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Parliament session on the abolition of the state of emergency to be held tomorrow

Parliament's Speaker Maja Gojkovic said on Monday that the MPs will also consider the Bill on the validity of the regulations passed by the Government with the signature of the President during the state of emergency and approved by the National Assembly, submitted by the Government of Serbia.
The sitting will be held in the National Assembly House starting at 10 am.

The first step towards ending the state of emergency, Serbian Government agrees to it

This was done at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, with an appropriate elaboration in accordance with the Law on Defense.
The proposal states that the activities of the competent health organizations and state bodies in the territory of Serbia have established active epidemiological surveillance of the disease COVID-19.

Company Linked to Serbian Minister’s Husband Gets State Contracts

Out of the spotlight, companies linked with Bojan Kisic secured lucrative contracts with several state companies and ministries, including a three-million-euro deal to maintain Serbia's integrated health information system. The software handles the most sensitive private information of the Serbian public health-care system. 

IMF, EU 3bn Loan Welcomed in Balkans Despite Unknowns

EU candidate states from the West Balkans have welcomed the offer of 3 billion euros in emergency loans, to be distributed among 10 states bordering or near the EU, although the borrowing conditions remain to be determined, the European Commission confirmed to BIRN.

324 newly infected in Serbia, five more deaths

The total number infected in Serbia is 6.318.
In the last 24 hours, another five people have died from coronavirus infection in Serbia, and the death toll has reached 122.
The mortality rate is now 1.93 percent.
The number of hospitalized persons is 3.900 and a total of 753 have recovered.

Head of State Rumen Radev Discussed with his Serbian Counterpart President Aleksandar Vucic Overcoming the Crisis Caused by the Coronavirus

Head of State Rumen Radev discussed today in a telephone conversation with his Serbian counterpart President Aleksandar Vucic the measures taken to restrict the spread of the coronavirus in Bulgaria and Serbia, and also the prospects for cooperation between the two countries so as to more quickly overcome the social and economic crisis.

Ethnic Intolerance, Hate Speech Persists in Croatia: Report

Human Rights House Zagreb said in its annual report published on Friday that "as in previous years, war crimes prosecutions were stagnant" in Croatia in 2019, while hate speech and intolerance toward minorities persisted in the public arena and the digital environment.

Balkan Gangsters ‘Profiting From Pandemic’, Report

In Serbia, it noted, agencies set up to fight cybercrime switched to focusing on people accused of causing panic and spreading disinformation on social networks and in Viber groups.

Some crime activities have decreased as a result of the pandemic, the report points out. Migration, for example, dropped significantly towards the end of March, it says.

"We will celebrate Easter in our hearts, mostly confined to our homes" VIDEO

"This is certainly a difficult time, perhaps the hardest in the last two decades. We are fighting a dangerous invisible opponent," Vucic said.
Yesterday, the WHO reiterated that Serbia was keeping the epidemic under control. He thanked them for noticing it.

Movement Ban Worsens Migrants’ Plight in Serbia, Bosnia

"Since the crisis began, for almost a month, access has been denied to anyone providing psychological, legal or other assistance, so they have no activities and are locked in the camps," Djurovic told BIRN.

Instead, the camp inmates "receive information through social networks and by phone contact with some of us", he added.