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Kosovo Faces Uphill Fight in Claiming Yugoslav-Era Property

More than two decades since it broke away from Serbia in war, Kosovo is trying to claim ownership over more than 160 properties dotted around the former Yugoslavia.

So far, proceedings have been started in the case of two properties in neighbouring Montenegro totalling some 37,500 square metres in the coastal municipality of Budva.

Figures "exploded"; We are threatened by a new wave, well before autumn

Today, after more than two months, more than 300 new cases were registered in Serbia, more precisely 332, in one day, which indicates a drastic leap in the number of infected and worsening of the epidemiological situation, so the question arises - are we entering a new wave?

Kosovo’s Most Famous Serb Returnee Suffers Break-In

Kosovo police have confirmed that the apartment of the first displaced ethnic Serb to return to Gjakova/Djakovica in Kosovo since the war was broken into on Tuesday.

Nusret Xhurkaj, spokesperson for the Gjakova/Djakovica police, told BIRN on Wednesday that around noon a day earlier, Gasic had reported to the police that someone had broken into her apartment.

Serbia won bronze!

Serbian basketball players were not defeated in groups and with seven consecutive victories, they reached the semifinals.
Russia was better on Wednesday morning with the result of 21:10, and Serbia beat Belgium with exactly that 21:10 and won the bronze in Tokyo.

EasyJet with Routes to 30 Countries in August

In August, the low-cost airline EasyJet will serve 30 countries. There is a dropout of three countries compared to the same month in 2019 - Estonia, Finland, Norway and Slovenia will no longer be served, although all of them except Norway will "return" in September-November.

Croatia Upholds Soldier’s Conviction for Killing Serb Family in 1995

The Croatian Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that it has confirmed the verdict sentencing former Croatian Army soldier Rajko Krickovic to ten years in prison for committing war crimes against Serb civilians in August 1995, just after the Croatian Army's Operation Storm retook territory held by rebel Croatian Serbs.

Fabrizi on Serbia's path to EU: "It takes time"

He added that the reason for that was the change in methodology, pointing out that he was convinced that Serbia would move forward by the end of the year.
Fabrizi told RTS that he believes that the new clusters will be opened, reminding that Belgrade received an incentive for that at the last intergovernmental conference in Luxembourg.

Milica Mandic won gold!

Milica Mandic has beaten Dabin Lee 10: 6 in the final to become Olympic Champion for the second time!
Mandic dominantly opened the match with a blow to the Korean's head for the first three points. This was followed by a blow to the body for an additional two and a 5-0 advantage in the first round.

Vučić: "I'm afraid. The atmosphere is profoundly tense"

"We are closely following the events in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Making decisions from the outside could never bring good results. We will have a meeting with the representatives of Republika Srpska these days. We are not entering into the process of implementing measures and countermeasures. This is happening in another country... Still, we cannot leave Serbia without support. We want peace.

Crisis Staff session scheduled for Wednesday

The current epidemiological situation will be discussed at the session.
In the previous days, experts warned of an increase in the number of newly infected, as well as of the danger of a fourth wave in Serbia due to the weak response to vaccination in September.

The number of newly infected is growing

One person died.
Epidemiologist Predrag Kon stated today that there is an obligation for health workers to be vaccinated against diseases that they have not contracted the infection.
As he points out, this refers to all infectious diseases that existed at the time when it was brought, even to the most recent one - COVID-19.

Antibiotice's business turnover advances 11pct in H1 2021

The Iasi-based Antibiotice pharmaceuticals company has reported an H1 2021 business turnover of 163.39 million lei, up 11% from 2020, according to a company's press statement released on Monday. From its H1 2021 revenues, the company paid the public healthcare system 13.5 million lei in the clawback tax, which influenced the profitability rate.

Ex-President Marovic’s Jail Sentence in Montenegro Partly Expires

Svetozar Marovic, ex-president of the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro and once a close associate to the current Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanovic, has for years hidden from justice in Serbia, avoiding serving a prison sentence at home of three years and nine months for corruption.