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In Serbia, 57 newly infected, one person died

One person died bringing total death toll in Serbia to 255.
5.085 people were tested, during the last 24 hundred, while a total of 308.013 people were tested in Serbia since the beginning of the epidemic.
There are 551 active cases, while 15 people are on respirators.

Vucic proposed cancellation of all SNS pre-election rallies

The proposal includes a large gathering in Novi Sad and a final rally in Nis.
The reason is the health of the citizens, because President Vucic did not want to endanger the condition of the population in any way, especially because a large number of people are expected at the pre-election rallies of the largest party in Serbia.

"We will ask Belgrade how more than 4.000 people recovered in one day"

The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro told Antena M that they are in compliance with the EU recommendations that the relaxation of measures and the opening of borders must be done gradually and on the basis of scientifically based evidence and facts.

Hoti’s Shaky Government Faces Uncertain Future in Kosovo

New Prime Minister faces an uphill battle to counter low public support and strong opposition in parliament - with the economy still reeling from the pandemic and the country confronting thorny negotiations with Serbia.

The Serbian Philanthropy Forum and B92 Fund greatly contributed in fighting COVID-19

Along with the engagement of the membership and the entire philanthropic community since March 2020, in cooperation with B92 Fund, the amount close to 190 million dinars have been raised, as well as over 10 million dinars in goods, to support the health care system of the Republic of Serbia.

Today, the payment of 100 euros begins for everyone who applied

Money will be paid into the accounts of about half a million citizens daily, and with that dynamics, it is expected that all payments for those who applied for help will be completed by June 1-2.
On April 24, the Government of Serbia adopted a decree on the payment of 100 euros to all adult citizens of our country with permanent residence in Serbia and a valid ID card.

The payment of 100 euros starts tomorrow, four million people have applied

Money will be paid into the accounts of about half a million citizens daily, and with that dynamics, it is expected that all payments for those who applied for help will be completed by June 1-2.
The application deadline is June 5, and for those who apply on the last day, the money will be paid into bank accounts by June 7.

Hungary to Close Transit Zones After European Court Ruling

Hungary's government announced that it was closing down the controversial transit zones in Röszke and Tompa. The announcement came after the European Court of Justice, ECJ, ruled that asylum-seekers may not be detained longer than 28 days in transit zones. Some of them have been detained there for 300 or even 400 days.

"Djukanovic's plan is clear - the Ustasha method" VIDEO

He appealed to Djukanovic to "consider his actions."
The Patriarch said that even during the Ottoman Empire and during communism, the authorities had much more respect for the Serbian Orthodox Church, "compared to today."

Migrants Trapped in Balkan Camps Find Ramadan a Trial

After making several unsuccessful attempts to cross the Croatian border into the EU, his odyssey remains unfinished.

Meanwhile, he is spending the holy month in a camp that he cannot leave at all now due to the movement restrictions imposed in Bosnia because of the coronavirus.

IOM says it is doing its best:

Serbian Move to Deploy Army Near Migrant Camps Questioned

Rights activists working with migrants and refugees said they were unclear why the Serbian army had deployed in Sid, a border town hosting three migrant and refugees camps, as the situation was calm and no incidents had been reported.

89 newly infected people with coronavirus, one person died

4.113 people were tested.
One person died and the number of deaths in Serbia is now 231. The mortality rate is currently 2.17%.
There are 16 people on respirators. So far, the number of cured is 4.799.

Today 114 new cases of coronavirus, 2 people died

Two people died, which brings total death toll to 230 victims of the coronavirus. The mortality rate is 2.17%.
In the last 24 hours, 6.526 people were tested, which increased the total number of tested in Serbia to 181.272.
The total number of hospitalized at this time is 764, and 4.713 people have recovered.