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COVID-19 daily bulletin: 214 newly infected, six died

Currently, 511 patients are in hospitals for treatment of this disease, while 24 people are on respirators. 10.788 people were tested in the last 24 hours.
Earlier today, the head of the Children's Clinic of the KBC, Dragisa Misovic in Belgrade, Olivera Ostojic, stated that there have been no patients in that hospital for a week now.

Vučić about Rio Tinto: We are ready for the referendum VIDEO

The President of Serbia said that in 2014, he was forced to propose fiscal consolidation and adopt the most difficult measures. He added that they were doing something that no one liked.
"We had to reduce salaries and pensions, to pass a more flexible Labor Law, to go against the will of the people, so that today we can enjoy the fruits of such difficult reforms," Vucic said.

Farewell to FT1P?

This register enables faster and more efficient performance of administrative tasks. It is one of the four basic registers on which the development of modern e-government is based. All personal data of citizens are now in one place.

Crossing Borders: In a Belgrade Café, Codes, Cash and a Cut for the State

According to five sources, as well as notes seen by BIRN written by an informant of Serbia's Military Intelligence Agency, VOA, who was allegedly also involved in smuggling, the Mesopotamia is the Serbian branch of a string of 'offices' or 'banks' along the route from the Middle East to Western Europe taken by refugees and migrants fleeing war, poverty and repression.

North Macedonia Busts Migrant-Smuggling Ring

North Macedonia's police searched 11 premises in the capital Skopje and in the towns of Veles, Stip, Strumica and Valandovo on Wednesday, arresting six suspected members of a migrant-smuggling group.

Three more suspects are still being sought, police said.

Montenegro Urged to Compensate Human Trafficking Victims

Illustration. Photo: EPA/MLADEN ANTONOV

"The victims of trafficking are not given compensation, they should receive compensation for the damage done to them," Petya Nestorova, Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe's Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, told BIRN.

Migrants’ Road Through Romania – “Poor Peoples’ Route”

Inside an abandoned house, onions sizzle as mother-of-four Seror struggles to cook an Iraqi specialty over an open fire, trying to maintain an illusion of home for her loved ones.

The Alhayani family are among hundreds of people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia sheltering in derelict houses in Serbian villages close to the Hungary and Romania borders.

Vučić with the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs PHOTO

Vui and Linde discussed priorities in cooperation with the OSCE, Serbia's European integration process, reforms in the field of rule of law, as well as strengthening bilateral and economic cooperation with Sweden.

Serbia Mulls Sacking Ambassador for Supporting Poland’s LGBT community

Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic stated that the Belgrade government is considering the recall of its Warsaw Ambassador, Nikola Zurovac, who signed a letter of support to the Polish LGBT community without consulting the ministry or government.

Selakovic said he was supposed to be in Poland now, but that Polish officials had now cancelled his planned meetings in Warsaw.

Balkan Photographers Focus on Limits to EU Freedoms

Four photographers in a new exhibition entitled 'On the Move' in Belgrade examine the meaning of European Union values on the 71st anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which led to the creation of the forerunner to the EU, the European Coal and Steel Community.

Jewish communities organized a rally in Belgrade

President of the Jewish community of Zemun, Nenad Fogel, told N1 that this municipality, in cooperation with the Jewish community of Belgrade, organized a protest of support, not to Israel or the Arabs in that country, but to peace, which has not existed in that area since 1948.