All News on Social Issues in Serbia

First Snow in Bosnia Hits Migrants in Tent Shelter Hard

Alba Domínguez Pena, from No Name Kitchen, an NGO helping refugees, said some 40 to 60 people live in this tent shelter, which they call "Bangladeshi jungle", as it is "a squat made mostly of Bangladeshi people.

Croatia Urged to Toughen its Response to Human Trafficking

A new report on human trafficking in Croatia by the Council of Europe's Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, GRETA, published on Thursday, said that Croatia should strengthen its criminal justice response to human trafficking and enable victims to more effectively exercise their right to compensation.

Tired of Broken Promises, Activists Await Govt Action on Same-Sex Law

LGBT activists in Serbia have welcomed an announcement that the government will submit to parliament a draft law on same-sex partnerships before the year is out, but remain cautious after previous promises of new legislation were broken.

The head of WHO Serbia said at least one thing is positive

Hosted by the Radio Television of Serbia, Ivanua assessed that pressure on hospitals, especially on intensive care units, can be expected in the coming weeks as well.
"I hope that the peak of this wave will arrive as soon as possible," said the head of the WHO Office in Serbia, and assessed that a "difficult" December is ahead, especially for health workers.

Vučić: Another tough day, especially in terms of the number of dead

As he said, Serbia is trying to maintain its health system.
He pointed out that a large number of young doctors have turned in to work in new hospitals and help combating coronavirus.
"I hope that we will always be able to say that our doctors and medical staff worked extremely better than others on the continent, and you can see that," Vucic said.

The black record in Serbia continues, a record number of people on respirators

Since the last daily bulletin, 13.429 people have been tested.
Currently, 6.214 patients are hospitalized, and 212 people are being treated on respirators.
With 31 deaths today, the number of victims in Serbia has risen to 1.199, while the mortality rate has dropped to 0.99 percent.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Serbia arrested

According to the press service of the State Security of Azerbaijan, he was arrested on suspicion of embezzling a large sum of money from the budget.
It was also published on the official website of the state security of Azerbaijan.

The draft Law on protecting KLA values was not adopted

Deputies of the Self-Determination movement Vetvendosje and deputies of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo did not vote today for the Draft Law on Protection of KLA War Values, Kosovo online reports.
Only 35 deputies voted in favor of the law, while one was against.

Many socialists would "fly over" to the SNS?

If the president of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, decides to form a new government without the Socialists, it will not only greatly weaken the SPS, but will also jeopardize Ivica Dacic's position as the head of the party, "Danas" sources from the Serbian political scene claim.

In Serbia, 57 newly infected, one person died

One person died bringing total death toll in Serbia to 255.
5.085 people were tested, during the last 24 hundred, while a total of 308.013 people were tested in Serbia since the beginning of the epidemic.
There are 551 active cases, while 15 people are on respirators.

Vucic proposed cancellation of all SNS pre-election rallies

The proposal includes a large gathering in Novi Sad and a final rally in Nis.
The reason is the health of the citizens, because President Vucic did not want to endanger the condition of the population in any way, especially because a large number of people are expected at the pre-election rallies of the largest party in Serbia.

"We will ask Belgrade how more than 4.000 people recovered in one day"

The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro told Antena M that they are in compliance with the EU recommendations that the relaxation of measures and the opening of borders must be done gradually and on the basis of scientifically based evidence and facts.