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Serbia Jailing Kurdish Politician ‘Unlawfully’, Rights Groups Say

Serbia has delayed until further notice the extradition of Ecevit Piroglu, a Kurdish politician and activist wanted by Turkey for terrorism, but has still kept him locked up after his one-year custody sentence expired on June 24.

Shootings, Stabbing Reported Near Serbian Migrant Camp

Shooting from firearms was reported on Thursday from a migrant and refugee camp near Sombor in northwest Serbia, related to a conflict between migrant gangs. One person was wounded, Serbian police told N1 TV.

BIRN can reveal that another incident also happened during the night between Wednesday and Thursday. 300 workers of "Fiat" blocked highway, refusing to talk to Prime Minister

As has learned, the workers rejected the Prime Minister's proposal to come to the Serbian Government for talks today at 4.30 p.m.
First, they asked for a severance pay of 1.000 euros per year, and today they are asking for 2.000 per year, which is 10 times more than other workers in Serbia receive.

With Police Connections, Serbian-Syrian Translator Turned People-Smuggler

Alen Basil in 2012. Photo: Facebook

When BIRN called Basil to ask about the claims that he is involved in the people-smuggling business, he denied the accusations.

"I am a court translator, I work with the court and of course I am mentioned [n that context], because I am there with the prosecutor and with the court," he said.

Slovenian crucial for integration of foreigners, debate hears

Slovenska Bistrica – A debate on inclusion of foreigners into local environment, especially education and healthcare, was held on Monday in Slovenska Bistrica, where increasingly many foreigners live due to growing demands on the labour market. Slovenian language skills were highlighted as crucial for integration.

Germany sends an envoy to Belgrade, and he carries one message

"Our financial support and investments keep growing. We are also interested in the economic and social development of this country. It is understood that the funds we give and our engagement in candidate countries are greater than in countries that are part of the Eastern Partnership," Saracen told "Danas" daily.

For Refugees on Serbia-Hungary Border, ‘the Game’ Goes on

Piles of empty energy drink cans in Radanovac forest. Photo: Sasa Dragojlo/BIRN

While Western public attention focuses on refugees from Ukraine, non-European ones are still on the move, squeezed between violent police tactics and often ruthless smugglers, who hold the key to their successful passage to a new life in the West.

Children ‘Invisible’ in Serbia’s Response to Domestic Abuse

"Children are not sufficiently recognised as victims in the context of gender-based violence because it is not sufficiently recognised how violence affects children's emotional, physical, psychological development, their behaviour and the process of socialisation," Padejski Sekerovic told BIRN.

In Serbia, Incitement to Ethnic Hate Rarely Reaches Court

He told one of the women he would "burn" her. And to the other, "I will strangle you". Their crime? Working in a bakery in the northern Serbian town of Novi Sad that is run by Albanians, or as the man called them, "Shiptars", a derogatory term used by some Serbs for Albanians.

For Peace Today, Let’s Recall Wartime Yugoslav Feminist Solidarity

Anti-war activism plays a significant role in preventing devastating wars and fostering solidarity with victims of war.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are once again reminded of the importance of anti-war activism among human rights activists.

RIK: 100 percent to be processed soon; Convincing lead of Vučić and SNS

The list "Aleksandar Vui - Together we can do everything" has won the most votes - 42.91 percent of votes, i.e. 120 parliamentary mandates.
The coalition "United for the Victory of Serbia" with 13.69 percent of votes or 38 seats is second, and the third list is "Ivica Dacic - Prime Minister of Serbia", which won 11.43 percent of votes or 32 seats.

Vladeta Janković: It is not over yet in Belgrade

Vladeta Jankovic, who was the candidate for mayor in the Belgrade elections in front of the United for the Victory of Serbia coalition, assessed that the opposition "very seriously" threatened the power of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) in the capital.