All News on Social Issues in Serbia

"Farewell" address of Kyle Scott

He writes in an op-ed in daily "Blic" that he traveled throughout Serbia over the course of three and a half years trying to improve our mutual relations, strengthen economic ties, promote American culture, enhance military co-operation and present US values and policies.

Serbian Capital Braces for Pride Parade Celebration

Organisers of this year's Belgrade Pride Parade - whose motto is "I'm not giving up" ["Ne odricem se"] - said the walk on Sunday will pass near the main institutions in the city to which Belgrade Pride has been addressing its demands for improved rights for the LGBTI+ community.

Mali: Rise in salaries and pensions till the end of year, pension rise on January 1st

According to the finance minister, public sector employees can expect their salaries to rise by the end of the year.
Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said in an interview for RTS that the pensioners would receive a once-off payment of 5,000 dinars by the end of year, while the pension rise can be expected from January 1, 2020.

North Macedonia van crash kills migrant; 12 others injured

North Macedonia police say a 20-year old migrant from Bangladesh was killed and 12 others injured when a van packed with migrants collided with a truck on the main highway in the south.

Police said Saturday that a van with 13 migrants hit the rear of the truck near the town of Demir Kapija late Friday and caught fire.

Bulgarian Police Detains 27-year-old Serb Wanted Internationally

Officers of the Search division of the National Police General Directorate identified a 27-year-old Serbian national wanted internationally, said the Ministry of the Interior press office. The man was arrested yesterday in Sofia. A Red Notice was issued against him in 2017 for human trafficking crimes committed in the Republic of Serbia.

Recognise ‘Storm’ War Victims, NGOs tell Serbia, Croatia

Human rights groups in Serbia and Croatia have called on authorities in both countries to do more to recognise and aid victims of a 1995 Croatian military operation that ended the country's war against rebel Serbs.

Croatia on Monday marked the 24th anniversary of Operation Storm, a military blitz that quashed a breakaway Serb statelet but put to flight almost 200,000 Serb civilians.

Hungary’s Family Plan Seeks to ‘Save the Nation’

Katalin Kevehazi, President of the Budapest-based JOL-LET (Well-Being) Foundation and a prominent expert on women in the labour market, said the plan's support for traditional nuclear families has a political dimension beyond fertility rates.

Why Trump’s Role Model Is Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Trump is not using such measures to try to make America great; like his role model, he is trying to manufacture an immigration-related crisis to help him establish an autocracy.

And although Trump's efforts in this regard are less far advanced than Orban's nine-year-old project in Hungary, he has made more progress than most Americans realise.

Stefanovic: President is entitled to revoke classification of any document

Nebojsa Stefanovic added that it was in the public interest to reveal that Aleksandar Vucic was wiretapped and under surveillance.
Stefanovic said that it was not the point that the President read out a classified document on TV, but that he was under surveillance and being wiretapped.

Myanmar’s Persecuted Rohingya Join Balkan Route into Europe

Mulla was one of three Rohingya in the Kikinda camp near Serbia's northern borders with European Union members Hungary and Romania.

Ali Mulla at Kikinda refugee camp. Photo: BIRN

Besides the three in Kikinda, Serbia's Commissariat for Refugees says it has registered only four other Rohingya, in the summer of last year.

"There is no Bosniac language linguistically different from Serbian - Hate outburst"

Bosniac National Council considers that the attitude of the Committee for the standardization of Serbian language that there is no Bosniak language, linguistically different from Serbian, presents yet "another chauvinist outburst of hatred and hostility of the part of the academic community in Serbia towards Bosniaks, and Bosnian as their mother tongue".

Kosovo Remands Serb War Crimes Suspect in Custody

Pristina Basic Court on Monday remanded Goran Stanisic in custody for a month after he was detained at the Jarinje border crossing between Serbia and Kosovo on Saturday.