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Vucic: If Serbia's security is compromised, I'm ready

"People need not worry; we will be ready for both physical and technical security measures and measures that our army and police can take. I am ready to issue such an order at any time if Serbia's security is compromised", Serbian President said last night, on TV Kopernikus.

Serbian Anti-Migrant Protest Condemned as ‘Disgrace’

Amid silence from other state officials, Serbia's Commissioner for Refugees and Migration, Vladimir Cucic, said a rally held against migrants in Belgrade on Sunday was "a great shame and a disgrace".

Balkan States Beef up Borders against Migrant ‘Security Threat’

In a statement on March 3, the European Council on Refugees and Exiles warned against inflammatory language.

"Refugees seeking protection should not be treated as a security threat, with heavy-handed military tactics and language," the organisation said.

"This is an occupation of the Christian world, not a humane story"

"Bosnia-Herzegovina can only defend itself from refugees by changing its policy. We need to think about this problem in advance, not when we are confronted with them. We do not want a hard border on the Drina River, there are smarter ways of dealing with this issue. We can see what we can do further, in cooperation with Serbia.

International Women’s Day Marked Across Balkans

Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Croatia staged rallies on International Women's Day, opposing violence and discrimination and demanding better rights and more equal treatment.

In the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, the CURE (GIRLS) Foundation celebrated with an activist stroll, under the slogan "Bully, on your way!"

Bosnia Voices Alarm Over Prospect of More Migrants

Bosnian officials fear the crisis on the Greek-Turkish border could create more problems for the country, which is already struggling to handle growing numbers of migrants.

Bulgaria is the Country with Highest Mortality Rate

Bulgaria is the country with the highest mortality rate, data of the World Health Organization show. Mortality rate in this country is 15.4 per 1,000 people. Like in the rest of the European countries, the high mortality rate in Bulgaria is due to diseases of the cardiovascular system, non-infectious and cancer diseases.

Why Serbia’s Disgruntled Citizens Aren’t Backing the Opposition

The international journalistic organisation Reporters without Borders ranked Serbia in 90th place in 2019 in terms of freedom of the media, 14 places lower than in 2018. According to the EU statistics agency Eurostat, about 51,000 mostly young and educated people leave Serbia every year.

Montenegro Bishop Tells Minister: Give Back Church Medal

Metropolitan Amfilohije, the Serbian Orthodox Church's most senior bishop in Montenegro, said Defence Minister Predrag Boskovic should return the medal the Church gave him, as he no longer deserved it.

Dodik Stops Bosnia From Cooperating With Frontex

Amid an ongoing dispute over a Constitutional Court ruling that has angered Bosnian Serb politicians, Milorad Dodik, the Serbian member of the state presidency, has stopped Bosnia from signing up to a status agreement with the European Union border agency, Frontex.

Denmark’s Integration Experiment Reflects European U-turn

Many refugees from the 1992-95 war in former Yugoslav Bosnia had already settled in the neighbourhood, he said.

"I remember those white sheets, so clean and nice, coming from a refugee camp with dust and everything," said Avni, now 30, who spoke on condition his real name not be disclosed.

"It was basically a country where you could heal from the war and feel welcome."

Right-wing Serbian Party Launches Anti-Immigration Campaign

Serbian right-wing opposition party Dveri launched an anti-immigration campaign on Tuesday, warning that the country risked becoming "the biggest migrant centre in this part of Europe" despite statistics that show the vast majority of migrants who enter Serbia pass through quickly en route to Western Europe.