proud of reforms, but not of criticism of media situation"

Speaking at a panel in Davos dedicated to media freedoms, the Serbian president added that he is on one hand satisfied with the economic reforms carried out in Serbia, but that this was not true of other things - referring to the situation in the media.

Cash transfers from diaspora exceed EUR 3.1 billion

This is 17.5 percent more y-o-y, Tanjug reported on Tuesday, citing the National Bank of Serbia (NBS).

According to preliminary figures from the central bank, the transfers amounted to 3,173 million euros in the first 11 months of 2018.

Hahn "makes offer in exchange for abolishing taxes"

This is according to the Pristina-based Klan Kosova broadcaster.

Pristina recently increased the said taxes by 100 percent, prompting Belgrade to demand their abolishing before the EU-mediated Kosovo dialogue can continue.

KFOR "only legitimate armed formation in Kosovo"

According to the Serbian government, they discussed "the current situation in Kosovo and Metohija."

Vulin pointed to the good cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces with NATO, under the auspices of the Partnership for Peace program.

Is Trump next to visit Serbia?

And some of them are announcing the arrival of Donald Trump and of Angela Merkel.

Vladimir Vuletic, a sociologist, and Stanko Crnobrnja, a professor at the Faculty for Media and Communications, touched on this while speaking for Prva TV on Tuesday morning.

Fascist WW2-era flag shown on Croatian state TV

The flag made an appearance during the sports segment of HRT's main news program.

The Ustasha regime was in power in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) - a WW2 Nazi-allied entity that set up and operated death camps for Serbs, Jews, and Roma, including in Jasenovac.