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BIRN Film Charts Rise of Serbia's Ruling Party

A new film by BIRN Serbia, "SNS - pocetak, 2008" ["SNS - the start, 2008"], delves into the origins and rise of the Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, which has ruled the country since 2012.

During the making of the film, BIRN journalists talked with many  individuals from Serbian public life, but also from the US, who had a role in the creation of the SNS.

Belgrade band perform "Next Year in Prizren" in Kosovo

They were at the monastery for the feast of Holy King Milutin - and on the occasion, performed their latest song, "Dogodine u Prizrenu (Next Year in Prizren).

The song mentions the town of Prizren in Kosovo because it was the ancient capital of the Serbian medieval empire - while the title itself is a paraphrase of the Jewish saying, "Next year in Jerusalem."

Pink panther questioned by Cyprus police

Cyprus police have in their custody a member of the Pink Panthers, the infamous gang of well-dressed jewel thieves that have been staging spectacular heists for decades around the world.

Weekly's controversial front page, and storm of reactions

The front page, that features an image of a growling dog and the heading, "The Hounds Are Unleashed," has caused President Vucic's media adviser Suzana Vasiljevic to resign from the supervisory board of Politika AD, the publisher of the weekly.

Vucic condemns front page of weekly magazine

It featured the picture of a growling dog and covers of certain domestic printed media and the heading "The Hounds Are Unleashed," Beta agency reported.

Exhibition about fate of Serbs in WW1 to open in Rome

The exhibition is entitled (in Italian), "La Serbia e i serbi 1914-1918. Nei documenti dell'Archivio di Serbia" (Serbia and the Serbs 1914-1918. In the documents of the Archive of Serbia).

Serbian Ambassador Goran Aleksic and Archive of Serbia Director Miroslav Perisic will speak at the opening ceremony, Tanjug reported.

RSF urges Serbia to condemn verbal attacks on journalists

RSF also urged Serbia to stop this dangerous escalation in threats to the freedom to inform.

The most serious case has been the wave of hatred unleashed against Tatjana Vojtehvski, an investigative reporter for the commercial TV station TV Pra, after the station screened the third in a series of reports by her about alleged embezzlement at a factory in the town of Lucani.

Serbian Film Center Denies Censoring 'Anti-Serb' Movie

Scriptwriter Dimitrije Vojnov and actor Nikola Kojo have accused the Serbian Film Center of banning the filming of a film called "Mezimica" ["Favourite"] because it shows Serbs in a bad light.

The Center has denied the accusations, saying the contract for the movie was terminated by agreement and accusing the two of damaging the country's film industry.

Serbian Investigative Outlet Rebuffs Bosnian Serb President's Attack

A Serbian investigative journalism outlet, the CINS, has denied the claims by Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik that its editor, Dino Jahic, used international funds to "topple political structures in the region".

Cigarettes black market in July hits 18.2 pct, highest level of 2018

The cigarettes' black market in July hit 18.2 pct of total consumption, up 2.1 pp against June, the highest level registered this year, over the 2017 average, of 16 pct, read the data released on Thursday by Novel Research.

The northeastern region continues to be the most affected, with 39.5 pct, while the illicit trade with cigarettes also grew in western Romania.

Vucic and Thaci to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

This might happen if if the Kosovo issues has been resolved by the spring of 2019, writes the newspaper Danas.

According to the daily, which refers to international diplomatic circles, the first step towards a possible nomination of the Kosovo president is his biography entitled "New State, Modern Statesman," that is being promoted this year in the Western capitals.

Cable Operator United Group to Meet Potential Buyers

Dutch-based cable and pay-TV operator United Group is to conduct meetings over the coming week with potential buyers, two sources familiar with the matter told BIRN, ahead of a reported auction in September.