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World Powers Use Pandemic to Flex Muscles in Balkans

They say the big powers - China, Russia and the US - are not shrinking from using the pandemic as leverage to advance their strategic positions in an already fragile region.

After its initial blunder, when the European Union restricted the export of medical equipment outside its borders, the EU has corrected course and upgraded its performance.

Four more deaths, 219 new coronavirus cases confirmed

Total number of confirmed cases now stands at 2.666.
That number includes 1.705 patients in hospitals, 112 of who are on respirators.
A total of 10.761 people have been tested for coronavirus in Serbia to date, including the 1.135 people who were tested over the previous 24 hours.
Unfortunately, in the last 24 hours we have 4 (four) more deaths, or 65 in total.

Director of Batut Institute: More testing in the next period VIDEO

Jovanovic appealed to TV Prva that anyone who has any symptoms and meets the criteria for testing for a coronavirus to report to the health COVID centers.
"The key measure is to test potential contacts and all those who have been in contact with COVID-positive persons, because that is how we cut the transmission chain," Jovanovic told TV Prva.

The Torture of a Coronavirus Test in Serbia

My temperature continued to rise, however, so I called the numbers I had found on the official Serbian website. The complaints I had read online were right. It took an hour of calling before I finally got through to the Ministry of Health. I was told just to monitor my temperature.

Curfew from Friday through Monday

The media report that this measure will apply to the whole of Serbia, not just the hotspot cities as announced earlier.
According to the latest information, pensioners will be able to go to stores on Friday, from four to seven in the morning.

BIRN Fact-Check: When Did Serbia Order All Arrivals to Self-Isolate?

The measures imposed by the authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19 have been tightened up several times since they were first imposed in mid-March. The changes have been announced at special press conferences, usually in the evening, and then published in the Official Gazette, often with slight alterations.

Turkey sends medical aid to five Balkan countries

A Turkish military aircraft carrying medical aid for the fight against the novel coronavirus departed from the capital Ankara for five Balkan countries on April 8.

Official: Bulgaria Closed its Borders

From midnight Bulgaria officially closed its borders to third countries at all border checkpoints, no matter what the vehicles are.

The measure effectively applies to our borders with Turkey, Northern Macedonia and Serbia and will remain in force until April 17th. An important clarification is that this ban does not affect nationals of EU Member States and their families.

Tiodorovic: This is not a question of democracy, this is a matter of civilization

He added that 24-hour isolation would not be required if existing measures were respected.
Tiodorovic, a member of the Health Crisis Staff, pointed out that it is a very important truth that Serbia was the first in Europe to establish such a form of organizing and believes that it was the right move.

Turkey to send medical aid to Serbia

Turkey's president on April 6 announced that the country would donate medical assistance to Serbia.

How Multi-ethnic is Kosovo?

Ever since it broke away from Serbia, Kosovo has come under pressure to preserve its multi-ethnic character. But minority communities still struggle to exercise their rights.