Latest News from Serbia

If a war breaks out - which side will we take?

The question is whether it is possible for the two great world powers to reach an agreement, i.e. to avoid a conflict, but also whether Serbia will be asked to choose sides if a conflict occurs.

Serbia Cancels Sale of Rundown WWII Anti-Fascist Memorial

The state's second attempt to sell off the bankrupt Putnik Prijepolje tour company and its assets, including the Bosko Buha memorial complex in the south-western Serbian municipality of Prijepolje, was halted on Tuesday, with no reason given.

Serbia Criticised for Deporting Bahrain Dissident, Defying European Court

Sonja Toskovic from the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights said that Serbia breached international and domestic human rights obligations by deporting a Bahraini national to his home country despite an interim ruling by the European Court of Human Rights saying that the extradition should be postponed until the Strasbourg court completes its proceedings in the case on February 25.

Serbia Discriminated Against Blind Chess Olympians, European Court Rules

Serbia discriminated against four blind chess players who won medals at Blind Chess Olympiads by excluding them from awards and benefits that were granted to sighted players, the European Court for Human Rights announced on Tuesday.

New coronavirus update: As many as 35 people died

Since the last update, 35 people have died due to the consequences of the COVID-19 infection.
There are 119 patients on respirators.
In the last 24 hours, 30.998 samples were tested.
There are 2.922 patients in hospital.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 13.306 people have died as a result of the infection in Serbia, and the mortality rate is 0.85 percent.

Kosovo Defends New COVID-19 Measures for Visitors Against Backlash

Kosovo will not withdraw its decision to demand three COVID-19 vaccine doses or two doses together with a negative PCR test for foreigners entering the country or for citizens who have spent more than 12 hours abroad, despite complaints from people and businesses in the region who frequently pass the border.

Austrian Report Highlights Spike in Drugs Flow From Balkans

Austria's public broadcaster ORF, in a news report on Sunday, said the amount of hard drugs coming from the Balkans to Austria had dramatically increased recently, making effective control of the Austria-Slovenia border region of Carinthia hard to handle for law enforcement.

Bosnian Villagers Mark Anniversary of Deadly Wartime Attack

Villagers from Poljak marked the anniversary of the attack on the village on Monday with a religious ceremony at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre followed by a visit to the memorial to killed soldiers and civilian victims of war in the village itself.

A total of 21 people were killed in the attack, including two women and two children were taken away and never seen again.