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Kosovo Families Face Losing Homes in Post-War Legal Shambles

From the post-war period in 2000 until Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo was run by the UN's interim administration, UNMIK, which together with domestic political leaders attempted to create institutions that would be able to implement a newly-established legal framework for the country.

The latest decision for students starting from Monday

The students will attend classes directly, the Team for monitoring and coordinating the application of preventive measures in the work of schools has decided, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development announced.

Serbs accuse Croats: "They are the most brutal"

This was announced by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Belgrade at a press conference.
The representative of that foundation for Southeast Europe, Vladan Jeremic, pointed out that collective expulsions, abuse and arbitrary arrests take place along the Serbian-Croatian border from 2016 to 2021, despite the efforts of civil society organizations to prevent it from happening.

Far-Right Exploiting Pandemic to Spread Hate, in the Balkans Too

When Hope not Hate conducted its research in the summer of 2020, the 20 most popular videos on the platform were a mix of extreme racist propaganda and harmful disinformation, mostly originating from QAnon and anti-vaxxer groups.

Media: Chaos on the streets of Serbia envisaged; "Participants sprinkled with purple"

It should be reminded that the "Go-start" initiative announced that they would block highways throughout Serbia during the protest on Saturday, but the newspaper Kurir states that the announcement of the "Purple Revolution" association has arrived in their editorial office, announcing that they will mark all cars with purple paint which will take part in the blockade.

Serbia’s War on Free Media is Moving to ‘Street Level’

Vucic and his followers have created a hostile environment for newsrooms and individuals who criticize the government. Journalists who are called traitors and foreign mercenaries by members of the regime say everything is "allowed". It reminds us of the atmosphere of lynching, which we'd naively believed had gone down in history.

Serbian Peace Activists’ HQ Sprayed with Ratko Mladic Graffiti

Unidentified perpetrators spraypainted insults and defamatory messages on the entrance door of Women in Black's office in Belgrade on Sunday night - the latest in a series of graffiti attacks on the anti-war NGO's premises.

The doors of the building were sprayed with messages like "Whores in Black", "Ratko Mladic - Hero" and "[Women in Black head] Stasa [Zajovic] - Ustasa".

Medical Chamber calls for improving doctors’ status

Ljubljana – The Medical Chamber has called for efforts to improve the status of doctors, as it warned that their current pay, not comparable to Western European countries in terms of workload, is resulting in brain drain. Young doctors are less and less likely to take up certain medical specialties due to difficult working conditions, it said.