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European Court Fines Serbia for Police Beating of Cannabis Suspect

The European Court of Human Rights ruled in a decision published on Tuesday that Serbian citizen Aleksandar Zlicic was subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment at a police station in the city of Novi Sad after he and his friend were arrested in 2014 for allegedly possessing cannabis.

"Biden knows the history of Kosovo - everything will be different"

"I know that finances are very important in politics, but so is history. I am afraid that the previous administration gave more weight to finances than to history," Kurti said, adding that it was difficult in the debates with former US envoy Richard Grenell.

Worrying and startling data for Serbia: 850.000

At the same time, every fifth person in our country does not have a high school diploma, Blic writes.
The fact that 2.68 percent of the population in Serbia is without schooling, 11 percent with incomplete primary education, and 20.76 percent with primary education, while almost two percent are illiterate (1.96) is also devastating.

‘Like Prisoners’: Chinese Workers in Serbia Complain of Exploitation

Dozens of workers hired by China's state-controlled Zijin Mining Group Co. staged a rare show of dissent on January 14 when they protested in front of a copper mining complex in the Serbian town of Bor, majority-owned by Zijin since 2018.

Firm signs deal to produce Sputnik V vaccine in Turkey

Turkey will produce Russia's Sputnik V vaccine following the completion of legal procedures and technology transfer, the head of Turkish pharmaceutical company VisCoran İlaç Sanayii AŞ told Anadolu Agency on Jan. 25. 

Noting that the deal was signed on Aug. 16 last year, VisCoran's CEO, Özturk Oran, said the company did not think to announce it until they get the license.

More than 1.500 newly infected, 19 people died

4.512 people were hospitalized.
The number of deaths from coronavirus since the outbreak of the epidemic in Serbia is 3.905. As of the end of this daily bulletin, 385.126 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Serbia. Mass immunization against coronavirus is being carried out in Serbia, and 256.521 people have been vaccinated so far.

Media: Predrag Marić passed away

The presence of coronavirus was confirmed in December last year. After a few days of stabilized health, his clinical picture has worsened in the last three or four days, which is why he was resuscitated several times on Friday and Saturday.

Serbia Eyes Artificial Intelligence in Courts, but Experts See Dangers

The wheels of justice in Serbia sorely need speeding up. But when President Aleksandar Vucic told reporters last month that it would be "very important" to introduce artificial intelligence into the courts, not everyone was reassured.