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RSF on storming of RTS, and public service's reporting

The organization said in a press release that the incident happened last weekend, while those who stormed the premises did so "to protest against its biased coverage and try to make their voice heard."

Thousands March to Commemorate Slain Serbian PM Djindjic

Serbians who have been protesting against the government for the past three months held a silent march on Tuesday to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the murder of Serbia's liberal Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.

The commemoration was held under the slogan "If we do not succeed today, the only reason is we ourselves" - one of Djindjic's own sayings.

Women March for Rights Across the Balkans

Women in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Romania held protest rallies on International Women's Day on March 8, to draw attention to the plight of women in their countries, where traditional patriarchal values remain prevalent.

"37 Serbs currently in Kosovo Security Force, as 70 leave"

Rama submitted a report to a relevant parliamentary committee and said that the focus of the KSF was on "including members of minority communities, that under pressure from Belgrade 70 people have left the KSF, and there are 37 left."

Former Ambassador: Regional Security in the Balkans is Not Threatened

Mass protests have covered the Balkans. What is the cause of the people's dissatisfaction in Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, and is there any chance the stability of the Balkans to be threatened, Albania and Kosovo's former ambassador to Bulgaria Bobby Bobev commented in the morning block of the Bulgarian National Television.

Serbian Protesters Challenge Govt in Poster War

Protesters against the rule of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic - angered by the decision of the Belgrade city authorities last week to remove stickers reading "Vucic's lies" immediately after a rally - pasted thousands of new stickers along the route of Saturday's rally.

The stickers quoted Vucic's unfulfilled promises.

"Over one million migrants registered in Serbia"

Accoding to the Serbian government, Steganovic, speaking in Istanbul on Wednesday, said this was happening as the country was "trying to preserve the security of its citizens, while respecting the basic human rights of migrants."

Man blows himself up with hand grenade in Villa Paradise

The body of the victim, whose initials are J.L., was found "in a warehouse" - while the initial investigations show he activated a hand grenade to reportedly commit suicide.

The motive for the suicide will be determined during the investigation, media reports said.

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Berlin: Serbian film wins Europa Cinemas Label Prize

Directed by Miroslav Terzic, the film stars Snezana Bogdanovic as Ana, a seamstress who is convinced her infant son was stolen at birth to be sold for adoption some 20 years ago, the Hollywood Reporter writes.

Serbia celebrates Statehood Day

On this day in 1804, the Serbs, led by Djordje "Karadjordje" Petrovic, decided to start the First Uprising against occupying Ottoman Turks.

On the same day in 1835, the first constitution of the modern Serbian state was adopted in the town of Kragujevac.

President Aleksandar Vucic is this Friday presenting state decorations to deserving individuals and institutions.